The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 40

Maddy sat with her back against the wall. Her chained wrists rested on her knees as tears dripped from her eyes.

The torch lights were all lit up. All lit up to allow her to read the piled of books that were piled around her, many of which she couldn't even reach.

She didn't want to read the books. She didn't want to read on becoming some submissive queen to Xavier. She knew he didn't want a submissive queen anyway.

He might not have wanted equal power but she knew he had reasons. He would have told her if he didn't like the idea of her being equal, he would not have evaded it with tradition. He meant what he said. She just had not liked it and still did not.

If he wanted her to be submissive, he would have brought her to heel a long time ago. He would not have let her mini rebellion happen during their last fight.

Sure he was not perfect with his approached but he didn't want a mate like the ones in the books of rules. He was a man who tried to make her happy where he could. Even if his position limited it.

He didn't want a woman who would kneel at his feet all day or at the door when he came to their room. She knew that pretty well. He didn't want a woman who was going to be quiet unless spoken to.

She was opposed to everything suggested in the books. She was scarred from some of the books which just seemed to be novels of erotica. She had never read such things before.

The rule books were so stupid and contradictory. She had to be polite, charismatic, greeting all the guests but she wasn't supposed to even look in the eyes of other men. She was supposed to be reserved and quiet.

Well she got the reserved part down slightly, considering she hated interacting with people. How would she even greet guests when she hated talking to them. If only "Mistress" Ivera knew about her massive panic attack the first time she went for dinner with members of the council.

She could hardly remember it as it had happened. She just knew that she was panicking badly. She had fled to her chambers.

Maybe she was not so fit to be queen. The submissive quiet part of the book that said she had to behave like a dog basically did not resonate with her at all. She did however need to greet people and speak with nobles as a queen. She had gotten that much out of it. She couldn't do that. She had the social aptitude of a shut in pineapple.

She shook her head. She didn't have to worry about the future as it was. The horrid vampire had made it clear that that did not matter. She would be holding Maddy into what she expected in a queen.

The woman was vile and cruel. Maddy was remembering more things little by little. The memories were torturous. They were better when they were forgotten. She wanted to forget it all. The few tiny fragments of her childhood she wanted them all to disappear. She didn't want them!

Despite all the torture there was one memory. Only one that she could think upon fondly. It was a soft little light, a small bit of beauty in the misery of her first few years of life.

A little girl playing with a man. He entertained her once voluntarily. He had seen it. He had seen how bored she was sitting at the dinner table with a bunch of vampires, werewolves and lycans, all far above her in age.

The memory was so faded. She had to be three or four years old.

The memory was the only one that could make her happy in the way it brought her to tears.

Her mate. Her Xavier, playing with her, a broken little girl that had been wires into obedience.

She knew that if he had known he would have saved her. If he had known she was his mate back then he would have taken her far away. He would have spared her the suffering.

She smiled though. It was a small smile. The innocence was beautiful. If only life was so simple and kind.

She wanted to remember it better. She hated how little of it she could truly recall. She wanted to know more about their special encounter.

She knew that he had not realised what he had done for her. His small act of kindness had made that little girl's world. She hadn't known who he was but he had made her happy. He was her first encounter with happiness.

She felt so happy yet sad thinking of Xavier. It was like during those sad movies they watched together. He had always insisted. She liked scary action movies but he liked romance and sweet movies and sad movies. Things that were all too sweet. They made her happy but sometimes it was also sad or it was both.

Thinking of him gave her hope and that made her happy. The distance made her sad. She was missing him. The pain in her chest, like when she had tried to runaway that once and the time in the arena, it was there again. It hurt to be apart. It physically tore her apart.

Ivera was so selfish! Ivera locked her away in some sort of dungeon, taking her from her mate just so she could use her.

The bloodsucker had not even once taken her feelings into account. Of course she hadn't... she didn't even seem to consider Maddy to be worth anything. She wasn't considered as even sentient to the vampire. She was just a plaything, a pet, that served great use.

She lowered her eyes to the ground as the door opened.

As much as she hated the ideas of submission Ivera wanted her to conform to as a queen she had to conform. It was her only way to escape more beatings. Once she was back with Xavier she could go back to normal but until then...

"Aww you're so cute."

Maddy kept quiet as Charles rubbed her head, petting her. He petted her just as she used to pet strays on the street. She was no better than an animal to them all.

"Here is your dinner Madeline. The mistress had the chefs make your favourite from when you were little," Charles said.

She hated the voice he used around her, speaking to her as if she were some dumb child. She was not dumb.

How would the bloodsucker even know or care about her favourite meal. The woman abused her as a child. She didn't care about what Maddy liked or an ounce of her emotional development.

Maddy couldn't remember things too well but she knew there was no good in that woman. She was a heartless and sadistic vampire who only crazed control and power. She was going to use Maddy as a puppet.

Maddy looked at the food. She didn't even know if it was her favourite food. She couldn't remember that much. As a child she had loved sweets. The sweets that she had on the rare occasion been rewarded with.

Charles hadn't left.

Maddy didn't want him watching her eat.

"Go on little Madeline. Eat up."

She stared at the food. She was terrified. Why was he staying to watch her? Had the food been poisoned?!

She didn't want to eat if it was poisoned.

"Come on why are you suddenly not eating?" He asked.

She wanted to scream at him. Did he honestly think she was going to trust him right off the bat? She was not a naive dolt!

"No you can't go on a hunger strike. You need to stay healthy," he said.

Healthy? They had locked her in a dungeon with no sunlight, no hygiene and she had been beaten. They had also taken her from her mate which was causing some sort of withdrawal.

"Come on here eat," he said trying to spoon feed her.

"Why are you so desperate for me to eat? It really makes me think you are trying to poison me."

He froze.

Her eyes went wide.

So he was trying to poison her. He was trying to be quick about it too which means he was rebelling and trying to assassinate her.

"Eat now!" He ordered.

"No!" She refused.

"You dare to reject the orders of your superior!"

"HELP! HELP! GUARDS! I'M BEING POISONED!" Maddy yelled at the top of her lungs, clenching her fists.

She hoped it would work. Ivera didn't want her dead. The guards knew that. Supernaturals were perfect lie detectors (although not flawless they were as close to that as they could be). The guards wouldn't be able to lie about not hearing her if they were questioned.

"You fool!"

Maddy screamed and struggled as she was pinned to the floor.

"Lie still your highness," he whispered in her ear holding her neck and squeezing it so she gasped for air.

"Stop!" She choked out.

She thrashed around as he took the food off the plate.

She didn't understand. Why was he just so adamant on poisoning her when he could suffocate her to death.

Suddenly he was off her. A guard had leaped at him and tackled him off of her.

It happened so fast. In seconds Charles had been shackled.

The guard looked at her. He seemed curious. She shied away from him when he got close. Anyone affiliated with Mistress Ivera was not to be trusted.

"Its okay now darling. He can't hurt you now," the guard said gently to her.

She avoided his eyes.

She felt scared. She had nearly died.

In her cell, anyone could assassinate her at anytime.

If the guard realised that maybe he would have understood. Maybe he would not have just locked her back into the darkness.

Why did no one care?

Could no one see she was suffering?!

Did no one care for her? Did no one care that she was crying, traumatized from just nearly being killed?


I have been lacking inspiration recently so I have been struggling to right but I have had this chapter ready for a while so I decided you have all waited long enough.

I know this stuff is not pleasant right now but it is part of Maddy growing and dealing with her trauma. Ivera is an essential part of Maddy's past and will be pretty important in the story.

Maddy is a confident character except around Ivera due to her fears. This is something she has to learn to overcome so the current Maddy we are seeing is still her just a very traumatized version.

Thank you for all your support.

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