The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 38

"Xavier I'm telling you it was nothing like I'd ever seen before. She went crazy!" Lily told her cousin.

"Maddy would never attack anyone and you know it. In the arena she almost did but it was obvious then that she couldn't fight. That can't change in a short period of time," Xavier sighed.

"Xavier she strangled the vampire to the point where it was probably on the verge of passing out!"

"Well make sure it doesn't happen again. I don't need Maddy getting hurt. Next time you three want to go on forest adventures bring a guard," he said.

"I am a guard!"

"Well apparently just one guard isn't enough. I won't have you jeopardizing the wellbeing and future of this kingdom."

"The wellbeing and future of this kingdom? Is that what you see your mate as? Making her queen was the worst decision you ever made it seems because now that you have her all that matters is the kingdom not her. You have not made any effort in your relationship at all since the coronation. Its honestly disgusting," Lily spat storming out of the office.

"What was that about?" Maddy asked getting up from the chair she had been waiting on.

"Xavier wanted a run down of what happened today. He is stupid and doesn't understand that it could have all been avoided if he just spent time with you—"

"He has probably been stressed out. Maybe I should go talk to him."

"Maddy you don't owe him anything. You know you have changed since you came here. I saw it today. The way you attacked the vampire—"

"It was self defense—"

"It wasn't attacking you. You went right at it and took it down. It's like you have fought a vampire before?"

"Of course I have. What did you think i did on the streets, just ran and hid? There were times when we would get spotted. I have had to get my hands dirty before. Nothing is fair for a human against a supernatural so tricks are useful. You must not be afraid to use any means necessary if you want to survive. I'm going to go talk to Xavier," Maddy said.

She walked away from Lily to the office and opened the door.

"I expect you to knock before entering—" Xavier growled.

He paused looking up. "Maddy. It's you," he breathed out.

He sounded exhausted and drained. He looked relieved to see her. That made her happy inside. She was also happy tense him.

"I just came to see you for a little. It's been awhile," she said not moving any further than the closed door.

Xavier glanced at the large amount of distance between them and her crossed arms and disinterested expression. Had he really shoved her that far away?

"Why don't you come closer?"

"I don't want to your highness. I don't quite think you want me. You have not made any effort to treat me like the queen I am supposed to be so I won't treat you like my King and mate. It's only fair," she said glancing at the books on the shelves.

"Maddy I'm sorry. The council doesn't want a human involved in matters—"

"The council? But you are the king. You are making excuses. You think I am weak and fragile just because I was born a human. Your council is feeding into your paranoia," she said.

"I'm sorry. I'm trying. I've been trying non stop since the incident. I know I messed up. I should have told you. I was just afraid."

"That's the problem you don't tell me anything! You don't need to make your council allow me to sit beside you and rule but I at least expect honesty. I expect you to treat me like an equal! I want to be treated better than this—"

"Maddy I—"

"What? Was that whole equality and love and mates stuff just for show. Was it just to manipulate me and make me love you? Cause now I feel like an absolute fool for ever believing you."

"This is not how mates are supposed to be Maddy. We are supposed to be together."

"Then make an effort!"

"Mads I am trying to. You have to believe me."

"You hid things from me. Important things. I deserve to know if someone tries to take my life!"

"I was protecting you! You stress a lot and after the rock incident—"

"So what if I react badly. I still deserve to know when my life is threatened."

"I understand that I messed—"

"Messed up? Just messed up? Do you have any idea how furious I am!"

"I think I have an idea of it," he replied.

Xavier was not enjoying being yelled at by the human woman. Clearly leaving her to calm down had been the worst decision he had ever made. She was livid and her anger had grown from a little spark into a flaming wild fire.

She had been trying to get his attention all week, sneaking out of the castle with her friends, cutting her dresses shorter. She had done everything in her power to rile him up and make him feel just as annoyed as she felt or at least half as much as she felt.

"You know you are incredibly lucky. You get to do whatever you want and dominate over every single thing in your life. You control everything around you. Everyone adores you. You got handed your position. You have never been shut up by another or denied information. How would you feel if your Royal guard didn't tell you that someone tried to assassinate you. How would you feel if you weren't given an opportunity to even speak your mind because of your sex and race."

"Madeline, I was protecting you. I know you don't feel like it but I was trying to. I didn't want you to think of your coronation as the time you nearly got killed."

"Great because I don't. Now I just think of it as the time I realised that you only want to use me as a prize and everything we had was just manipulation to get me where you wanted me."

"Madeline I promise you it wasn't like that. Every moment I have spent with you has been genuine."

"Including when you dodged the subject that night and didn't tell me anything and basically told Lily that I was a helpless girl in need of babysitting. I'll tell you this now. I really like you. I love you. That's saying something considering how long we have known each other in addition to my horrible past experiences with your kind. I left everything I knew behind to become your queen, something I never even wanted to be. You lost nothing did you. Nothing besides your qualification to be a bachelor that is."

"What is it going to take for you to forgive me? I'm trying to fix it all. The whole council is nearly in agreement—"

"I honestly don't care about making laws. I want you to talk to me. I want you to ask for my opinions. I want to be told everything that involves me. You can't say that is too much to ask now is it?"

"Its not Maddy. I'm sorry."

She raised an eyebrow.

"I'll do whatever you want."

"Really?" She asked curiously.

"Yes. Just please come sleep in our bed again."

"Are you in a position to be telling me what to do, love? Lily's room is very nice and cozy. We've been having a sleepover."

Xavier felt himself needing to back down immediately. Somehow Maddy was suddenly dangerous. He didn't know how much longer he would survive without his mate's touch. Another night and he would likely lose it and drag her into the room and lock her in there.

Feeling rather confident she walked closer to him. She could see the way he immediately went quiet at her threat. For once she felt rather powerful.

She smirked and ran her index finger down just above his arm, making sure to avoid skin contact. She could see how he tensed. He didn't seem to appreciate her teasing and abuse of power over him very much.

"You look rather busy today. I should probably go," she said beginning to walk away.

She struggled to move so much as a step towards the door. Her body was caged in his arms that held her tight against his body, refusing to let her go.

"I'm not busy," he said pulling her to the chair and giving her a gentle nudge so she plopped onto it.

"You're not going to tie me to the chair are you?" She asked feeling nervous that she may have gone too far.

She could remember him tying her to the bed to stop her escaping before, something very stupid considering he could catch her easily. He didn't need to tie her to a bed.

She definitely felt as if she had lost all power over him as he towered over her. At least their heights were slightly similar when he was sitting in the chair. Him towering over her just made her feel like a little mouse.

"Cute little kitten," he whispered in her ear, immediately making her blush.

She cursed herself for distancing herself so much from him. Now she had lost her immunity to his teases. She hated her horrible blush response. It made him know that she was reacting to him. He didn't need nor deserve to know that.

"You know I might have to tie you to that chair. I wouldn't want my kitten running out my office would I. Especially not when looking at her makes me feel so much happier."

She tried to calm herself. He felt happier looking at her because she was not work. It was just because she was not work.

Why did he never start blushing! It was unfair. Not only that but she knew if he did blush ever he would not be embarrassed by it. That was the difference between them.

"I'm not a kitten!"

"How so?"

"I'm not a baby nor am I a cat."

"Just let me have some fun Mads. Pet names suit you. If you don't like kitten, I could always call you mouse. It works considering you are so cute and small," he teased her.

"I am not cute nor am I small..." she glanced up at him. "Okay! So what if I am smaller than you and your species. I am a human. I am average height for a human."

Xavier laughed amused by his mate. He loved teasing her. It was worth it after so long.

He picked her up in his arms and listened to her squeal in surprise.

"What are you doing carrying me? Where are you taking me?" The human squeaked out as he carried her out of the office.

"Hey! Respond to me would you! Can you let me down! I cut my dress too short! I don't want anyone seeing my underwear!" She yelled.

"I guess you'll have to stop cutting your skirts up then. If you don't want attention then don't scream. It will make people look at you and from what you just said I don't think you want that," he laughed.

"You are so mean," she groaned.

"I'm just telling you the truth. I am just carrying my mate. You were the one who decided to cut the skirts."

"Its not my fault that the long skirts are stupid," she protested.

He laughed, closing the door to their chambers behind them.

He plopped her down on the bed, making sure she fell on her stomach and he began to carefully unlace her dress.

Maddy shivered under his cool fingers. She didn't need them touching her. It was making her think very weird things.

She buried her head in her pillow as his fingers touched her skin.

"You're looking rather tense kitten. I thought you would like a little massage."

Maddy hummed at the thought. It sounded really good, and funny. The king was giving her, a human, a massage to get on her good side.

"That sounds amazing," she replied.

"Good. Now just relax," he whispered in her ear, pushing her sleeves down.

His fingers began to knead her skin like dough.

She sighed, it felt slightly sore but still very good. She liked having his full attention.

"You agreed to be honest with me didn't you?" She asked.


"You really will be honest with me? I don't like secrets. If you ask me something I'll tell you but I want you to do the same for me," she said, clarifying it to check if he understood.

"Yes I understand."

"Perfect," she smiled, happy.

"You're really special Maddy," he said kissing her skin.

"How so?" She asked curious.

"You're only human yet you defy everyone's expectations and don't let what you are born as limit you," he said.

"Stop making me blush."

"Then I ought to continue," he smirked.

"No! That's not—"

She was turned onto her back and looked up into Xavier's eyes.

She gasped as he leaned down and kissed her.

She smiled as they broke apart.

"I love you so much my Queen."


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