The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 41

The blonde and royal beauty sat on a throne on a balcony. A glass of red liquid swayed softly in her hand. Her eyes were on a chained man being interrogated before her supporters. She seemed rather relaxed, one leg over the other, reclining back against the soft cushioning of her throne.

Maddy did not pay much heed to the proceedings. She didn't care about it at all. She didn't need to know why he did it, it was more a question of why not. The only reason anyone would not kill her was loyalty to Ivera or the crown. That solved that. So all that was left was a bloody execution.

Her finger ran over the mask over her eyes. Ivera had said it was a masquerade mask. Well regardless it concealed her identity it seemed. There were no significant features on her. She was just a human, nothing about her stood out and no one could see her well enough from below. Anyone who was with Xavier would not be able to see her and free her.

"You don't seem very interested, my little pet. Want to tell me why? This is all being done in your honor," Ivera asked.

"I do not like seeing people being hurt or dying. You are just trying to silently threaten people to keep your prizes safe from harm.

She was lying in part. She hated people being hurt or dying but if it was Ivera, she would have gladly partaken with no hesitance in the slightest.

"My what an interesting statement considering you made one of my own fear for death just a few days ago. Just for attacking you," Ivera laughed.

"My friends were attacked. I did what I had to. I don't feel very interested in other affairs right now. I just want my mate," Maddy said quietly; feeling both bored and lonely.

"You'll get your mate if you behave little Madeline. Right now you are doing a brilliant job. So much progress," Ivera replied.

Maddy hung her head in shame. Obedience. She just needed to hold on. She needed to stay strong and break out. All she had to do was keep learning the books and keep being the slave Ivera desired. Then she would succeed. Then she would see him again. She would get to be held and loved again.

She hated her depravity. Her desperation had turned her into a pet caged at the side of a mistress. What had happened to her. She had been so much better than that days prior.

Life hated her didn't it.

"Your hair is so greasy. It must be the dungeon. How about I give you a spa day as a reward, mhm. A nice wash down and relaxation. The perfect gift for my pet," Ivera said observing the human.

Maddy could not oppose. As it was she would take what she could get. She was still getting into a habit of cleanliness. She was used to greasy hair but it was obvious that the mistress was not a fan of dirt and wanted her cleaned up.

"That would be lovely Mistress Ivera," Maddy whispered in response.


Her respect seemed to make Ivera happy.

Maddy glanced at the trial. The vampire was not even bothered about the trial of the man who had served and betrayed her.

Maddy was certain there was something wrong in the mind of Ivera. She was insane. How had she been mated to Xavier's cousin. How had he survived— nevermind.

She knew he died in war, but still how had he put up with such a crazy woman. Had she hid it? Had she manipulated him?

Maddy could see how manipulative could work but at the same time she didn't. The bond did not change people that much nor did it take away thinking at all. It just instilled a feeling of love.

She wondered how Ivera was alive after losing her mate. It had to be impossible or maybe it wasn't. Maddy didn't know. She was still a novice when it came to mates. Despite eighteen years of experience in the world she was in... she felt like a bigger beginner than ever. On the streets she had considered herself an expert at the game now she felt like she was just stumbling along.

She glanced look at the proceedings. Charles was pleading. He claimed that he had been set up. Maddy considered that to be a big joke. She was certain that he did it of his own free will... or maybe he was bribed. She didn't know and did it make a difference. He was going to die either way was he not?

He was struggling. She watched how his chains moved, clanging with his movements. She glanced down at the shackles on her wrists. She hated how they felt and looked.

She felt pain on his behalf. Earlier her mistress ahd told her of tiny little spikes in his shackles. If he struggled they would practically bite into his skin. It sounded horrible and painful. The image disgusted her.

She needed to calm down. It was hard with the deafening screams of pain. This was not even the execution. Just the trial mixed with the interrogation.

She couldn't bear to think what the horrible execution at the hands of the mad princess would be. It would be unthinkable in cruelty and pain.

She closed her eyes. She imagined her mate. His gentle soothing touch. He always seemed to calm her a bit. He made her relax and he always knew how to ease her tension.

She wished she could curl up against him and let the world just disappear.

The pain in her chest was getting worse. She was struggling to be away from him. It hurt so bad.

The more she thought of him the worse it got. She missed him so bad. It felt like that time she had tried to run away but even worse. She felt sick.

The pain seared her and tore her apart inside. Tears were dripping down her cheeks.

She glanced up at the vampire, hoping for help but she got none. The woman just watched her as she convulsed in pain.

She watched without offering any help as the human suddenly collapsed on the ground, unable to even lift a finger.

Maddy felt absolutely drained of energy. She felt cold and lonely. She wanted her mate so bad

She could only think of him as darkness flooded her sight and everything around her became silent and obsolete.


I would just like to first of all clarify before anyone gets this wrong. Ivera has no intention to steal Xavier from Maddy. She does not wish to be queen nor does she wish to have his affection. She only wishes to have the control over the king and queen through controlling Maddy.

I have read many stories where the villain tries to steal the king from the heroine but Ivera has no plans to do that. Her plans all revolve around them staying in love, as they are.

Although she is not trying to break their bond as many other villains would out of jealousy or spite, she is still in no way a good person as you have seen. She is manipulative and abusive. The only reason she did not kill Maddy before she was even born was because she found use for Maddy.

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