The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 34

Xavier sighed in relief as he looked over his mate lying absolutely passed out on the bed. She had actually had fun in the end from what he saw during the celebrations.

Now he needed to deal with the exact thing she had been terrified of and rightly so. The threat had been true, the guards had however intercepted it before his mate saw and it was kept secret from her. He did feel bad for working with Lily to downplay her fears when they were very valid considering all she had been through but he needed her to feel safe. Well at least he wanted her to feel safe.

He wanted to create an environment for her where she wouldn't have to be constantly afraid of getting hurt. Especially after the incident in the Arena. The coronation did go well, the threat didnt get to hurt anybody but their presence had been a problem.

He was lucky she hadn't seen it or else it was likely that she might have developed even more fears and stress.

Seeing her looking so at peace and relaxed made him feel right for keeping it a secret. She didn't need to know about any threats, not at the moment. For the time being he wanted her to be happy whilst he dealt with it all.

He gently gave her forehead a kiss and then delivered a second kiss on her new mark that was still covered to stop it bleeding again. He was lucky she was too tired to argue with him about not telling her that he was going to remark her. She had instead fallen asleep on her throne and refused to wake up like the stubborn little thing she was.

"Goodnight little one, I'll be back before you wake up," he whispered to her before he left her.

His heart ached leaving her vulnerable in bed but she was protected by guards everywhere. Very efficient guards. Although there had been some breaches in security most had been from jealous she-wolves from the inside.

"Xav where are you going?" Maddy muttered half-asleep, waking up the moment he walked away from her.

"Go back to sleep my queen."

"No. Where are you going. I want you to stay with me. I feel safer with you."

"I know but I have things to do," he sighed.

"But it's so late. You worked so hard protecting me today and watching me. You should rest as well you know. Tomorrow is another day," she tried to reason.

"I have to get it done."

"But what are you doing? I'm your queen why don't you talk to me about it... maybe I can help at least a bit."

He shook his head. Her suggestions were great, he didn't mind them it was just that he wanted to interrogate a lycan. Lycans could be stubborn and there was a high chance he would have to use torture. He didnt want her feeling unsafe or for her to see him in such a light.

She was suffering from trauma still, seeing blood and gore could set her off. He didn't consider her that vulnerable it was just precautions. She lived on the street violence was normal but he didnt know how seeing blood would affect her as she was then. He didnt want to risk anything.

"I'd rather do it alone—"

"Why? Do you think I am annoying or something? I understand if you do... I'm sorry for asking and annoying you. I'm just a human i shouldn't be meddling in your affairs. I get it," she said sadly.

"No! Maddy that's not it—"

"But you dont want me to help... I must be a nuisance," she said softly.

Maddy felt a little guilty, trying to get him to tell her by guilt tripping him.

"No Maddy. This is top secret stuff. I don't want you to have any burdens," he said.

"Top secret? But you can share it with me. I'm a good secret keeper," she said not liking that he was keeping secrets and being curious.

"I can't Maddy... not yet."

"Why??? Tell me and show me that you trust me or don't and thereby prove to me that you think I am a nuisance," she declared her ultimatum.

"That's hardly fair dont you think Madeline."

"Don't call me that and I think it is perfectly fair. I don't see why you should hold so much power over me. Aren't relationships supposed to be equal. I understand you being the king imbalances that a little but I refuse to be shoved to the side and treated like a fragile doll. Maybe I have been playing into that role a little recently but I am not as fragile as you believe me to be and if you dont accept that I can very well leave you. I dont care if it hurts us both," she declared strongly making her opinions clear.

He sighed. "Don't make this harder than to has to be Maddy. I am doing this for you protection."

Her eyebrows furrowed. "My protection? I didnt get killed today I feel pretty much safe now. I want to be involved. I don't want to sit on the sidelines and look pretty. That's not all I'm good for," she argued.

He placed a hand on her thigh. "I know. You'll understand eventually—"

"Eventually huh. So why not now. It's like you dont even hear me telling you that I am not the type to be thrown to the side. I refuse to keep being a scared little girl hiding in your shadow. I know the world is big, bad and scary. I know that far better than you, I have seen the kinds of things people do at their lowest and that is probably far far worse than whatever you're hiding in this top secret thing of yours."

"Maddy I am not involving you. I dont want a fight. I'll do it in the morning," he sighed deciding to just go with what she had originally wanted.

"That works for me," Maddy smiled.

Maybe she hadn't gotten all the girl power she had wanted from him but at least he had surrendered to her whims. That was a start, right?


I am sorry but from here on out it appears that chaos and conflict will occur. If you want to stay happy please reread chapter 33 and the chapters before it on repeat. So far no deaths have been planned but I am still trying to work out the details from chapter 39 onwards which is what I am currently writing.

Thanks for all your patience. Exams have been extremely tough and I was supposed to finish tomorrow but now there is a national rewrite for maths. Which honestly sucks as some people have already burnt their books (I am not kidding).

Quick question:

Favourite dessert?

(Mine is peppermint crisp tart.)

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