The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 35

"Lily keep Maddy occupied today. I mean occupied. Make her happy, happy enough to think of nothing but what the two of you are doing," Xavier ordered his cousin.

"Sounds shady. May I ask why."

"I know you. You adore my mate. Won't take much for her to make you blurt it out."

"Too bad I already know you're interrogating the prisoner. I was testing if you would tell me and I assume Maddy knows nothing. You are keeping her in the dark about the fact that a lycan tried to murder her! She has a right to know. It is her life!" Lily exclaimed.

"I'm her mate. I know I'm a total jerk for my current actions but I want to shield her and protect her."

"Keeping her ignorant may cause more damage Xavier. She may not have gone to some fancy university like you did but she's smart. She'll figure stuff out eventually, she'll get suspicious and then she'll doubt you."

"She doesn't need to know that nearby is a man set on ending her life!"

"Would you like it if I hid assassins who wanted to kill you from you," Lily frowned.

"No but I'm the king."

"And she's the queen. You told the kingdom she would be treated like any other queen before her. Well your parents had an almost entirely equal relationship, your father vetoed it but he consulted her for nearly everything. The only secrets between them were their anniversary gifts for each other. That's the relationship Maddy wants can't you see that?" Lily burst out.

"Maddy isn't a lycan, a werewolf or a vampire. She's strong for a human but only for a human."

"Physically. She's capable in other ways too—"

"Just do as I said. Don't tell her. It's for her own good. I just want to make her feel safe. It is selfish in a way but at the same time it is not. I know she deserves to know but I want to make her relaxed. I dont want to see her fearing things."

"Fear is natural Xavier."

"It is but I want to limit it for her."

"You think that sounds sweet but it isn't. I know you think you are helping by creating a nice little safe space for her but she doesn't need that. She needs your trust. Please just trust in her and—"

"I'm not risking anything. I don't want to risk her getting hurt at all. I'm protecting her. I'm making sure that she doesn't have to go back to fearing for her life. She feels safe now after not seeing any assassins yesterday and I'm going to make sure it stays that way," Xavier stated.

"Xavier are you kidding? You really think you can hide everything from her. It doesn't take a genius to figure out when things are constantly being hidden from them. When she finds out she'll feel even worse. No girl wants to be treated like a fragile little doll. I hated it when I was! Do you remember that Xavier? Do you remember how miserable I was before I discovered my love for fighting? I have been starting to see myself in her, she has a wild spirit. You are trying to tame it, caging her and clipping her wings. It isn't right!" Lily shouted at him getting more and more furious.

"You are a lycan Lily! You have the ability to defend yourself! She's just a human. She's breakable and if she dies I don't think I'll be able to survive," Xavier said, tears beginning to fall from his eyes.

He knew what Maddy needed. She needed freedom like Lily wanted but he was too afraid to give it to her. He was terrified. A single moment. A single misstep and she could be dead. He could lose her so easily.

"Snap out of it! She's a tough girl Xavier. She's a capable woman who has fought in an Arena and has spent her entire life running through allies, surviving. You are being too paranoid but you are my king so I guess I'll have to respect your decision. I don't like it at all. In fact I hate it but I see it'll take more than one little speech for you to change your stubborn mind," Lily concluded with a hateful glare.

"It won't be forever. Just until I know everything has been settled. Her coronation is bound to have stirred some trouble. Once it is settled I'll allow her a little more freedom."

"You better. I won't allow my only friend to suffer by your hand."

"Lily just do what I asked and keep her entertained. You can do that right?"

Lily glared at him and stormed off towards his room where his mate was still fast asleep, happily sleeping in.

She could not understand her cousin. He had seem the amount of independence his mate had. It was common knowledge that humans on the streets were different from the humans kept as slaves. She felt as if he was treating her like a freed slave. He was treating her as if her freedom meant nothing.

They had worked so hard to nearly reach a stage where Xavier would be giving Maddy even more freedom than before but it seemed impossible now. Especially with Xavier's current state of mind.

She knew the young queen required freedom to survive. Her spirit was similar to their own. They needed to shift and run about or they would go mad.

She wanted to keep arguing with her cousin but she knew it would be hopeless as things stood. He firmly believed that it was for the best. It was awfully annoying.

He was the one who had supported her when she had become the Captain of the guard, replacing her deceased brother. He had supported her despite her gender and now he was being a total hypocrite, keeping his own mate out of the kingdom's affairs. Queens helped their kings in such matters and it hurt Lily to see her own cousin push his queen away in such a manner.


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