The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 5

"So why are you letting me do this anyway? You are going to find me anyway are you not?" Maddy asked as she stood before the massive forest that she was going to be going through.

"See this is actually a sort of tradition. If you get away then I let you free. If you don't well nothing really changes."

"You might let me free but we both know I won't get away," she said with a roll of her eyes at the obvious.

"I will chase you no further than the forest. That's part of the hunt's rules," he said.

"The hunt? So this was all for sport."

"No it is not. Just promise me that you'll give me your name at the very least if I capture you."

"What is it with the name thing? You are so adamant that I give you my name."

"Names are important. It gives you an actual identity and a personal element to it. It allows me to call you something. It gives me something to attach myself to."

"Well I guess I should go. Goodbye your highness," Maddy said before running into the snowy forest.

The lycan smirked as he watched his mate disappear into the forest. A part of him doubted he would even need to chase her at the end of the night. They had a bond and she had been claimed, she had yet to realise it but she was tied to him. There was no escaping.

Maddy ran through the forest as fast as she could. She had a great sense of direction in the city, she had during her eighteen years created a near perfect mental map of the alleys and even one or two abandoned underground tunnels.

The forest was however the furthest thing from a city. There was nothing defining about anything. The same trees and dead ends over and over again. The trees all looked the same and it made her feel annoyed. She wanted to punch or kick something.

She restrained herself though. She had no time to waste on petty annoyances. Darkness was falling and she knew how dangerous that would be. In such a forest where she had no idea what waited for her around each turn she made in the darkness, death would be easy. A simple fall could have have left her dead and she knew it. A girl like her knew it was no childish thing to fear the dark.

She however proceeded to venture into the forest until it was entirely dark and her heart had begun to throb. It pained and twisted about in her chest. The pain came with an inexplicable pull. Like a string. The moment she took a step in the opposite direction the pain got better.

She was sure it lead to the lycan and as stupid as it was she prepared herself to return, turning around to head back. In the dark she could not escape the forest. With him she would be alive and maybe the pain in her heart may have ceased.

Without much more thinking she ran back in that direction. She had no wish to waste her time in the forest if she had chosen to return. He had promised he would not force her into anything at the start, anything but kissing it seemed, and she would have to hope he kept his word.

The sound of a nearby branch cracking made her stop in her tracks. The sound of a swarm of movement. Red eyes surrounded her peeking from the darkness. It was the most terrifying thing she had ever gazed upon and she lived in a world run by supernatural who practiced slavery and performed brutal acts on her kind.

She stumbled back into a body. The feeling of cold skin shocked her. She moved away quick, making a sharp turn and backing away. She crashed into another. The ran forward hoping to knock a body over. It was too strong. She eventually stopped running blindly into bodies and stood in the centre of it all. She spun around and around cautiously, afraid to leave her backside vulnerable. She was scared, fear was overtaking her as she took in the pairs of crimson glowing orbs

They were not like the lycan's beast side. These glowed red. His were always either blue or onyx ones that conveyed a more animalistic kind of lust and possessiveness in them as opposed to the color of glowing blood. Blood had a mix of brown in it, she was very well aware from her life's experienced. However the crimson glowing red was something that she believed blood would have been the colour of glowing blood, if it could have glowed.

She ducked down to the ground as the eyes got close. She sat on her haunches, the tips of her toes only touching the snowed ground. She regretted it. She soon lost her balance and tipped forward. Her knees dug into the snow. The only thing between the snow and her skin was her new dress. Her bare hands had dug into the icy snow and she wanted to cry as the snow bit at her skin. She wanted to but was used to the feeling of cold pain and resisted it. Letting them get the better of her was not an option.

"Look at what we found today. The most important human to ever live."

Maddy knew to hold her tongue. She felt the fear and vulnerability that she had felt in the car with the lycan King except now it was tenfold. Something deep deep inside her had known he would never have laid a finger on her. She had never been in danger with him. That was why her mouthing off at him had not made him lash out at her.

In her current situation, she however knew that being snarky, sarcastic and all around defiant would have gotten her killed. She was not about to let her life's struggles end at the hands of some red eyed vampires.

"Check her neck, make sure this is the right human," the one she assumed by default in the dark was the ringleader of the bunch ordered.

Her body was forced to sit with an upright back. A hand gripped her chin. A hand gripped the back of her neck. She squirmed as her head was forcibly tilted to reveal the smooth skin of her neck. Fingers brushed over the bite she had somehow forgotten about.

"Sir this is the one. She bears his claim."

"Well then let's feast on the queen. After all she is a meal fit for a King and her death will cause one King to likely become very very sad."

Maddy squirmed trying to get free.

A scream left her throat as jaws clamped on her shoulder.

"Let me go!"

"That may work with your little puppy king but not us."

Another scream left her throat as jaws clamped down on her wrist.

Another on her other wrist.

And yet another on her free shoulder.

She cried in pain as her blood ran down her body and tainted the soft, pure snow.

The vampires fed on her as if she was a feast, licking the sweet tangy blood from her veins as she screamed and sobbed in their grasp.

The cared none for her pain or her cries. They did not care for her at all.

The girl's heart began another series of violent attacking. It felt as if it was attacking her chest. It hurt so badly. It burnt her.

Tears streamed from her eyes in rivers that fell to the fresh icy snow whilst her eyelids fluttered.

She refused to let them close. She refused but there was a chance that her fighting would have been in vain. One vampire was dangerous enough but four, that was a guaranteed death sentence.

Had the lycan sent her into the forest to have her killed.

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