The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 44

"You are stepping wrong!" Maddy listened to Ivera's shouts.

She felt absolutely sick. Her body was covered in sweat and she felt just seconds away from passing out where she stood.

"You are an ungrateful brat. I am doing my absolute best to ensure that you are not a fool. I am making sure you are actually presentable for your mate. Do you think he wanted a feral mess?"

"No Mistress," Maddy replied softly.

Degrading words had been thrown at her all day during her practice. Her practice to be a perfect little queen. More like a perfect little dog. She had been called feral, filthy, uncouth, disgusting and much more. It did not take long for the words to actually hurt.

She had always used the word 'street rat' to define herself. It was how the free yet anguished like herself in the streets defined themselves. It felt better than homeless strays. It was also far better than feral mess.

Her feet stumbled again. Her footing was becoming bad and her balance was absolutely non existent. She needed Xavier. She needed to be near him. She did not know if separation sickness was normal.

"Its a simple curtsey! Are you that stupid!" Ivera fumed, slapping the girl, sending her falling to the floor.

"I-I'm sorry mistress," Maddy stuttered.

Her pathetic fear filled voice seemed to appease the monster slightly. She might not have gotten her pet's posture right but the girl cowered, terrified. She was helpless and afraid. She was quickly being molded into exactly what the vampire wanted, a girl who would be too terrified to defy her in the slightest.

"Sorry? You are supposed to be a queen Madeline. A queen is not a clumsy wreck like you. Imagine how disappointed Xavier is in you? He has a queen who will humiliate him and drag his name down in flames. Do you think he wants that?"

Maddy shook her head.

She felt really upset. Had Xavier sent her to Ivera? Had he been so upset with her conduct that he had to hand her over to a monster?

Her heart twisted with pain at such a thought. No he would not do that right?

A question burned in her head. Did he not feel physical pain and sickness when they were very far apart? Was that pain exclusively for her?

Maybe he did not feel the sickness and thought she would be fine if he sent her away. He would not willingly inflict such pain on her would he? Maybe he did not know the true nature of the monster.

"Again!" Ivera yelled.

Maddy got to her feet. The high heels were really uncomfortable and she struggled to walk in them. She really hated them. Her exhaustion and oncoming mate sickness was not helping much with anything.

Ivera was getting frustrated. It was obvious. That scared Maddy even more. She knew Ivera got violent when frustrated. She was already starting to get violent.

She did not care for Maddy. Maddy was just her means for grasping power. Maddy felt that to her core. She was shaking. Her body could not take much more. She was starving and just wanted a sip of water. She had been dancing and curtseying all day with no rest.

The dances all were relatively calm and simple. Ivera was just a perfectionist or a sadist or both. She was a sadistic perfectionist.

Maddy hated being around her. She was always pushed off the edge, past what she could handle. She could not ensure her weird mate sickness or even dancing for so long. She was not some endless thing. She had limited energy which was very well expired.

"Straight back!" Ivera yelled.

Maddy cried as the tip of a whip thrummed against her back.

Every mistake got a lashing. A painful lashing.

The ballroom floor had small drops of blood everywhere, dripping from the human girl's skin.

"Torture seems to be the only way you learn things isn't that right Madeline. You need pain to force things into you. You're just too stubborn and useless otherwise," the vampire laughed.

"Please stop! Please!" Maddy yelled.

"What did I tell you about raising your voice!"

Maddy screamed as the whip lashed her again.

"You know maybe I should bring your mate here as punishment. You won't be able to see him though. You'll be chained, feeling him nearby and being unable to do anything. Imagine the torture."


"He misses you so much little pet. He believes you ran away. He blames himself so much. It's so hard to look at," Ivera sighed.

"If it's so hard to look at then you should just return me to him!" Maddy snapped.

Maddy froze as she saw Ivera's icy glare. She had broken her submission and at the worst time.

The human girl took a shaking step back.

"I-I'm sorry mistress. I—" Maddy stuttered, filled to the brim with fear.

"You insolent brat!"

A loud scream left Maddy as the whip begin to violently attack her.

Her skin burnt with pain. Her body rippled with the sensation of pure agony.

Her legs broke beneath her, too sore and tired to be used.

Even as she lay on the floor the whip was still going at her. Her pain filled screams seemed to only encourage the monster. The monster who thrived off her pain and suffering.

Her consciousness began to slowly slip in and out as the blood loss got worse.

She didn't register her body being dragged off back to the cell she had started in.

She limply bounced on the stone floor as she was thrown back in.

Maddy weakly opened her eyes just as she saw Ivera coming at her fangs beared.

"Such sweet blood. Did you know that humans who are supernatural mates have the sweetest blood. It's something that we cannot explain just like how you start getting sick and weaker when you are too far from your mate. It's so pitiful."

"If you know that I am suffering... then why? Why do you torture me? Why can you not just let me stay with him?" Maddy asked, her voice weak and pained as she spoke.

"Quiet now little Madeline. Mistress is thirsty."

Maddy could not fight as her body was taken up in the vampire's arms.

Her eyes squeezed closed in anticipation.

A scream left her lips as fangs pierced her neck.


I am making progress again. I finally managed to finish a chapter I was stuck on so if I manage to write even more updates might become a little more frequent.

Thanks for all your support. It has been incredible.

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