The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 27

"It looks absolutely amazing! Xavier is absolutely going to adore you in this!" Lily exclaimed as Maddy twirled around in the dress.

"Are you sure about that. It's so long— Ah!" Maddy exclaimed falling onto the ground as she tripped over the long train.

"You're so clumsy," Lily laughed helping the human up and the seamstress quickly and frantically began to dust off the dress.

"I am not. I just don't know how I am supposed to move about in this thing."

"You're always so negative. It outlines your curves amazingly—"

"What curves? I am a literal stick."

"See so negative. Well it highlights whatever curves you actually have and the red brings out the neverending fury in your eyes," Lily declared.

"I feel as if you are mocking me. Besides—"

"No more negatives! Look at yourself. You are absolutely gorgeous."

"Says the lycan guard that all men stare after when she walks by," Maddy said with a raised eyebrow.

"They focus on status not beauty."

"Yeah right. Have you seen yourself. You are absolute perfection," Maddy said rolling her eyes.

"And you aren't?"

"I'm short and have barely anything. I also have.... that doesn't matter. The point is you are beautiful and I am not—"

"Maddy you are the cutest—"

"Cutest. Everyone calls me cute. The same thing you would call a doll or a child. They think I am an adorable little doll, not a beautiful woman or anything," Maddy said, adding a laugh at the end.

"Madeline I won't have my cousin's mate speaking down about herself. You are beautiful, amazing and anyone who can't see that is too blinded by prejudice or an idiot. Actually anyone who can't see it is an idiot, fullstop."

"Really?" Maddy asked, really not believing it in the slightest.

"Really!" Lily affirmed with a nod of her head.

"Come let's go and show you off in this to Xavier— wait you humans have a certain custom. Yes! Weddings! When the groom doesn't get to see the dress or anything until the day of the event. I have always loved how cute that is. We should totally do that since this is kinda like a wedding I guess. Since we don't do weddings. I mean why do weddings when you are already tied together—"

"Yikes calm down. You're making the seamstress uncomfortable," Maddy whispered to Lily.

"I can't help it. I've never gotten to do anything like this before. I also happen to get a tad bit too excited from time to time," Lily laughed.

Maddy shook her head as she compared the usual guard version of Lily and the current bouncy Lily that seemed to have gone on an intense sugar rush.

"Also when do you plan to mate?" Lily asked.

Maddy froze in place. Her mouth was moving but no exact words were coming out. Her cheeks were stained red.

"So?" Lily asked curious and excited.

"None of your business," the human quickly replied.

"Aww you're blushing! You are just so innocent and cute!"

Maddy blushed harder as her traitorous mind brought up the instances in which the Alpha King had called her those two things.

"Excuse me, princess, but I need to still—" the seamstress said, rather meekly, trying to shift the attention back onto what was supposed to be happening.

"I'm busy teasing my cousin's mate here," Lily said.

"She has a point—"

"Exactly," Lily said.

"Not you. I meant her. You dragged me from Xavier for the dress, not to play around," Maddy said crossing her arms.

"Really? This is the first time you've been away from his side in like three days. Shouldn't you be trying to stay here as long as possible?" Lily asked.

"Its not that bad with him...."

"I thought it was girls before mates," Lily said.

"Its not my fault that he is nice and warm especially since it is winter right now," Maddy shot back.

"Please do continue with the dress," Maddy said as politely as she could to the seamstress.

Maddy sent a glare at the Captain of the Royal Guard, commanding her to keep quiet. To her surprise, Lily actually did as she was asked, although she did not see too happy about it.

Soon enough however the fitting was done and the seamstress left to fix a few things on the dress. Although the train was not at all going to be shorted, to Maddy's horror.

"So now that she is gone let's talk boys, specifically—"

"Really?! I thought you got enough of talking during the first half of the fitting," Maddy moaned.

"There is no such thing as too much boy talk. Besides I need to get my daily to weekly dose from somewhere and trust me the men in the guard are the last place that should come from, I had to learn that the hard way."

"Ever since you started helping me with my dress you have been rather... crazy? Like you have switched from intense warden to bouncy sugar high girl."

"That's because you no longer need to be given that push to be with him and I like you much more now. The idea of not wanting a mate just sets me off. Any way are you going to spill? I want to know all the details of what's been happening whilst you two have been locked up in that room together. You have barely left it even once."

"We did... for a meeting yesterday."

"Right, the one where he kept playing with your hair whilst you sat on his lap. I was there. Aww you're going red again. If have a mate as cute as you are I will probably also want to be all cute with them in meetings and show them off," she laughed.

"How do you know you won't be the one being called cute," Maddy replied.

"Cause I don't have a mate on the council. Unless they are instated eventually. They won't be ranked higher than me so I'll be the one dragging them to the meetings."

"Maybe they are part of a different kingdom?" Maddy suggested.

"I hope not. That would make it so difficult. Kingdoms barely ever. And I mean EVER interact with each other. Well unless there is a major event and they need assistance but then the motivation must be good," Lily sighed.

"Has it ever happened?"

"Yep. The Dragon War. I was pretty young then though. I must have been fifteen or so. So it was a long time ago. Just do not ask Xavier about it. The queen died fighting. My uncle was never the same after that. Xavier was traumatized. He was fighting beside her at the time of her death so it was pretty bad for him as well. We withdrew ourselves from the war almost immediately after her death," Lily said sadly.

"That's horrible... sorry I don't really know what to say. The way you speak of it. She must have been an amazing queen and person and close to you," Maddy said.

"Its okay. I got over it a very long time ago and yes she was amazing. She would have absolutely loved you, especially your spirit and independence. She was very much like you in that way. I remember hearing stories of her going as far as setting tests for my uncle to prove his worth. The only thing is Xavier has never come to terms with her death entirely. His father, he had time to prepare for. Everyone could see the poor man was slipping. But his mother. It was sudden and complete shock to Xavier. Especially the brutality. That's why he is so protective of you and why he will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. He knows what it feels like to lose people."

"I-I didn't know but I guess it explains a lot. Especially his reactions."

"Look at you acting like a worried mate. Soon enough you will be giving him massages whilst he is working," Lily laughed.

"I would never!"

"Don't be so sure," Lily replied.

"I would break my fingers trying to massage him. Seriously I doubt he would feel a thing!" Maddy exclaimed.

"It doesn't matter whether or not he would feel your massage. But he would still feel your touch," Lily giggled.

"Why are do you have to be so—"

"Amazing? I know, you don't need to thank me," Lily said smiling and flipping her hair.

"The word I was thinking of was annoying. But sure we can go with amazingly annoying," Maddy laughed.

"Now let's discuss what really is important and what you have been trying to avoid. The past few days in the bedroom together. You keep blushing like hectic whenever I bring up mating sooo—"

"No way! We did not do....that."

"Well what did you do then?" Lily asked very interested.

"N-nothing much... I guess," Maddy stuttered, not really wanting to admit how she and Xavier had acted alone.

"Well whenever he left the room, he was always very happy."

"I don't know why," Maddy said.


Maddy's fingers played with each other as she tried to not say anything but in truth she was a horrible secret keeper. If the note had not shocked her into her despondent state she probably would have blurted out the threat to someone within hours.

She had never needed to try keep secrets before or just withhold information.

"He just teases me and we cuddle and watch movies and kiss from time to time. He also likes to have pillow fights and tickle fights with me and let me win or just not do it at his full potential and then win at the end," the human blurted out really fast, unable to hold it in.

"I'm sorry I didn't get that. You spoke to fast. Want to repeat that?" A smirking Lily asked.

Maddy shook her head, a part of her being pretty sure Lily's excellent hearing had picked it all up.

"Aww, well at least I remember it all," Lily said with an even bigger smirk, confirming Maddy's suspicions.

"Annnd I now have blackmail for the both of you," Lily added victoriously.

"That's not very fair."

"Hmmm it isn't but there is no fair when it comes to blackmail. Now why don't we discuss why you were blushing whilst saying those things. It kind of looked like you liked it when he did that," Lily said.

"You can't just assume that from my cheeks being red," Maddy fired at her.

"Really? Cause every time you talk about him and things like that you do get redder. Soon you'll look like a sunburnt snowman."

"A sunburnt snowman? What exactly is a snowman?" Maddy asked, confused.

"Didn't you have any childhood!!!"

"Well no. I actually spent my childhood avoiding slave traders and the law enforcement, as well as stealing and hiding in tiny places where I would not be caught. I never interacted with children either. Children don't survive long on the streets, most are captured or they just die of sickness or starvation. No one went easy on us just because of our age. Children are the best for selling. They can be trained to be slaves or people just want them because they are cute," Maddy replied.

"Its a shame that you can't go outside then. Especially not after the death threat and with the coronation approaching, if anything happens to you there will be problems. It would have been nice though to have built a snowman with you. Its basically three circles on top of each other, all different sizes arranged with the largest at the bottom and the smallest on top and then we decorate it with hats and scarves. Also we use buttons or stones for the mouth and eyes and then a big carrot for the nose. Hey maybe Xavier and you could do it together. Trust me no one with hurt you if he is with you," Lily said.

"Maybe— wait what! Also it's cold outside. I mean I am used to the cold but if I can avoid it I definitely will."

"Really? It will be fun and cute. I can just imagine you two getting into a snowball fight and him going easy on you—"

"Who said I need him going easy on me?!"

"No offense but if he hit you with a snowball you would topple right over. Okay maybe three snowballs, but I doubt you could handle anymore than that and he is always so gentle with you. Its absolutely adorable."

"He isn't always gentle. When we met he chased me through an alley and pinned me to a wall. Do you know the kind of bruises that left on my wrists."

"He pinned you to a wall and I am only now hearing of this!? I can just imagine it—"

"Why do you look so excited at the thought of him pinning me to a WALL! Literally the first time I saw his face was then. I saw a guy staring down at me and holding me to a wall. I was terrified! Oh and then I kicked him. Turns out even male Lycans have a specific weakness," Maddy giggled.

"Wait you actually kicked him there! No wonder he hasn't mentioned this before."

"Another instance of him not being gentle is him marking me. I thought he was trying to kill me. Literally after I kicked him, I ran into a tunnel. He literally tore it apart and it came down on me and he picked me up and dragged me into his car and bit down on my neck! The Xavier I have now is a definite upgrade for the one that pinned me to a wall, bit my neck, threw me on a bed, tied my wrists to a bed post and kissed me. All in that order. At least he got better after the chase where I was attacked," Maddy sighed rubbing her forehead.

"So he tied your wrists to the bed post?"

"LILY!!! It was to stop me from running away, not to do whatever your dirty mind is thinking," Maddy exclaimed.

"Come on really? So the furthest you two have ever gone is kissing. Cause that's all I seem to be getting."

"Kissing, teasing, cuddling but that's about it."

"And it's been nearly a month! You two must hold the record for the slowest relationship progress between mates ever! You are aware that most mates have already physically mated within the first 24 hours of their relationship!" Lily exclaimed.

"I like it as it is. I'm not sure how he feels though since after he dragged me from your room he told me that I apparently see him as too much a friend and not enough as a mate. So he decided we needed to do more couple stuff or whatever. So we are making progress."

"But don't you want to get intimate? Like at all?"

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