The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 4

Maddy trembled as she watched the man walk towards her as he changed forms, changed into a wolf. One larger and stronger than any werewolf she had seen shifted, a lycan.

She took steps back till her back was pressed to the door and the wolf walked before her. It snarled as it glanced at the handle of the door.

She moved away from the door and she saw him seeming pleased. She quickly began yanking on the door handle again. He wanted her trapped. Her wanted her at his mercy like helpless prey.

He growled low and loud. She froze terrified.

"Please let me go Alpha," she whispered.

He growled. He was even more animalistic and possessive as a lycan. He was not accepting his mate's attempt to escape him.

His teeth bit into her night dress. He grunted as he dragged her by the skirt of her dress toward the bed. He nudged her onto the mattress.

The woman turned around and looked into the eyes of the lycan as he transformed into a man, his eyes darkened and yet glowing. Her heart raced with fear as she backed away.

"No mate. You are not going anywhere. I will not let you go. You are mine," he growled.

His hand grabbed her foot and pulled it. She panted as she found herself beneath him.

"Now since a little human has chosen to be nothing but defiant...."

"No no leave me alone," she pleaded as he moved her back against the head rest.

One hand held her wrists up whilst the other fumbled around in a drawer.

"N-no stop! I beg you!"

"Sorry little mate. I won't hurt you. I just can't have you escaping. It's just until you come to your senses darling."

Her eyes went wide as she saw his hands take something out of the drawer, a silk ribbon.

"This should have gone in your hair but since I have no choice it will just have to adorn your wrists."

"Sorry but I am not into bondage your highness."

"I would never hurt you," he said tying her struggling wrists.

"Doesn't seem like it."

"Its just temporary."

"You have tied me to a bed. I barely know you. Well I know you lycan. I should have fought harder to be free of you. Everyone knows your kind is incredibly possessive and territorial. Why did I not see this coming? Actually I did! I knew you were only using me, using me to get some sort of satisfaction from hurting me."

"No my little one. Now let's get to know each other. Why don't you tell me your name?"

"My name? You kidnapped me!— No wait you're the king, a supernatural and a lycan to be precise. It's not kidnapping because it's you who did it. Its because you rule my kind. I hope you didn't think I would be a submissive human like the rest when cornered."

"Actually I did but I can work with a little spitfire as well. I'm sure you'll be lots of fun when we do eventually do all the things lovers do."

"You expect me to let you r—"

"Let me stop you there. I said I wouldn't until you gave me consent. As much as you appear to hate me I am a man of my word."

"You call yourself a man. Man derives from human does it not?"

"Yep I am going to enjoy that mouth of yours, I wonder what delightful words it will spit out?"

Her eyes stared at him with loathing.

"Let's make a deal. You wanted my name. I give it to you and you let me go. You won't find it anywhere if you think of searching. I was born free. Well as free as a human can be in this world. So there are no records of me in the register. You know the one where I've heard slaves are listed."

"I won't let you go. I have spent too long searching for you. Just the brief touch of your scent gave me more happiness than I had ever had in my entire life."

"And you think I will just be your happy little pleasure slave?"

"Don't make assumptions. I would never make you into a slave, especially not for my needs. I want to have a relationship with you. Something pure and precious."

"Doesn't seem so pure and precious after all all you seem to want with me is some sort of willing fulfillment of your needs and you tie me to a head rest."

"Don't twist my words love."

"You know I am surprised I am still alive. Talking back to the most powerful Alpha alive and not only that but having him at my command."

"At your command? You are tied up."

"And yet I, a human, somehow have leverage over you. My obedience, some precious little moments that you want and for some stupid reason my name. You won't untie me but you still seem to want to do whatever possible to please me. It's as if I am your queen."

"You don't even understand the irony of that but fine, since you are so desperate I'll untie you. I don't think you will get too far from the castle if you escape now that I think about it."

"Why do you say that? Oh wait it's because your guards are all werewolves and vampires. The moment they see me I'll be dragged back to you."

"That's not why. You know let's test my theory out. I have your scent, I can track you to anywhere. So you have until let's say midnight to run. Then I'll chase you."

"Hardly fair. Besides there has got to be some other catch."

She glanced at a clock.

"Its 6 pm. You are giving me six hours. What is the catch? Your court and guards chase me down?"

"Nope nothing but when the clock strike midnight the big bad wolf will come after you and I think you'll be happy to see me," he said untying her wrists.

"Well then, I'd better go."

"You think I am letting you leave in just that. You'll freeze to death."

"Its more than I am used to—"

"At least put some boots and a coat on. Specially ordered during the trip here," he said passing the things to her from the cupboard.

She pulled on the coat and he placed up the boots for her and he watched as she opened the balcony doors.

"Why don't I take you out the front door?"

"Never have been one for rules and order—" she said.

"You know on second thought we are seriously high. I'll take you on the front door," she said looking over the edge.

"Thought so."

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