The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 50

A soft orange glow caught his sight as he awoke. He tapped around the bed tiredly, searching for someone, noticing the unwelcome absence in the bed.

He sat up, looking at the glow and saw the hunched over silhouette illuminated by a weak bed side lamp.

He let out a soft sigh, "Maddy."

She spun her head, her attention grasped. "Go back to sleep Xavy," she muttered.

"First come back to the bed. I need you," he yawned.

"I'll come back later. Get some sleep for now. You need it," she said, a soft ghost of a smile on her lips.

"No you do too. I'll come carry you. You know you are not supposed to walk without supervision. You are still recovering. Anymore injuries at this time could set back your recovery."

"Just let me stay here. I want to watch her," she protested quietly.

"Lily is not going to go anywhere," he said shaking his head as he slipped the duvet off himself and got up.

"I need to stay here."

He glanced at her eyes. They were watering. She was persistent and determined. He adored it but could not allow it.

Maddy needed her rest in order to recover. Stressing was not going to help her. She needed sleep.

Her legs were curled up in the chair, the chair that was too big for her human body. It amused him to see her on furniture not made for someone of her human size. He had never seen her feet touch the floor from a chair.

Funny little quirks were not his focus though. It was her health.

"I will not."

"Why not Maddy?"

"I need to be here when she wakes up!"

"Do you think she will wake up when you are asleep silly little mate?"

"She could—"

"And if you dont sleep now you'll fall asleep during the day anyway."

"Well then come to bed for me. I need you to be able to sleep," he said.

"You can sleep without me, can't you?" She asked.

He frowned.

"You really are mean tonight. You know I cannot sleep without my precious teddy cuddled up in my arms."

She pouted. "Do not call me a teddy I am a—"

"Tired little mate who needs her sleep? Hm I agree," he said picking her up in his arms.

"Eeek! No put me down. You're going to drop me," she exclaimed as he picked her up.

"I have never dropped you Maddy. Now come it's off to bed with you," he said, securing her against him and walking her to the bed.

She yawned as he put her on the bed.

"Look at how tired you are."

"I am not tired," she protested.

"Well I am and I think you are too."

"I am wide awake."

"For now," he laughed.

"Are you sure i cannot sit next to her?"

"Maddy why do you want to sit there so badly?" He asked, lying down on the bed.

"Because I don't want her to worry when she wakes up. I want to tell her how grateful I am as the first thing she hears. She risked her life for me. She knew how dangerous the stuff was and still went through with it. I might not have been here without her. I might have been locked up still or dead," Maddy sobbed.

"You will get to tell her your feelings, I promise. Who knows, maybe she can hear you right now whilst asleep," he said pulling her down to lie down.

He smiled feeling her curl up against him. Despite being mildly upset with her for neglecting her own health and sleep he was happy to see her beginning to relax around him again. She was not just doing whatever he suggested that she do as she had been doing at times.

He knew he would never truly understand how she was impacted by Ivera but he was glad she was making progress. Mentally and physically. Slowly but the progress was there and he was proud of her.

He wanted to punish Ivera. He wanted to make her pay but he really wanted Lily and Maddy to get their shot at her first. They were hurt the most by her, he wanted them to dictate what would happen before her eventual execution.

His mind was always either focused on Maddy or Ivera. The rage he felt refused to calm down. He wanted to hurt her, interrogate her but he really wanted then to get the first go at her.

There was no way she would be leaving alive. She had infringed on multiple laws all that had the penalty of the death sentence.

"Your eyes are not closed."

"And?" He questioned.

"That means you are not asleep. If I must sleep then you must too. That's how it works," Maddy declared.

"I am not injured."

"You have work though and you have to carry me around during the day. I need you to be well rested."

"Demanding aren't you, my queen."

Maddy felt herself panic internally. Demanding, she was being demanding. He did not like that. Right.

Her hands clenched. She had been defying him. It had been playful right? He had known it was playful right?

Panic grew in her chest.

It was as if his words had turned a switch in her mind.

He did not appear angry with her but he was too tolerant. She was a queen she had to woman up, take up responsibilities and be what she was required to be, a good submissive mate.

"Maddy! Maddy!"

Xavier witnessed the playful demeanor of his mate shift in an instant. Her body had gone absolutely tense. Her hands were shaking. Her eyes stared forward. Her breaths were rapid.

He felt terrified. What was happening?

He grabbed her and held her against him.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," the meek voice whispered from his arms. "I did not mean to disobey you earlier."

He his heart felt as if it had plummeted down in a big drop.

Her normally loose and relaxed way of sitting had shifted with her voice. She looked far more timid, almost trying to hide into herself.

"Sweetie it's just me. Relax. I dont know what you are apologising for—"

"I disrespected you— oh no. I didn't mean to interrupt."

"You can interrupt me. It's fine," he said lowering his volume when speaking to her.

She seemed far more skittish, unstable. If he tried to be direct he could frighten her. She was upset. That was never good.

"I am wrong. Please do not make excuses for me. I'll correct my behaviour. It won't happen again. I'll just go to sleep."

"No Maddy. No sleeping. Not until you are back to normal. If I said something that maybe scared you, I didnt mean it. I dont want to be punished like this," he pleaded.

"I did not behave correctly. It is my fault—"

"Behave correctly! Maddy you dont care about acting correctly or that lady-like nonsense. You are you and I love it."

"So I did nothing wrong?"

"Exactly. I dont want you feeling afraid of me. You can be yourself with me Maddy. You know that."

"Yes Xavier," she said.


Thank you for all your love, support and waiting. I appreciate it so much. All your comments have meant the world to me.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

I should not promote violence but feel free to speculate on who should kill Ivera.

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