The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 47

Lily was forced to watch from chains as the young queen was given her lessons. Brutal lessons, enforced with violence like no other. The poor girl was bleeding all over and still had to set a table and serve tea to non-existent guests. All whilst balancing a book on her head.

Lily hated the scene in front of her. She was forced to come everywhere though. Ivera was terrified that she would escape. One word to Xavier was all it would take for her to fall. Lily knew that very well. If only she could get to Xavier.

"That's a good pet."

Lily held in her urge to vomit seeing the way her queen was demeaned. She was enraged seeing how harsh Ivera was on her. She expected her to maintain posture whilst trying not to collapse in pain. Any stumbles got more whippings.

Ivera was not training a queen, she was breaking in a slave whilst playing sick and twisted games. Lily could tell that. Ivera was telling the girl lies to make her willing to comply and work harder.

"Don't you love how obedient she is, Lily?" Ivera asked.

"I think you are sick and demented. By the way you were screaming at her 5 minutes ago and whipping her for insolence because she was about to drop down from exhaustion after hours of working," Lily spat at the vampire.

"Perfection is not achieved without hard work princess. Compare this refined Madeline to the filthy thing from the streets. She has been greatly improved."

"I'd say broken," Lily growled.

"No growling. I wouldn't want you influencing Madeline."

"I don't care! You are the most twisted woman I have ever met. You kidnapped your own queen and have been beating her and overworking her just because you enjoy seeing those with any sort of authority above you squashed beneath you!"Lily shouted, her nails turning to claws.

Lily screamed in pain as her chains burnt her skin the moment she tried to shift. They kept burning until the slight change was gone.

"Lily!" Maddy exclaimed horrified.

She stumbled up the steps to her friend.

"Get back here Madeline!" Ivera shouted at the girl.

"But Lily is hurt—"

"I don't care. I thought one of the rules I gave you was not to get distracted! Do you think you will be allowed to run around rooms when a meeting or dinner is in session?" The vampire snapped.

"No mistress," she sighed in response.


Lily tugged on the chains as she watched Ivera take out the whip again.

"Put down the whip Ivera! You'll kill her!" Lily yelled.

She knew Maddy could die easily. Ivera was preparing to give her a lot more lashes. There was only so much Ivera could heal of Maddy. If it got severe, Maddy could die. She was already getting weaker.

Lily had never felt so terrified in her life. Seeing the girl about to be whipped made her feel so angry and so desperate to help. The chains that held her back made her feel helpless. Knowing she could not help at all scared her and tortured her.

"I would not kill my pet," Ivera said.

The strike of the whip against Maddy's skin said otherwise.

"Get off the floor!" Ivera ordered as Maddy collapsed onto her knees.

Maddy felt horrible. She felt so sick and nauseous. Her bones were shaking. She didn't know what was happening.

"Maddy! Ivera don't please! She cannot take much more!" Lily pleaded as Ivera raised the whip again.

Maddy felt her heart beginning to sting in her chest.

Lily began shifting. She screamed in pain as the chains burnt at her skin, leaving brands in their wake. She was desperate. She had to make sure Maddy survived.

"S-stop Lily," Maddy coughed.

Maddy winced as the chains shattered. The loud sound had surprised her. Ivera too apparently as the vampire stared at the broken chains, terrified.

Ivera had played dirty the last time. She had poisoned Lily but this time she had no other kind of upper hand. Lily could fight off the other poison in the chains for a while.

Lily pounced at Ivera.

Maddy watched as the giant wolf attacked the vampire. Lily had absolutely no concept of mercy anymore.

Maddy swallowed hard as she watched Ivera being absolutely demolished by the vicious princess. Claw marks were littered over her body that dripped with red. Her bones had been broken and she seemed ready to tear the vampire limb from limb.

"Lily isnt that enough? We should leave whilst we can," Maddy whispered.

Lily glared at the body of Ivera. She wanted to drag her along in chains but they were running out of time. She needed to get Maddy back as soon as possible.

She slowly shrank to the size of a normal wolf and slipped herself under the girl. She felt Maddy's hands slowly curl around her fur.

She wished she could talk as a wolf. Maddy just had to assume what was happening.

Lily started running. Her paws thudded against the ground as she raced out of the library, the horribly boody library.

She forced herself to move faster through the halls, desperate to get to the exit without getting stopped and caught.

She could feel Maddy's hands tightening as there were shouts around them. They were being pursued.

Lily sprinted out the doors and kept running. Failure was definitely not an option. Not for Maddy at least. Failure could end her life. Only a little bit longer and she could die.

Panic flashed through her as Maddy began whimpering. She could feel her shivering. Maddy was dressed rather warm considering it was winter but she was hardly immune to the cold and the snow.

"Lily we should stop.. to rest. It's getting late you must be tired," Maddy's soft voice whispered to her after what had to be at least three hours worth of running.

Maddy knew her friend was exhausted. The chains she broke had hurt her badly and she had been running as fast as she could for a while.

Lily ignored Maddy's worries. She was nearly at the castle. Once they were there everything would be fine.

Lily started howling as just as she had expected, the castle came into view.

Maddy lifted her head to see it. She was nearly home.

Suddenly she started having another burst of pain in her chest. She began violently coughing again. She felt extremely hot.

She wanted to strip all her clothes off. Her body would not move though. It felt almost paralyzed.

She kept quiet. She did not want to worry Lilly any further than she already had.

She saw the gates coming into view. They were beautiful, caked in soft fresh snow.

There were guards running out.

They felt relieved. They did not need to push anymore. They were home.

Lily gave out at the gates. Her body collapsed, exhausted, black lines running along her wrists from the poison. Her body shifted back to human form.

The two could finally rest, knowing they were safe, the both of them lying passed out in a heap on the snow.


So I dont know how honest I was when I said things would be getting better.... I mean they are home.

Thanks for all your support.

Quick question:

If you were a superhero/villain (because villains are cool too) what would your name be?

We were asked this question in a lecture today and I looked at my notebook which had sparkles and stupidly chose the name Glitterbomb so please be creative with your name.

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