The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 37

Maddy let out a long sigh feeling the cool lake water washing over her bare feet. The water glistened under the shade of the forest trees.

Sitting beside her was her guard who had been forced to follow the queen on her escapades to frustrate her mate. Honestly it was more fun running about and exploring outside than it was being trapped behind stone walls adhering to firm rules.

Being outside made her feel free again. It felt as if years had passed since she had been able to be herself and enjoy adventure without the worrying of her mate. Her stuck up mate who needed to keep up with change before it slapped him even harder in the face.

At least she had obtained freedom. Lily was very willing to come along with her just to spite her cousin. She loved him but she wasn't exactly on his team for the time being. She was a bouncer, she supported the side who seemed to have the more positive approach to mates, the approach she approved of best. It was her cousin's side when Maddy first arrived and now it had shifted to Maddy's side with her cousin's horrible behaviour.

"Its as if he thinks now that he has made it official he can do as it wishes," Lily groaned adding input to their discussion on talking behind Xavier's back.

"I really hope he finds out where we have been today. Right now I just want to push all his buttons and make him absolutely irritated but he can't do anything because it's still girls night until he apologizes," Maddy grinned smugly.

'Girls night' was a term that had come up in all those old movies she had watched with Xavier. It had appeared to mean a night of hanging out between girls to avoid guys and to vent their problems whilst having fun so they had been doing that. Although Lily had had to call in an extra girl for support during one of Maddy's periods of low when she was having withdrawals from not being with her mate. Being around a support system did help though. Especially with the new addition of Everly, who was a good addition to their group. She was eager to help support her and join in on the cuddling and consumption of lots of sweets and popcorn.

"Lily! Maddy! I got more marshmallows. Sorry. The kitchen ran out so I had to wait until they restocked," Everly said running to the duo with a picnic basket filled with marshmallows.

"Did he see you?" Lily asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yep!" Everly said with a playful wink.

"And he did nothing. This is so frustrating!" Lily groaned.

"Well I guess he is trying in a way. We have managed to get in the forest without him stopping me. That counts for something," Maddy shrugged.

"Not enough though. You are a queen and you therefore have the right to rule beside him. Every queen before you ruled beside their king you should as well."

"I'm not concerned about that Lily. I just want him to talk to me and be honest with me. I don't really care about ruling. I just don't want secrets and I want to be consulted. I want him to come to me and ask me for help every once in a while," Maddy laughed.

"He should still give you the offer to rule beside him in all matters. It is extremely rude not to. I'd hate it if Kyle treated me like that. He talks to me about everything at night. He tells me about the meetings, hunts and whatever else even when Xavier and him found you in the alley and when he was tasked to follow you in the forest and you got attacked. He doesn't hold back. That's what a mate should be like," Everly said pointing a finger at Maddy and popping marshmallows in her mouth.

"Xavier used to be open—"

"Did he tell you anything? No," Lily shot her down immediately.

"Gah! This is so boring. I don't like this. I just want to see him!" Maddy yelled.

"No one has really seen him since your argument Maddy. He is either isolated in his office, in meetings or in the dungeon. I dont think he has slept at all," Everly said with a frown, her dark raven wisps of hair dancing in the wind.

"Stupid hair!" Everly exclaimed frustrated.

Her hair was short, above her shoulders and Maddy had never seeing it not loose. It was so pretty and straight according to Maddy, who felt rather discontent with her curls of brown hair that would frizz the moment she ran a brush through them.

"If it annoys you so much just put it into two plaits," Lily said with a roll of her eyes.

"Two plaits? That's so childish. Why did my maid have to cut it so short!"

Maddy froze as she heard a twig snap. Something was nearby. She got to her feet whilst Lily and Everly argued about Everly's hair.

Something was off.

Her eyes caught the blurred sight of speed.


Was it one or more?

Red glowing eyes locked on her. They had seen her. They looked at the other two. One lycan, one werewolf. They were stronger than the human. Eliminating the human would fail. They'd protect her first.

The vampire rushed out. Maddy frowned as it ran past her and straight at the innocent Everly.

Maddy froze in horror watching as Everly was held against the vampire with its fangs in her neck, struggling to fight it off of her when she was getting weaker.

Lily shifted immediately and tackled the vampire down to the ground.

Maddy ran towards Everly and grabbed her hand and helped her up.

"Come let's get you out—"

"Its okay I can fight..." Everly protested.

Maddy supported her friend as she faltered.

"Sit down. I'll go support Lily. I am sure Kyle will feel your distress," Maddy said.

"Don't go and fight Maddy. You are an untrained human and a queen. You need to be protecte—"

"Nah. Lily is already taking up his attention. All I've got to do is play dirty now," Maddy said.

Maddy ran towards the fight, glad that she had put on a dress that was more practical in order to make Xavier angry. Her usual dresses would have made things a lot more difficult with their long skirts. Having chopped off the skirt till it was above her knees helped a lot with movement.

She took her shoes from where the picnic was and made her way towards Lily, walking.

The vampire appeared to only be after threats. Usually they would have immediately targeted her to eliminate her as a weak link. Obviously it was more threatened. If she ran at it it would attack her. She couldn't handle as much damage as Lily and Everly could. If she had lost as much blood as Everly she would be in critical condition.

For now she just had to use Lily as a decoy. The vampire seemed to be in more of a blood frenzy than anything or they were on drugs. It was extremely fast which made it difficult for Lily, who focused on hard impact based fighting, which suited her build.

Maddy took a breathe in and ran at the fight. The vampire didn't notice her and she kept low to the ground. It seemed pretty dangerous what she was doing and it certainly felt that way.

She held her shoe like a weapon and when the vampire got close enough she dug the heel into the back of its leg by the ankle and drew it across. The vampire screamed in pain giving Maddy the opportunity to jump on its back and shove it down to the ground. She put her arm on its throat and pushed down watching it squirm and struggle for air.

"Maddy stop!" Lily exclaimed surprised and horrified by the amount of violence bottled up inside her queen.

Maddy listened to the coughing and spluttering of the vampire. A part of her, a strange part felt it right. The cruelty was retribution. It was well deserved.

"Maddy!" Lily ripped the queen away from the vampire who glanced back at the queen, panting.

The vampire stared at the human with fear.

"Maddy we need to get Everly back to the castle! Snap out of it!" Lily shook Maddy.

"Stop shaking me. The vampire will attack us if we let her go uninjured."

"You've injured the vampire enough. Let's grab Ever and go," Lily said dragging Maddy away.

Maddy looked back at the vampire. She saw the smirk on the vampire's lips.

The lips mouthed words that made Maddy furious but she ignored them anyway. So what if the vampire was calling her trash. It didn't matter. She was better than that.



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