The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 51

It was early morning when Xavier awoke to the sound of kicking and thrashing.

He jolted up, immediately awake, and leaned over to check on his mate, turning her over to help her. She lay still though. She was sleeping rather peacefully.

He quietly slipped out of the bed. He found her instinctively grabbing onto his wrist and tugging him closer in her sleep. He was surprised by her strong determined sleep tugging.

He grabbed his pillow and put it in her arms. She seemed satisfied by the replacement, turning her back to him and hugging the pillow with her body.

He slowly approached the other bed. He felt a hint of fear mixed with hope. Either she was having a seizure or she was awake.

He found Lily struggling against the duvet. Fighting and kicking it with her legs.

He rushed towards her, terrified. Her bed was moving about with her movements, the machinery hooked up to her as well.

He put his hands on her arms and held them down.

"Lily calm down. It's just me," he said calmly.

She glanced at him, blinking a few times. Her gaze was sceptical, looking him up and down, as if believing he was an illusion. She stopped fighting when she felt assured it was her cousing.

"Where is she?" The royal guard demanded.

"Maddy is safe—"

"Ivera! Where is Ivera! I need to kill her!" Lily growled shoving her cousin away and throwing her duvet off.

"Dont make a noise, you have no idea how hard it was to get Maddy to go to sleep."

"She can wake up for all I care. I'll take her with to go kill the ugly bat," Lily decided, getting to her feet.

"Lily just wait a bit. Its... 4 in the morning," he said checking the clock.

"Like I care. Maddy wouldn't either—"

"Wait where is Maddy? How is she?" Lily suddenly switched her focus, remembering the state of the girl when she last saw her.

"She is right over there on that bed. Now you go back to sleep. You are still injured."

"Your think sleep is more important that beating up that hag!"

"Well there is lots fo time to do that—"

"Oh no I plan to give her a piece of my mind," Lily said, yanking the drip out her wrist before doing the same with other pipes attacked to her.

"Lily dont do that that has your meds—"

"How long have you been nursing Maddy back to health because you have forgotten I am a lycan. I can take a tablet if the pain gets too much," she scoffed walking towards the other bed in the room.

"Come Maddy, we are going to go beat up Ivera," she said sitting herself down on the bed beside the queen.

"Mhmmm leave me alone Xavie. I want to sleep," Maddy murmured, her eyes closed as she grabbed a pillow and hugged it to her chest, rolling over.

"Lily you can do whatever you want at a more... appropriate time. Look how peaceful Mads is right now, fast asleep. Please let her sleep out has been a nightmare getting her to fall asleep and stay asleep."

"Sleep is great."

"Exactly," he said, relieved.

"But she needs to beat up the bloodsucker just as much as I do. Ivera is a monster!"

"Yes I agree but—"

"Maddy didn't tell you all the horrible things Ivera did to her did she! I dont think I would be able to handle what she went through day after day! Why didnt you come sooner moron! She needed you and you just trusted the abuser! I told you not to! You absolute idiot!"

"Lily calm—"

"Do not tell me to calm down. I watched Ivera break her completely! I witnessed Maddy's personality being entirely shredded. So dont dare tell me to calm down! She needed you."

"Lily I'm fine," Maddy whispered.

"Maddy you're awake!"

"Lily be gentle she's still recovering!"

"Why? You're the King! Take some of Iveras venom and heal her with it. Ivera did it to her many times before," Lily said.

"A vampire can choose whether they intend to poison or heal. We would only find out which after we use it on Maddy. We cannot risk it," Xavier informed his cousin.

"Xavie dont talk about such depressing things. Lily is back," Maddy smiled.

"And I'm ready to beat people. Come Maddy I am already sick of waiting to beat that thing up."

Maddy's eyes twinkle with excitement. "Finally!"

Xavier held his mate down as she was about to rush after Lily.

"Maddy medicine first and I'll be carrying you."

"Don't be such a spoil sport!"

"Yeah Xavier. This is something we need to do—"

"I could just delay it until Maddy is fully recovered. Also Maddy you will do nothing that gets yourself hurt."

"What do you mean!"

"No punching, kicking, hitting, slapping or anything that requires too much exertion—"

"Are you kidding me! Xavier that's basically what we plan to do," Lily protested.

"Maddy can have a whip."

"Xavier, my dear cousin, she needs to punch the creature!"

"Yeah!" Maddy agreed crossing her arms.

"Maddy, you cannot walk to the other side of the room and back without falling down. Do you really think you are in the condition to punch someone."

"Well uh yes?"

"No. Wrong answer. You two are going to do this with my rules or not do it at all."

"Mhm except you cannot limit my access to the prison, I am captain of the guard," Lily grinned.

"And I can limited your extent of operating and the doctor has not cleared you for work. Which reminds me, the doctor doesn't even know you are awake," Xavier said.

"The doctor is mean. He pokes me with needles and prescribed this yuck medicine! We should protect Lily from the doctor— wait don't pour that!" Maddy exclaimed, horrified as he poured medicine onto a spoon.

"Maddy open your mouth or it will mess."

"Lily help," Maddy squeaked.

"Its medicine—"

"Horrible tasting medicine—"

Maddy gagged as the spoon went into her mouth. She struggled as he held his hand over her mouth.

"The longer you take to swallow, the longer the taste will stay."

She glared before swallowing it. Her face twisted in disgust.

"Give me my sweets," she said wincing in disgust.

He immediately handed her some sweets which she immediately ate, hoping they would help the taste.

"That was disgusting," she grimaced.

"It is there to help you."

"They should make nice tasting medicine though. As the queen, can I order that?" She asked.

"Well I'm just going to take her now," Lily said pulling Maddy off the bed.

"Xavier can I go without my drip. Please?"


"But I'm doing great and I took medicine."

"There is nothing in it currently. If you feel bad at all you will come right back here though," he sighed.

"Thanks Xavie you are the best," she said kissing his cheek.

"Mads you you have to promise to tell me if you dont feel well though. It's not just injuries, poison too. I dont want to nearly lose you again. I love you. Understand?"

"Xavier I love you too but I am just going to give someone what she deserves and you'll be right there with me, my king. See so no worries. Besides it will make me happy. You want that dont you?"

"I want you safe too," he cut in.

"Worry wart."

"Come on Xav-xav, Maddy needs this," Lily said.

"I said yes idiot. And no you may not call me that ridiculous name."


Thanks so much for all your support.

To everyone who was getting worried about me possibly killing off Lily I am sorry for unintentionally scaring you the last 2 or 3 chapters.

Please though do not expect Lily to be mentally fine like you hoped for with Maddy. Lily was not personally attacked or manipulated per say but she did go through some stuff.

Have a great whatever day of the week it is when you read this. You all mean the world to me, especially those of you who have read this far and have been nice, positive and extremely supportive.

The workload is slowly getting more and test weeks are coming soon. I won't say that writing will stop altogether of course. Writing and drawing are outlets for me to get out my stress and there is a lot of stress. (Sorry about that rant.)

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