The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 39

Maddy awoke drowsily. The bed was empty and hard. Her arms searched for the missing body that should have been in them. Her hands instead hit hard ground.

She darted up, now awake. Why was there cold hard ground beneath her hand? Was she still on the streets?

Was Xavier just a dream? Had he just been a manifestation of her desire to be loved?

Tears dripped down from her eyes. Somehow she had learned to love that dreamworld in her head. She had so quickly fallen in love with Xavier.

She wanted him back. She wanted to be wrapped in his warm loving arms. She wanted to be loved for once in her pitiful life.

"Oh stop crying would you little pest," a woman's voice echoed, bouncing off walls.

Maddy's head shot up. A soft light filtered in through a door before being snapped out as the door was closed.

She was not on the streets. The light from the door and the fact that she was surrounded on all sides by walls proved she was in a room. That was a relief. Maybe the dream world was real then.

Maddy winced as her head was suddenly forced up by a hand. It was a woman's hand, soft and smooth yet strong with sharp nails toned into claws. The claws dug into her skin as her chin was held up.

"That dress looks very beautiful on you. The King has been treating you exceedingly well I presume," the woman mused.

Maddy felt relieved. So Xavier was real and not some desperate work of fiction in her head.

"Would you please let go? You are hurting me," Maddy said, trying to be as polite as possible.

She knew she had to play nice and sweet. They had every advantage over her. They could see in the dark, she was blinded by it. They probably had back up as well.

If she was in some room, whether or not it was in the castle, the woman had passed security. She had to be dangerous to at least some degree.

Maddy knew she couldn't fight. The forest was different. Lily was distracting the vampire and had wounded it. She didn't have Lily where she was now. A fight could be fatal.

"Are you making demands from me? I think you have gotten the balance of power wrong, little pest," the woman seethed.

Maddy held her tongue. She hated it when races, that actually seemed to matter in the hierarchy, looked down on humans like herself. She was however, not in a position to protest.

Maddy moved around. She was getting uncomfortable on the hard ground. A few weeks of soft bedding and cushioned thrones had made her realise how hard and painful the ground really was. Her position had her muscles getting all painful. She so badly wanted one of Xavier's nice massages.

She heard chains moving with her movement. She shook her wrists to check and sure enough the chains jingled like coins in a pouch being shaken round.

She felt crushed. A few seconds earlier she was secretly convinced she was just being complacent for self preservation but suddenly it turned out that she really had not had a choice. She was stuck in place by chains on her wrists.

She began struggling, yanking and pulling on the restraints. She jerked around, attempting to fight as well as she could.

She could not get free. She had never felt so helpless in her life.

"Charles would you be so kind as to light the torches. I think the little pest would feel more comfortable if she could see," the woman said.

"Do not mock m—!" Maddy exclaimed.

"Of course Mistress Ivera," 'Charles' said cutting off the young queen.

Maddy frowned. The name 'Ivera' especially with the title sounded so familiar. It didn't feel good though. It caused some sort of fear in her. It made her body tremble and she didn't know why.

Why was she suddenly so much more afraid? What significance did that name hold to her? It couldn't be worth anything, she would remember the events associated with that name if it meant something... right?

One by one the torches were set alight.

The flickering flames provided her with light and she could see two people... two vampires. One was a man. The other was a woman with long blonde hair.

"You don't seem as scared as you should be little pest!"

Maddy stared at the woman. Why did she look familiar. Why was everything about her so achingly familiar? Everything from her voice to her name to her appearance was familiar.

A slap rang through the room. Maddy hit the floor. Her cheek red with a hand mark.

"Have you forgotten your mistress you ungrateful pest!"

Mistress? Maddy refused to believe that. She had based who she was off being born free, being someone born onto the street who had fought to survive.

Ivera frowned, "You really forgot your own mistress little Madeline. Why would you do that? I gave you the best upbringing any pet could receive. I even had you taught to read and write. I treated you like my daughter.... until you ran away!"

Ran away? Tears dripped from Maddy's eyes. The vampire was utterly deluded.

Something made sense though.

The word pet. As horrid as it was... it was vaguely familiar. The fact that it seemed so familiar coming from the vampire's lips made the girl tremble.

What if she had been a pet? She could not remember her early life. She had though that was just normal. No one spoke of their childhood, so she had always assumed those years faded from people's memories.

No! She couldn't go making up excuses! There was no way that she, Maddy, could have ever ever been a pet! To be a pet... felt so insulting and low. Her mother had been a fighter! She had escaped slavery even whilst pregnant with her. That's what she had been told by the woman who she was certain had raised her. The woman who abandoned her a few days after where her memories started.

"You stupid pet!"

A shoe kicked the girl. Her head hit the stone wall.

It hurt. Maddy slowly sat up, struggling, in pain.

As if a light turned on then Maddy remembered something. Something she wished she had never remembered. A little girl in a gray dress, wearing a collar, was slapped so hard. She held in her tears as she was punished.

The little girl was her. She... she had been a pet!

Had her origin been a lie....

She fell quiet trying to process it all. Shards of information were slowly trickling into her mind. There was not a lot but there was one thing. She was born a pet to one Lady Ivera Serlone. Princess was her formal title.

"Did you remember something my little pet?" She asked.

Her voice was so sickly sweet. It was mocking and cruel.

Maddy just averted her eyes. She felt an empty hole of sadness in her stomach.

"The only reason you were not killed at birth or even whilst you were still in your mother's womb is because of your precious mate. He is the only reason you are alive," Ivera whispered in Maddy's ear.

"Why would you kill an unborn child for existing. That's beyond cruel," Maddy whispered.

"I don't like little children running around. Slave farms exist for breeding. We buy slaves trained. You were my prize though. I went through hours upon hours everyday, I hired so many tutors to train you to be a perfect queen. A perfectly submissive queen who would answer to only two. Her King and her mistress. You are a complete failure, a disgrace!" The woman yelled.

Another harsh slap was delivered. The poor human was sent flying to the side as far as the chains would allow her. Her face stung from the pain.

Tears were dripping from her eyes. The force delivered with each blow was so much... no human could ever deliver such slaps and yet Maddy was certain the woman hadn't even gone at full force.

The vampire was crazy, absolutely insane. Maddy knew she had done nothing wrong. Regardless of she had or had not ran away that would have been twelve to thirteen years prior. That was more than a decade.

"Your only purpose in life Madeline is to serve my wishes. You were born as a pet and slave and that is what you will always be. Your short lived freedom has ended darling," Ivera smirked grabbing Maddy's chin and forcing her to to her knees.

"I am merciful though. You have been without any guidance, moulded by the ways of other pests. Following you for all those years really was only to ensure you didn't die. It was a good punishment, watching you come so close multiple times did cause some stress, you humans are so weak after all."

"You were watching me? Why take out everything on me now then. It's been years I'm certain," Maddy exclaimed, unable to keep her feelings in.

Ivera's eyes turned cold. "Did I give you permission to speak pet?"

Maddy shook her head, her bones trembling.

The woman was a whole mass of contradictions. She hadn't said anything the last time Maddy spoke but suddenly she was lashing out.

"There were some benefits to leaving you there on the streets and making sure you were kept alive. Such as you meeting the King. That was just perfect. If you had still been a pet things would have been horrid. How would the King react to his mate being a pet, even a well treated one? Why I would have been stripped of a lot of power, maybe even my title. I would have likely been locked up too," Ivera said.

She then frowned. She was glaring again. She had suddenly gotten angry. "However you remembered nothing of your training! You didn't even remember your mistress. I don't care if you had an accident when being taken by that slave!"

Another slap to the face sent Maddy's head back into the stone wall.

Slap after slap rained on the human girl.

Maddy curled up against the wall whilst being beaten.

She had been attacked in the Arena and had been able to maintain strength and fight but then there had been no emotional ties, no trauma.

In her current situation she could do nothing but cry in pain as she was beaten. She was no longer the strong and defiant queen of the Lycans, vampires and werewolves but now she felt like a child. Her mindset felt like the one of the submissive child she had been. The soft spoken, submissive, scared little pet.

Something in her was just switching. She had lost all confidence and bravery. The woman who had been so brave and strong was suddenly gone.

"Oh look at you little pet. You're bleeding."

Ivera turned the girl to reveal the bloody side of her face and she began to run her tongue over the blood.

Maddy felt disgusted.

Once she finished drinking she dropped Maddy down to the ground.

The woman stamped on the queen's leg, breaking it and causing the victim to scream in pain.

Ivera laughed at the girl's suffering. "You look so much better like this. So fragile and vulnerable, like the little pet I raised."

Maddy tried to speak to plead. It hurt though. It hurt to even open her mouth. Even though the vampire had healed her slightly by drinking. It gave no relief to the pain.

The girl just wanted her mate. She had taken him for granted. She wished she hadn't isolated herself from him. Surely there were less childish ways to make him less sexist.

"Charles extinguish the torches. I want my pet to think everything through," Ivera smirked turning away from Maddy.

The queen watched. The last torch was extinguished and soon after, the heavy metal door banged shut.

She was trapped still.

She was trapped and alone.

Tears were dripping from her eyes still.

She struggled.

She was constantly fighting. She pulled and yanked on the chains. She wanted to get free. She had to get out. She had to leave the horrid place of nightmares.

She couldn't though.

She was stuck in the darkness and chains.


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