The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 26

"So what is this again?"

"A TV. I doubt you have ever heard of it. Its very very old. It was actually invented by your kind," Xavier said as he put up a weird and large black thing on the wall.

"You mean we invented it and you took credit—"

"No, we did not interact at all with your kind at the time. There was a time when humans were rather powerful. Now it is known as the era of Separation. It was before the kingdoms that currently exist were formed. We either lived in closed off societies in places that were inaccessible to humans or we blended in with your kind. I don't know much about the era, it was at least over a thousand years ago."

She raised her eyebrows, sceptical and curious. "You mean we weren't always inferior?"

"Yes but it's understandable that you wouldn't know about it. It is rarely ever discussed to make sure that humans don't get ideas of rising up. Old inventions like these are antiques. Most don't use them because they are human inventions but for those of us who do they are a nice source of entertainment."

"Ah there! It's working," he smiled as a bright light shone from the screen.

She stared at the screen, amazed. "Its so bright."

"This is what human mates or whatever you call it used to do. They would turn this on and put on a movie and cuddle up together. A movie is a long pre recorded video. I can't explain it very well. It's best that you just watch," Xavier said, smiling as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and admired his mate.

She was staring intensely, her green eyes were wide and filled with curiousity. He adored that look of interest she gave when he taught her something new and interesting.

He pressed a few buttons and people came onto the screen.

"What are they doing in there? Why are there people trapped in a box? Their clothes look so.... strange," Maddy rambled on, her interest peaked by the strange contraption.

"They dressed differently back then and those are actors there—"

Xavier wondered on whether or not to tell his mate that there were no people actually trapped in the box and that the actors were long dead.

"Hey Xavier, why does he have such a car and his clothes look so odd. He seems rich but how!? He is so short, he can't be a lycan or werewolf, and he has no fangs!" Maddy exclaimed.

"That's because he is human—"


"In those times our kind preferred to be hidden, I thought I explained that to you. They did have stories about us though. But humans could be rich back then. Even born into royalty."

Maddy stared at him rather confused.

"Its hard for you to comprehend I guess," he laughed.

"Quiet!" She hissed pointing at the screen.

He rolled his eyes, she adored the movie he had put on for her.

He had some how guessed that a romance movie was not up her street. She seemed far more into superheroes. She was still definitely confused by their outfits. She would frown and mutter under her breath how uncomfortable their outfits looked and how they even got them on and off.

"Do you like it?" He asked softly.

"Quiet," she said glaring at him.

He wanted to laugh at her, her tone was the closest a human could get to a growl. It was also really really not threatening. It reminded him of a pup trying to growl in human form.

He wanted to just squeeze her and sit her on his lap at that moment, she was so cute and—

She glanced at him and raised her eyebrows before rolling her eyes and looking back at the screen. He had stared at her so much during the two or so days he had kept her to himself in their room that she had stopped saying anything.

It was not like the staring was bad. At first it had seemed a little creepy until she noticed the loving look in his eyes. He was admiring her and silently praising her and it actually made her feel good. She liked the way he stared at her as if she was the centre of his world. Just a little bit. It did feel strangely nice to be wanted for once in her life.

"I love you so much Mads," he whispered into her ear.

"I told you to be quiet," she hissed crossing her arms.

"Cute little tiger," he mused deciding to have a little fun with his mate.

"Stop it, I am trying to watch," she whined as he began to twirl her hair around his finger and hug her from behind and all sorts of other annoying things.

Xavier was getting rather into what he was doing. The wolf inside of him kept spurring him on, wondering how long it would be until he got a good reaction from her. A good reaction as in a small squeak, a whimper, a blush anything that was not a reprimanding.

A smirk grew on his lips as a devilish idea popped into his head, one he knew would elicit a nice reaction from his tiny human.

He slowly began to move his attention, making it move closer to her front, doing things like playing with her ears. Then he went in front of her with a speed, too fast for her human eyes to process. He leaned in and his lips rested on her nose.

He kept his eyes open, watching her reaction to the cute little gesture. Her cheeks had gone blood red. She had even squeaked, something so adorable that he wished he had the ability to record it like a movie to watch over and over again.

Her brain had short circuited. She could do nothing but blush whilst he placed her on his lap, a position that he suddenly felt very fond of.

The poor fumbling mess did not have it in her to object. If he kissed her on lips she was fine. But it was the moment he did all cutesy things that her brain went poof and she became a tomato.

It was not her fault that she had little experience with relationships and his type of actions. She was used to seeing different things around her.

Xavier was pretty satisfied, holding the human in his arms. She did not say anything for the rest of the movie, unless he counted the odd squeak or squeal when he tickled her.

"What did you think of the movie?" He asked when it finished.

"I really liked it," she replied excitedly, practically forgetting about how shy she had been for half of the movie after his little kiss.

"I knew you would like that."

"Really? You chose it specially for me?" She asked with a slight laugh and wide eyes filled with happiness.

"Of course, I wouldn't want my Queen to get bored in her first movie. Especially with your low attention span."

"I do not have a low attention span. I don't get distracted from things or conversations."

"I do not! Also did you see the things they did in the movie. It was so amazing. They were invincible. Hmmm you know maybe I am as well. I have been through so much and I haven't died! I am invincible!"

"You mean immortal, and no, you are not. You just have not met the right match yet, which you will if I don't look after you well enough, you crazy little minx."

"But I still have not died yet—"

"Why do I bother with you?"

"Hey!" She exclaimed.

"Don't worry, I would still love you if you belonged in an asylum."

"Well that's a nice thought," she muttered sarcastically.

"Want another kiss?" He asked.

Maddy got on her knees on the bed and pressed her lips to his. Their eyes met as he drew her closer with his arms.

It felt nice. She loved the way he made her feel during kisses. The warm feeling she got from being close to him was unmatched. He made her feel warm and loved and all tingly inside, he allowed her to feel strange yet incredible feelings that she never got to experience before she met him.

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