The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 46

Lily awoke to find the queen lying curled up at her side. She looked over the girl. She saw very few injuries remaining. She was able to tell that Ivera had healed Maddy.

She felt betrayed and angry. She was fueled with rage. How could anyone do such things. Maddy could have died from the injuries she had before their fight. Did she think it was okay to just abuse the girl then fix her over and over again.


She girl practically jumped up, startled.

"Mistr— oh Lily," Maddy squeaked.

She let out a soft sigh of relief seeing her mate's cousin as opposed to Ivera or one of Ivera's servants. They were not so nice. They made her feel scared and uncomfortable. Those were feelings she did not want to experience.

The anxious moments in the presence of a monster always left her hurt and helpless. She had little left other than a distant hope that Xavier would come get her.

Time was not linear. Time was off. What had been mere weeks had the effect of months on her. It felt like months. She believed it had been months. Everything had become horribly distorted in her mind.

Memories of her love we flipped and altered with Ivera's words as she was gradually molded to a girl of Ivera's perfect standards.

"Maddy are you there?" Lily asked her dazed out friend, concerned.

"X-Xavier. D-does he miss me?" Maddy asked softly, tears swelling in her eyes as his name left her lips.

"Of course he does. He only thinks of you," Lily said.

"R-really?... Why?... Doesn't he have work to do?"

"Maddy what is going on with you? Why are you acting so strange.... what has she done to you!"

"She said he prefers submissive girls. I-I'm learning to curtsey and dance and everything. A-as soon as I'm done she'll return me to him and we can all be happy again. He's very busy with work too. Lots of work and I am causing too much trouble. I'm not good enough—" Maddy said.

Her voice was fragile. She seemed to be on the verge of breaking out in tears.

Lily grabbed her friend and held her.

"Do you honestly believe that?" Lily asked softly.

Maddy lowered her head softly, nodding.

"This is not right! You're perfect understand Maddy. You don't have to listen to her. He loves you exactly as you are," Lily said.

"But this is better. I won't be a humiliation to him and I know he will prefer it—"

"Trust me. He won't Maddy. He wants you just as you are. That's what love is and he loves you. He wants you."

"I miss him... a lot. This is the only way I'll ever see him again and as a bonus I will be perfect for him. Exactly as a human should be," Maddy said pulling away with a weak smile.

"What kind of nonsense is that! Maddy stop letting her fill your head with these lies. You are perfect just the way you are. He loves you that way!" Lily yelled.

"Its self improvement. I need it! I hate it but I know it is for the best. It physically hurts me to be apart from him. I feel exhausted and my heart is burning. I don't know how much longer I will be able to survive without him. It feels as if I am dying Lily—"

"Maddy if you tell Ivera that then maybe—"

"I can't. You don't know what she's like. Talking without permission is grounds for a beating Lily. I can't handle anymore. I just want to get back to Xavier. I might just be over exaggerating. Maybe it's just the pain that makes me feel as if I am dying. There is no way being away from him could actually kill me," Maddy said twiddling her thumbs.

"I don't know. Humans are kinda iffy. I have never seen a human mate be separated from their mate for so long. Usually they are just kept close at all times as pets so..." Lily said.

"Y-you don't actually think I am dying do you?" Maddy squeaked.

"Maddy calm down!" Lily exclaimed noticing the panic attack about to occur.

"Lily I could be dying! I don't want to die—"

"Ivera would have done her research..." Lily frowned.

"Ivera is the last person you should trust for anything!" Maddy said.

"Well right now we just need to get you out of here. Understand?"

"And you?"

"I can handle myself. You... you could be dying. I'd rather have you safe."

"Lily it is hopeless to even try. She has people loyal to her everywhere. I'm going to get caught, sent back here and then it will all restart from ground zero. I can't do that."

"Then you want to die?!"

"Of course not. I just am afraid of putting myself at a higher risk than I am already at. If I escape do you know what kind of torture she will put me through? I have not even tried escaping and my torture is already unbearable," Maddy said.

"Its going to be fine. We will get you out of here."

"You are lucky to still have hope. She will crush it. She'll make you feel weak, helpless and pathetic. She will break you until there is nothing left and then she will toy with you. She will talk about him and bring him up just to make me miserable," Maddy sobbed.

"I'm going to protect you," Lily promised.

"I wish that was possible," Maddy sighed.

"Look I'll get you to Xavier. That's a promise. Then we will make that thing pay," Lily promised.

Maddy shook her head softly. She didn't believe it at all.

"You got to agree Mads," Lily said taking the queen's hand and linking their pinky fingers.

"What are you doing?" Maddy asked confused by the strange gesture.

"Its called a pinky promise. Most absolute promise there is," Lily smiled.


Okay that was like the sweetest scene I ever wrote.

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