The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 42

A familiar scent surrounded her as she slowly opened her eyes. Soft bedding caressed her skin. The smooth fabric enveloped her, keeping her warm.

Maddy glanced up above her, her vision slowly easing in. She could see a massive chandelier hanging above her. It had a soft golden glow from the candles on it. She could not help but wonder how long it had taken to make and how they even got it inside.

She sat up with a yawn and looked around her. Everything was so grand and extravagant. The wooden bed frame had intricate details like vines and leaves all made from gold. Most ornaments in the room appeared to be made with gold as well. How did anyone afford such things.

"Are you feeling better Madeline?"

Maddy turned sharply, her head whipping around. Fear swelled in her chest as her eyes caught sight of Ivera sitting at the edge of the bed.

Maddy quickly lowered her gaze to stare at the sheets. No eye contact. She was not allowed eye contact.

Her hands were shaking as they tightly gripped the sheets. She tried to breathe slow, she had to calm down. It was painfully hard though. She was absolutely terrified. The woman put her on edge and made her feel extremely vulnerable. She made the queen feel threatened. She felt in danger whenever she was near the vampire.

"Do you feel better now pet?" Ivera asked again. Her tone was getting harsher. She was getting impatient. That was never good.

Maddy nodded softly. She had to give an answer.

She did however feel slightly better, slightly more relaxed in her current room. It had a far better atmosphere in comparison to the dungeon.

"I thought you would, considering this is the room the king stays in when he visits. His scent is rather strong here. I'm sure it makes you feel a little less stressed. It is a rather good reward for you consideringhow obedient you have been lately," Ivera said.

Maddy had to hold her mouth shut. She would not be feeling the way she was if she had not been taken from her mate.

At the castle she had at least seen him whilst they were distancing. She had at least been close to him.

Whilst being in a room with his scent helped a little it was not enough. The scent was old and useless.

The moment she was back with Xavier, Maddy was going to go against what she had once told Xavier. She was not going to stop him hurting Ivera unlike when those girls had conspired against her. She was going to make sure Xavier hated that vampire and made her suffer. She was certain that death was too kind for the thing of her nightmares.

"A supernatural mate would have held up much better than you. You are a weak little human. Your mating to the king is a disgrace. However the status of your race makes you void of any rights. I can control you and do with you as I wish."

Did the monster have to rub that in? She already knew all of that. She knew she was weak and pitiful.

The moment Maddy was free she was sure she would start campaigning for human rights on at the very least a basic level.

Maddy was certain that she would show the vampire how wrong she was. Madeline may have been a submissive and obedient pet but Maddy was not.

Maddy was certain that Ivera was swept up in madness by the plan she had concocted just months before her birth. She still believed her little Madeline would do as told. It was delusional.

Maddy wasn't one for doing what she was told. She did what she wanted. Sure right then it was to survive but once she was free she was going to make Ivera's life miserable.

Ivera would suffer at her hands.

"Get up Madeline."

Maddy slowly got out of the bed, standing up.

"Perfect. You are such a perfect little pet. So obedient. I think it's time that we deal with your style next."

"Yes mistress," Maddy replied.

The words make her want to vomit but Maddy was too afraid not to say them. She was too afraid to step out of line and disobey.

Sucking up to Ivera was working though. She was avoiding a lot more pain by doing such. She was making good progress. She would be returned soon... she hoped so at least.

She was told to sit down and she did.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. She stared at a girl with bruises.

She was suffering inside.

The thoughts of managing to escape and what she would do to Ivera were just her pitiful means of trying to distract herself from the pain and fear.

She felt so helpless inside.

She wanted a way out. A way out of the tiger's claws.

Why did she have to be so weak?

Who gave Ivera the right to control her?

A ribbon was tied in her hair. A silk red ribbon.

She wanted to run. She felt sick.

"Such a perfect little puppet."

A puppet. A pet. That's what she was to Ivera. She was just something to control and use as she saw fit. She could manipulate the girl as much as she saw fit.

Her fingers twirled the ends of the ribbon. It suits you so well little Madeline. You are becoming such a beautiful lady. Much more attune to your mate's tastes.

She froze. Did he actually prefer submissive women? She had never thought of it. He struggled with her strange ideas. She wanted to make him happy. Was this the way?

She had to snap out of it. It's what Ivera wanted her to think. She wanted to control her thoughts and actions. Xavier liked her how she was. She was certain. He would not have— they fought because of how she was. Would things be better if she just behaved?

Her thoughts were getting muddled again. She had to stay on track. Escape Ivera and get revenge.

She watched herself in the mirror though. She had changed. She looked softer than she used to, so fragile. Did he prefer women like that? He liked it when she was cleaned up and dressed up. Maybe be liked her obedient too.

No she had to get on track. She had to stay on track. Ivera was a monster. She was a cruel heartless monster with no shred of empathy for anyone or anything she seemed as inferior. She cared for no one and nothing. She would use mates to get whatever she wanted. She would manipulate and trick to get power.

She was messing with her mind.

She was being used and abused, manipulated but what if it improved things. If she had been like this from the start there would have not been that fight. They would not have distanced themselves. Things would have played out so smoothly.

She could have just been happy with him with no drama, no pain, no chaos.

"Look at you. Beautiful and regal. This is exactly how you should be as a queen. Your subjects are not human. They will not accept you unless you act perfectly and maintain an image that will make them adore you," Ivera told the girl.

Her hands clenched in her lap. If they accepted her things would be better for Xavier would they not? Everyone seemed to expect her to be the image that Ivera was forcing on her. Was it better to pretend to be that girl? It would make everyone else happy.

She would be happy seeing Xavier again. That was all she wanted now. She had to stop being so selfish. He was a King. If she wanted to love him it would require sacrifice. Ivera was right.


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