The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 33

Maddy paced. She walked back and forth. Her heart was racing. It was pounding. It was jumping at her chest, beating against it. Her breaths were heavy, she felt like a stressed out bride before her wedding, but that was her wedding so she was a stressed out bride.

"Calm down Maddy. You're making a desert out of a grain of sand—"

"I'M TRYING TO! .... Sorry. This is just odd and I am so scared. What if I trip? What if I faint— what if I throw up? What will they think of me?" Maddy asked her emotions going crazy along with her levels of stress.

"Is everything okay?" A man asked softly, his head peeking out of the door.

"Beta Kyle, everything is fine. Just some pre-coronation nerves." Lily assured him.

"Hmm. Don't keep us waiting too long. Not everyone likes late—"

"Shut up. I'm busy," Lily snapped at him and he retreated back in.

"I don't thin—" Maddy continued ranting her insecurities, ranting that hadn't stopped even with Kyle's interruption.

"Calm down Maddy, you've got this," Lily encouraged her, holding both Maddy's hands and giving them a little squeeze.

"I've never been in front of a large crowd. What if they turn on me?"

"Then Xavier will rip them to shreds before they touch you. Stop worrying and go in there."

"That doesn't sound very nice."

"It isn't. So they better not touch you and if you don't hurry up he may gouge out their eyes so you don't have to worry about their stares. You shouldn't be worried at all, if anything they should be."

Maddy sighed and decided to get it over with.

She slowly walked towards the wooden doors. Her hands were shaking and tingly. Her stress was making her feel sick inside.

The giant doors parted inwards, their movements slow and gradual as they revealed the audience at a tortoise's pace.

Her eyes squeezed shut. She was too terrified to even glance at her surroundings. She could feel their stares and she was sure they were judging her in every aspect.

Her mind listed off all Lily's techniques. All ones she said she used to use as a child. She had said they worked but they were not exactly working.

Imagining the audience naked was failing. Instead she was imagining herself naked and that was even more terrifying. She could feel their gazes burning past her clothes and onto her skin.

Her eyes opened soon though, when she realised she was more likely to trip and embarrass herself more if she kept her eyes closed. She saw the steps nearing where Xavier waited expectantly. She could see him trying to keep his face completely straight and emotionless but he couldn't. The sides of his lips were pulling into a smile that he couldn't stop.

Why was he smiling? Was he about to laugh? Had she done something stupid?

She tried to ignore the thoughts as she walked up the stairs. She stared down at them, trying not to get tripped up in the floor length dress.

She stood in front of him. Her eyes down to the floor, her hands playing with each other.

"Relax," he whispered.

He held her hand and led her around, turning her to face the crowd. They didn't look nearly as angry or judgemental as she had expected. They looked more curious and excited.

Did they not know she was human? Could they not smell her scent or see her short height?

Guards were posted all around the room and were heavily concentrated at any exit. There was no hope of fleeing from the hall. There was no escape she had to face it.

She took a breath in and stared at the people. She knew she would have to get used to it.

She heard words being spoken but they all flew by her. The moment was more exciting than she had expected. She could feel the adrenaline rush in her veins.

She felt her mate's fingers gently touch her neck. He slowly trailed them along her shoulders and shifted down the tops of her sleeves.

She felt curious. What was he doing? She prayed stripping was not apart of the coronation.

"Relax. It will hurt if you are tensed up," he warned her.

"What's going to hurt?" She whispered back to him.

They had practiced the ceremony at least a dozen times until the proceedings were coded into her. There was nothing about it that was supposed to hurt.

She heard him chuckle.

His hands slowly and softly settled on her waist. They held her gently but still tight enough to prevent her fleeing. "This," was his reply to her question.

She was confused for a second. Then his lengthened canines clamped down. They pierced her skin. They made her gasp in shock and pain. Her eyes had shot wide open. Tears watered from them.

What was he doing?

She had no will to struggle. She wanted to, ber body would just not permit it.

A nagging feeling forced her to be compliant whilst he took a bite into her neck like a vampire. She just didn't know why he was biting.

Once his canines were out she would be demanding a good explanation from her mate.

It didnt take more than a few seconds for a soft spark of pleasure to dull the pain slightly. There was still pain but the pleasure was just enough to dull the pain to the point that she could relax and not cry in pain.

His arms moved up from her hips to wrap around her in an embrace. From the outside it appeared as if he was reinforcing his hold on her. From where she was it felt far more personal. She felt him hugging her, encouraging her whilst he could not speak his words out to her.

She let out a breath of relief when he released her neck.

"Well done," he whispered, placing something on the bite to stop the bleeding. He then readjusted her dress to how it had been before, by pulling it up a few centimeters so it rested on shoulders again.

She glanced back and saw a crown on a soft velvet pillow. Things seemed to be back on track according to the schedule. She turned her head back to face the crowd and she kept her chin up.

The crown was placed on her head. It felt heavier than the light sparkly tiaras she had been wearing in public up until that day.

"I present to you Queen Madeline Evers. My mate and your Queen!" Xavier shouted over the crowd before howling, his head turned to the sky.

The audience joined in, howling. Vampires, wolves and lycans.

He smiled at his mate and kissed her gently.

The young woman stared at the people. She felt happy, if she ignored her bitten neck. She wasn't sure why she had been so scared and paranoid. No one had rioted and attacked her, no one had killed her. Somehow the day seemed to have gone perfectly and she felt slightly guilty for stressing so much.

Not all of them were bad like the ones who had sent her to the Arena. Some people would accept her and give her their trust.

She could imagine Lily's voice in her head saying "told you so".

She turned her head to look at Xavier and he shook his head as her crown tilted to the side with her head and he fixed it, chuckling under his breath.

His hand intertwined with her and he lead her down the steps towards the wide open doors to the balcony where even more people were gathered below.

Her eyes were wide in disbelief. She didnt think it was possible to have so many people in one place. They were like a sea, consuming the courtyard.

The people were silent, their breaths appeared held in anticipation as Xavier and herself walked closer.

She steadied herself, maybe she did have a reason to still be nervous but she couldn't run. She faced the nobles in the hall and they were terrifying. She could do it. She had conquered nearly all of it. She could do the last part. It seemed rather simple.




They stopped at the edge by the smooth silver railing. It was polished to the point that her reflection would have been crystal clear to her eyes if she had been allowed to look down.

The sky above was a beautiful soft blue dotted with fluffy white clouds.

She could see everything. She was so high up and facing the city with the forest lying on the other side of the castle. The city was huge, larger than she had ever expected, no wonder it was the capital of the kingdom.

His hand raised up in the air, still intertwined with her own.


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