The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 49

The court room was bustling. Everyone wanted to speak to the king and get matters done.

The young queen watched tiredly from her throne. Her body was aching and she felt exhausted. She refused to let him know. If he knew she was tired and hurting, he would being fussing over her again. There was nothing his fussing could do for her.

The drop was still in her hand, sending pain meds constantly into her, she couldn't do much more.

If she told him he would start fussing over her again when honestly there was nothing more he could do for her. The side effects of the medicine was probably the reason she was exhausted.

She had to keep quiet if he was going to be productive. A single word and he would be dragging her back to the room and increase his doting. She oddly enjoyed the care and pampering she got but he still had a job. He was neglecting the job.

Xavier could do nothing without her though. He was afraid to let her leave his side. She knew he would only work with her around, or else he would be paranoid that she would be taken.

He refused to leave her though so she had decided to come to the throne room herself, despite his objections.

She quietly curled up on the throne. She melted into the soft plush cushioning. It felt so warm and inviting. After a few nights on the floor of a stone cell, any place was an amazing sleeping spot. Even the ground of the alleys she had once slept in was not as hard as that floor.

He whispered to her, "Do you want to go to bed?"

There it was his urge to smother her with love and care. It was something she finally appreciated. The feeling of being loved and cared for, and not being abused.

She resisted any urge to give in. She replied, "No I'm fine. This throne is just really really comfy."

He seemed doubtful. "I'm sure the bed is comfie—"

"I really find this spot comfy," she pouted. She hoped to wear his resolve thin and make him give up on asking.

He let out a sigh and she smiled. She had won. He silently admitted defeat to his mate, allowing her to stay curled up on her throne.

She really liked her throne. She didn't even have to dress up for once. He had given her permission to be in her night clothes. Probably because he expected to take her back to bed sooner than she would allow. Regardless it was an exception that she would make the most of.

She felt his hand softly playing with the end of her hair as he spoke. She didn't point it out to him. She liked it. He was touching her because he felt insecure and terrified of being without her. It was obvious.

It was not like she didnt experience anything similar. Constant nightmares and an urge to stay right by him.

"Do you want some food?" He whispered in her ear.

"Not really. You can get some if you like though," she said.

Xavier frowned watching her. Why was she being so odd? She was so oddly quiet and calm. She seemed to want to focus on him. She was the one who had nearly died. Did she care about that? No!

He missed her defiance. She was really cute being quieter and more receptive to him but he missed his other Maddy. Where was the energetic spirit filled royal disaster? The girl he could sit and watch movies with and makes jokes with.

He refused to ask her what had happened to her and he was not going to ask the prisoner either. He wanted to hear everything from Maddy herself but at the same time he did not want to push Maddy and make her remember any of the horrendous things that may have happened to her.

He admired her as she lay against the armrest. She was so strong, so brave.

He watched people watch her with interest. She was their queen after all. She had made very few public appearances with him. There was the ball, the incident at the Arena and her coronation. Very few people had seen her, even fewer up close.

They seemed to appreciate her. She had come, even injured.

She did not pay attention to them at all. It was hard to think of them when his gentle touch coaxed her into a state of bliss. She loved his care, especially after being stripped of it. The time she spent in that place felt more than just a few weeks. It felt like months. Time was a difficult concept in there when Ivera would come whenever she wanted.

She hated that woman. She wanted to destroy her. Her fists started clenching at the thought. What she wouldn't do to the monster.

She was terrified of the woman. The thought of her made her enraged but also made her timid and scared. She could remember all the beatings. The hot searing pain of the woman's favourite whip lashing against the sore and tender skin on her back.

"Its all going to be fine Maddy. No one can hurt you now," he whispered to her, stroking her.

He shook his head. She needed some time to be cared for now. She had spent quite a while beside him. Obviously he had let her stay a bit too long.

She was brave and strong willed even then. She ignored her limits. She was tired and starting to get some flashbacks. He needed to take her to the room where they could be alone and he could give her some one on one attention and help.

He dismissed his subjects and closed off her drip, just for whilst he carried her.

He gently picked her up in his arms.

"Don't stop Xavier. I can stay longer," she insisted.

"You were flinching again. That means you were thinking of her and it makes you feel scared and hurt. So when you are vulnerable you need to be cared for," he said.

She didn't understand what he was saying. She was vulnerable with Ivera. Why was she not cared for there? Did Xavier only coddle her because maybe he thought she was incapable of fulfilling her role as a queen? Ivera had taught her. He didn't have to worry and coddle her.

She felt her bottom touch the bed. How long had she been distracted by herself and her thoughts. She saw him walk away and her eyes followed him. The doctor was in the room by Lily. It was not the schedule time.

Her heart started to race, panic flooded her. Was Lily getting worse? Xavier had promised that Lily would wake up. She was not certain herself but she trusted him.

Her mate approached her. He was smiling. Her heart raced.

"Lily was moving a little whilst we were out. He thinks she might wake up soon," he said.


Thank you all for your patience. I know I prefer it when authors have regular updates, even better when they are set for specific days. I just cannot currently do that. During the holidays and lockdown, updates were easier but now I have more work and I am trying to adapt.
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