The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 23

"No! Are you out of your mind Madeline!" Lily exclaimed, causing the human to wince at the use of her full name.

She hated that her mother had to choose her name to be such a long one due to her time serving and slaving away for nobility.

"What is wrong with it?" Maddy groaned.

"Um first of all you want your coronation dress to be at your knees! You want camo green and well you have asked for shorts underneath it and boots for the shoes. Are you out of your mind!?"

"Yeah I know, camo green is not my colour, but be happy I at least agreed to wear a dress," Maddy said.

"You are forced to wear one on the daily. You are lucky you are allowed any say at all in the dress. I of all people have better fashion sense than you."

"Well it would be humiliating for you if you did not. Besides something about following trends just does not sit well with me. The same with these dresses and the whole being dressed up thing. My brain just does not like it. It's like it has flashing red flags at the idea. It is unsettling."

"Sounds like you and vampires. In fact you and basically all supernaturals. But you'll get used to it eventually. I am sure of it. But right now this is for your coronation. It has to be big and bold also not too bold. You need to show that you are strong but not too strong—"

"Why? Because humans are not supposed to have power?"

"No. You are a queen consort. You are the mate of the king. You are not a born queen. You must at least in public show submission to him."

"Wait what!?"

"Oh forgot about that- nope I think I said that, you just weren't paying attention or forgot. Although it's not too bad. It's only submission to him and not speaking without permission when he is talking with high ranked—"

"Seriously?! I feel the role of a queen is meant for a pretty little noblewoman not me. You are trying to change a girl who was literally scavenging in garbage bins less than a month ago into a refined and delicate lady. Of all humans why me! A slave would be far better suited. A girl who knows her place, has respect and knows manners, see even a slave is better fit than I am."

"Okay that's not too wrong but a Queen does need to be confident. Say now Xavier is wounded in battle or gets sick and cannot make important decisions you will have to step in."

"That example is rather wrong as well. I know nothing about battle, finance not even my own history."

"That does not matter. What matters is that you were chosen to be his queen. Now back to the dress. Let's start with colours. So white is pretty on you.. but I am not sure if it is exactly perfect. Green is a big no same with yellow—"

"But I thought—"

"Do you want to look like a sunflower— didn't think so."

"No need to be so harsh," Maddy muttered.

"Red... hmm red could work but it might come off as a bit too strong. No offence but silver will likely make you look like a ghost. I've seen you in silver and I just don't think you can pull it off. Gold is regal and all but it may be a bit over done. Purple, also regal but no shade seems to fit you. Blue is nice maybe it will do. But the gold still also is nice on you despite it being done too many times...."

Maddy leaned against her hand as Lily fawned over the spread out masses of colour-wheels and files on the large bed.

"You look rather tired– did Xavier and you go at it last night?" Lily asked both excited and rather suggestive.

"Ew! Don't say stuff like that! We just...."

"Made out?"

"What! No! We only talked, and cuddled a bit. And we kissed—"

"You know I have some nice books you can read. Some of them are like over a thousand years old and you probably would not understand the context and environment of them but those ones are by human authors so you may like them."

"Uh what kind of books?"

"...Romance... yeah they are romance— anyway so what style would suit you. This one is far too rounded. You have such a pretty body and are so tiny, it will not work at all. This would look so pretty but it does not fit the standards of fashion trends."

"Shame that one actually looks kinda nice."

"True but this coronation is huge. Let's put it like this. We live very long. Xavier is about 536 years old, and no just taking away five hundred from that does not make it the equivalent of 36 years in what human years would be. The idea of doing that is stupid. His mother and father were then mated for a few years before he was born. So there has not been a coronation in a really really long time. It will be talked about for centuries."

"Are you trying to make me nervous?"

"No but you understand why it is so important."

"Kinda... I guess. But I am sure there will be a lot of criticism and hate towards me," Maddy sighed.

"They would not voice it though. Not after Xavier's last display. Anyone who wants to object must be prepared to face the consequences," Lily shrugged.

"They all probably hate me though. Their own kind was killed for a fragile little human. I couldn't even defend myself in the Arena. I felt so weak and—"

"You lasted longer than most humans. Most humans get killed. Only a few survive and those ones are trained. You went up against trained fighters and actually survived. You also put up a good fight. It's a sign that you are strong. You did not use your title or relation to the King to defend you. You fought for yourself. Its honourable and it shows character. It has earned you some favour actually. I bet you didn't expect that," Lily said smiling.

"Well I like that dress. If I have to wear a dress something like that might be nice," Maddy said, changing the conversation as she saw something that caught her interest.

"Really? It's rather simple for a coronation gown but I don't see why we can't make it work. It will need tweaks and I think it would look good in a gold, red or blue. We can decide the colour after we talk with a seamstress and get all the measurements done. I'm going to go and call her," Lily said getting up.

Maddy smiled as she left the room.

Suddenly, once the Lycan was out of hearing range, the huge window of Lily's bedroom shattered.

The human reacted quickly, jumping off the bed.

She landed in a ball. Her hands were over her head. She was sitting, kneeling and hunched over to limit any damage from the glass shards.

She got a few cuts but very few and nothing serious.

Once the shattering was over she got up, she slowly approached the broken window. Her slipper hugged feet cautiously made their way around the shards.

She saw a brick with a note tied to it.

She dusted the glass off of it and took it off the brick and read it.

Her hands were shaking as she stared at it horrified and terrified.

Stop the coronation or you won't be the only one to die.

He will too.

Tears dripped down the human's cheeks as fear gripped her chest. She knew who the threat was intended for.

It terrified her.

She tore it into little pieces and stuffed it in her pocket.

The girl slowly and cautiously edged toward the window. Her body shaking.

A gasp left her lips when she looked down.

The girl then fell to her knees.

"Hey Maddy I'm ba— MADDY!!"

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