The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 45

Footsteps echoed along the halls. A woman froze smelling a familiar scent. One etched with blood. The scent was strong and it made her fear the worst.

She started running along the halls. Her heart was racing. She was terrified. She feared the outcome. She feared that she had been too late.

She shoved past the guards who let her through with no question. Her footsteps pattered on the steps as she rushed down. The scent got stronger. It was no doubt coming from these dungeons.

She looked around her, desperate. Cages hung from the ceilings. The hanging cages had humans. Humans in little if any clothes. She assumed they were all slaves being punished or blood slaves.

She ventured further in. The cages became cells. Proper cells for housing prisoners and she found an open cell with the very scent she was tracking and she stopped. She stared.

Never in her life had she been more disgusted by any act. A vampire's fangs were plugged into the skin of a girl. A helpless beaten girl. A girl who was her queen.

"Ivera what have you done!" Her voice rang through the cell, filled with emotion, particularly with anger.

Ivera lifted her head and sighed. "I could try explain my actions but I doubt I'll get through to you little princess."

She released her hold on the human and let her drop to the floor. Lily watched the little creature lie helpless. Unmoving. Her eyes staring blankly. Emotionlessly.

"Maddy!" Lily screamed rushing forward to the girl. Her arms scooped up the young queen.

"You cannot possibly have any sort of endearance for this pathetic thing—"

"How could you Ivera! You betrayed us! You betrayed not only me but Xavier and your family as well! We trusted you!" Lily screamed.

She felt Maddy flinch in her arms. Shouting appeared to startle her. Lily tried to calm herself down for Maddy's sake but she could not. She had never felt so absolutely furious in her life.

She needed some sort of outlet. Something to calm herself. The only thing that came to her mind was the vampire's blood and her head being taken clean off her shoulders. That was not her right though. Ivera was still distantly royal. No killing her without a trial. A small voice flickered in Lily's head. No trial was honestly needed. She had hurt the queen and had broken her. She needed death.

"Does your cousin know you are here princess? I am sure he must be worried about you. After all you are basically his little sister. I remember how hard it was for you to become a guard," Ivera said getting up to her feet and dusting off her dress.

"Do I need to tell him everything?"

"I was just curious. Considering you came here with no reinforcements at all."

"I came to your residence to ask you about the search. I had no need for reinforcements. I see now that everything you are is fake though. You'll be lucky if your death is quick but I can't say it will be. I cannot believe I trusted you and you repay us with treason," Lily seethed.

"What you call treason, I prefer calling conditioning. After all I am merely conditioning my slave into being an appropriate queen. I am sure none of you would mind the final results. Madeline does not belong with royalty. This is the only way that she can ever be suitable—"

"She is perfect as she is! Your conditioning is pure torture and Maddy is not a slave. She is your queen. You should be bowing to her and respecting her. You are below her after all," Lily growled.

"Little Madeline was born into servitude to me. She was my pet before she ran away to those rodent and disease infested streets and slums. She belongs to me. Feel free to fight for her though."

"Then that's what I'll do," Lily growled.

" please.." a shaking voice whispered. Lily saw Maddy's lips moving as she spoke.

"Aww don't get little pet you'll soon have a cell mate. I wouldn't kill my sister in law," Ivera laughed.

"Well I would kill you!" Lily refuted gently lying thr human on the floor and getting to her feet.

Ivera instantly ran at Lily. The vampire forced the wolf to the ground. Her claw like nails sunk into Lily's skin before her bloody fangs bit into Lily's neck.

Maddy could only watch silently in horror at the sight before her.

Lily's eyes flashed red. She flipped Ivera over, pinning the vampire beneath her and pulled away from the vampire. Blood dripped from the bite.

"I forgot how disgusting lycans taste," Ivera said spitting out some of Lily's blood.

"That's a shame. Maybe that'll teach you not to bite everything you see!"

Maddy wanted to scream. She wanted to beg and plead. She wanted the fighting to stop. She couldn't bear to see it anymore.

Lily growled as she began to shift. Her body rearranged itself as her clothes disappeared and fur grew from her and she turned into a wolf.

Maddy stared at the growing form of Lily. She started as a normal sized wolf and began to grow. Her claws became sharper just like her teeth. That's what was the real difference between werewolves and lycans. Lycans could take on a giant wolf form, one more monstrous.

She towered over them all. Her head touched the ceiling. Maddy curled up, trying to avoid getting stepped on and turned into a little human pancake. She had never seen such a big wolf in all her life. Xavier had only shown her his normal wolf, the one even werewolves had. To see such a big and terrifying wolf was something new.

"You should get on with it little princess. The venom from my bite will soon set in," Ivera laughed.

Maddy's eyes widened with fear. Vampires could poison people with their bites!? That sounded bad. She did not want Lily to suffer like she had.

"Lily... please... leave. You.. don't need to do this," Maddy whispered. Her heart was breaking.

"Quiet Madeline! It's too late for her to retreat. She's already seen too much," Ivera yelled.

Lily slashed the vampire with her paw, sending Ivera flying. The woman slammed against a wall.

Lily howled, a strong breath of wind going at Ivera who cried out in pain.

Ivera suddenly raced forward towards Lily who stomped on her with the giant paw.

Ivera was pinned down to the ground, claws pinning her down. Her expensive dress was ripped. It made Maddy happy to see her tormentor in such a position. It was the position she was in, helpless.

Suddenly Lily collapsed. Her hulking form hit the ground, breaking it. It felt like an earthquake, sending Maddy flying a small distance away.

In the centre of the imprint of Lily's wolf in the ground was the lycan in her human form.


Quick question:
If Lily were to have a mate what are your assumptions about how he would be?

(I do have already a character in my mind for Lily's mate. However if I decide to go with it is still undecided. She would likely meet her mate in a sequel if I do go ahead with it.)

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