The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 3

Maddy ran through the passages of the castle in her torn clothes. She was being pursued by the lycan king and his guards. It turned out she did not like baths and he was not exactly happy about that, nor was she after being drenched in water and having a beautiful silk dress put before her.

It was a pretty dress but it symbolized things the human woman wished to never indulge in. The moment she allowed him to give her clothes and things if wealth was the moment he shackled her down. Her freedom would be stripped away.

One of the guards grabbed her arm, causing her to stop with a sudden jerk and allowing another guard to grab her other arm.

"Come back to the king."

It appeared the king had stopped halfway and retired back to his room.

Maddie stumbled forward as the door was shut behind her.

"Strip down my little human. Don't you want a better life. I'm giving it to you. You might abhor the idea of it bow but it is for the better. Your future will be in a castle and not in some dirty disease infested alley."

"Maybe I wanted to be there!"

"Rebellious little human. Be glad I am merciful and have no intentions of punishing you."

"Punishing me? You call me love and darling but you still consider punishing me."

"I can't say you wouldn't enjoy my punishments but I am not that kind of man. Now be a good girl and get dressed and come to bed. You need to rest."

"No, that's sick. No, I won't be getting dressed and no, I don't need to rest. Not like I can when of all things a lycan is looming over me."

"Don't act like a child. Why must you defy me?"

"You have enslaved my kind and took me against my will."

"I would have taken you regardless. You just got lucky. Now do as I say and get dressed or maybe I can have my very own little death match in here for your viewing pleasure between two slaves."

"That's horrible!"

"Well if you don't like it, put that dress on your body and get in the bed."

Swallowing hard as she looked at the bed, Maddy slowly stripped off her tattered clothes and exchanged them for the nightdress. It was soft and light on her.

She lowered herself onto the bed and glanced at him and stared at him, waiting for whatever he would do next.

His fingers brushed back and forth over her cheek as he stared down on her. It was as if he was endearing her or could not believe she was there. She internally scoffed at such a thought. Lycans had no hearts. She despised the supernatural.

She tensed as he placed a hand on her stomach and gently ran his fingers back and forth over the skin as if there was a baby inside. She stilled. A baby. Did he plan to impregnate her or something. It explained that top tier treatment she was being given. He expected her to give birth.

"No! Stop!'

"Is something wrong my little one?"

"You are keeping me here to bear you a child."

"No I am not."

"Then why are you stroking my stomach. It is weird."

"Maybe in the future you will be with child, not now of course. I don't think you would willingly create such a beautiful thing with me right now."

"And you believe I would in the future?" She said turning onto her side, facing away from him.

"Love look at me. Give me a chance."

"No I won't. You have taken me prisoner."

"I have taken you to where you belong."

"As your slave?"

"My slave? No you have it wrong my little human. You are mine. My beautiful mate."

"Mate? What are you on about? That's how you justify taking me here and threatening me to make me do what you want. You may be the King but you are crazy."

He grabbed her shoulders and turned her so her back hit the mattress. Her breaths grew heavy and fast as he straddled her waist. His eyes were focused on her, darkened with lust.

Her wrists were secured in his hands above her head.

"W-what are you doing?"

She gasped as his lips came down on hers. Her hands squirmed in his tightening firm grasp.

The King felt unmatched pleasure as he devoured his mate's lips. He watched as the girl began to cease struggling and gave in. He slowly released her wrists.

Maddy moved her hands to the Lycan. The thought of trying to remove him from her did not occur to her. Her back arched up as she moaned into his mouth.

Xavier ran his hands along her sides and watched pleased and filled with lust as she squirmed in pleasure. Her body taken by her own lust.

He lifted his lips from hers and stared down on her. He loved the sight of her below him. Her nightdress had slipped down slightly and it revealed some more cleavage. He reached to run his fingers along the line.

She blinked her eyes and stared up at him, no longer in a lustful trance as she pulled away and stared horrified.

"What did you do to me!?"

"No my love please."

"You forced yourself on me. You used some weird mind control on me!"

"I did not do anything love. It was all you. You enjoyed it my darling."

Maddy stared at him in horror. He was wrong. There was no way that she of all could have found pleasure in his touch. Not the touch of a monster, a beast, a lycan.

"Get away from me," she said trembling .

When he reached out she got out of the bed and turned to run away. The lycan watched as she tried to run.

Her hands pressed on the handle of the locked door, failing. It was locked she was trapped.

She turned back to she the lycan growling.

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