The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 30

A large hall surrounded Maddy. It was set up magnificently for the coronation. She could not stop staring at it all in awe.

Beside her in his Royal attire was her mate, wearing a golden crown. It was strange seeing him so dressed up and in a crown as a opposed to his usual smart pants and shirts with a few extra ornaments, usually made of gold.

He could not take his eyes off the dress, just as his cousin in the front row had predicted. The guard was, much to Maddy's distaste, in her uniform instead of sharing her suffering in a dress.

Maddy's eyes stared into her King's as he held a beautiful crown of gold in his hands. It was decorated with jewels and gems that she had never seen in her life. They glowed so brilliantly.

He lifted the piece up to above her head and placed it down gently.

"You look absolutely perfect. It suits you so well my little Queen," he whispered in her ear making her blush softly.

She smiled as they turned to face the crowd. It was just as they had practiced over and over in the days leading to the ceremony only it was real this time.

His hand slowly held hers. His fingers intertwined with hers. A sign of unity.

"I present to you my mate and your new queen. Queen Madeline," Xavier announced.

For a moment there was the sound of loud clapping, cheering and even a few joyful howls.

Maddy was surprised at how happy they were even though she was a human. She had expected a completely opposite response from them.

Her eyes noticed a drawn bow, it was blurred due to it being so far back in the room but she could see it.

An arrow was shot. It moved fast. Incredibly fast, it shot at her like a bullet.

She was frozen in place till the last second when she ducked.

She barely missed the arrow. The arrow that was now sticking through the crown.

The crown fell from her head.

She watched horrified as the hall was stormed by masked men in black, all armed.

Blood stained the walls. Bodies lay about.

Xavier snarled at the threat to his mate and shoved her aside to the ground. He stood over her, killing whoever dared to approach her.

Then a silver arrow hit a weak spot.

He turned.

Another lodged in his heart.

Maddy screamed horrified as he shifted and collapsed.

"XAVIER!!!!" The girl screamed holding the body of her lover in her arms.

His dark eyes closed and the warmth dissipated from his skin.

"No! No no no no! Xavier wake up! Wake up! Please I beg you! Wake up! I need you! Please I'll do as you say. I won't try go outside. You can tease me as much as you want!"

Her desperate cries were met with eerie and deafening silence.

The only replies and sounds to be heard were her own echoes and breaths.

She felt the stabbing pain in her heart. The feeling of being ripped apart inside.

She gripped her chest, crying out in pain and agony. Her head shook. She was mistaken. It was an illusion. He was not dead. It was impossible.

It was pure torture.

"Long live the Queen."

A shadow fell on her.

Her eyes lifted to see a man cloaked in the darkness and shadows.

"You should have listened to me when you had the chance but you are no more than a foolish little girl. You are not a queen. You could never be a queen."

Her hands shook. Her body shook.

Her body was twisted in pain and suffering.

It was her fault.

She had caused the death of her mate.

The shadow leaned closer to her, leaning in. Two sharp teeth glinted in the light.

She crawled back. Her eyes wide and filled with fear.

Her legs refused to let her stand.

Her neck was grabbed and she was forced down.

The cold floor against her skin was a shock to her system.

Her head banged against the floor with his force as he pounced onto her.

She looked up through blurred sight to see razor sharp fangs.

The descended fast like lightning. They dug into her flesh and bit down.

Everything went black with her screams of pain that suddenly went silent. Dead silent.

Maddy's body shot up from the bed. Her eyes wide and her skin glistening with droplets of sweat. Her hands clenched the duvet as she breathed heavily. Her hands shook as the events played in her head like flashbacks of trauma.

Her eyes darted around, madly.

She was met with an empty other side of the bed.

The human jumped out of her bed and ran out from her room.



Her wide eyes watched with horror as the body lay there lifelessly.

Her shaking hands held onto it.

She screamed, cried and begged to be met with no more than deafening silence.

The guards that followed in her wake were ignored. Not noticed at all.

They were unimportant.

She threw the doors of the office open and relief filled her as she gazed upon her mate working at his desk.

"Sorry I was not with you when you woke up Maddy. I thought you should sleep in since tomorrow is your big day," he said.

"You don't need to apologize. I-I am just glad you're okay," she said crawling onto him and holding him tight.

"Maddy, are you okay? You are crying. Did someone hurt you?"

"No," she sobbed, her arms tightening on him.

She needed him. He was her comfort and lifeline.

It felt like years had passed with him. The time of suffering and pain on the streets felt like a distant memory when she was captured in his arms. His warm arms that washed the rest of the world away.

"You're alive. I'm just so glad."

"Did you have a nightmare?"

"It was horrible. Xavier you died. I died. It was my fault," she sobbed harder gripping onto him as if she would die the second she released him.

"Its okay Maddy I am here now and I am alive," he whispered into her ear.

"It felt so real. It start off so amazing. It was the coronation. We were together and then it just fell apart. They killed you. I could feel my heart being ripped to pieces," she trembled.

Xavier's eyes went wide as he heard her description.

"It was so painful. It was as if I was trapped. I could feel the bite. It was so painful. But there is no bite. I can remember the feeling of the teeth sinking into me. It was so clear. Everything."

"How did the vampire look? Maddy I need a description."

"It had no body or face. Well it did but it was just pure black. It was darkness. It was as if it was wrapped in shadows. I have never laid eyes on anything so terrifying."

"You are probably just under stress. Especially after that threat and with the coronation being tomorrow," he said putting on a smile for his mate.

"I guess it must be," the girl replied.

Xavier could still feel the shaking of her body.

The last thing she needed was more stress. Especially after what had happened to her whilst she was asleep.


(Please read. This is very important)

My final exams are starting next week and so I have decided to take a break from publishing until the worst of my exams are done. I know this will be upsetting most of you but I need to focus on my exams to ensure I get into the university and course I want to study next year. I hope you all understand.

I should only be gone for a month and a half however I may update once or twice in the exams just to ensure you don't get too bored.

Just know I am not abandoning this book. I just have to focus on my other priorities and I might still update next week Tuesday.

Thank you all for your support.
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