The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 6

Xavier paced before the forest. His eyes flickered from his watch to the dark woods. He wanted her so badly. He yearned to hold his dear mate in his arms and whisper sweet nothings in her ears.

He heard the racing of steps. His heart raced. Had she returned. Returned for him.

His heart fell as a wolf emerged, running as fast as possible at him. The wolf shifted into a bloodied Kyle.

"Kyle what business do you have being back before my mate!? I sent you to trail her and watch her, to keep her safe!" He growled.

"I tried. They were too many. They outnumbered me. I had to run here. I stood no chance on my own. As we speak the four heads of the defector covens are feeding on her!"

The King stared at him horrified. She was being attacked. He shifted, not caring for anything as he followed the memorized scent of his mate.

He had to get to her before it was too late, before they sucked her dry and dead. Such an act was the ultimate act of treason.

It was not long before loud cries, screams and pleas for help found him. They grew weaker and softer with each call. She was getting weaker.

He doubted she would last being fed from much longer.

He soon enough found them.

His eyes found the sight of a girl on her knees being fed from by four hungry vampires. The sight disgusted him. He heard her weakening cries and growled loudly in outrage. He howled to the sky baring his razor sharp canines.

The vampires lifted their fangs from her neck and dropped her, letting her body fall onto the snow.

He immediately shifted into his human form and rushed towards her. He knew she was already cold enough. She needed his warmth to survive in such weather.

"Oh don't think you are going anywhere near our little pet."

"Tristan," Xavier growled, rage consuming him at the sight of the woman.

"She's really a marvelous thing."

"Sweetest blood and temperament."

"Its a shame she'll die soon enough."

"Marco, Ryan and Shalin, as well. Can't say I am truly pleased to see any of you four feeding on my mate."

"Oh we just thought we'd try the blood of a Queen and it truly is delicious."

"Get out of my way immediately," he growled.

"Or what? See we are not done with your mate yet. So much delicious blood."

He pushed them aside knowing that they were only trying to anger him. He grabbed his mate and turned to see the vampires gone as he had suspected. They were not going to stay around when there was an Alpha lycan with an injured mate right by them. It was common knowledge that it was dangerous to get anywhere near them when their mate was injured.

"Its okay love I'm here. They can't hurt you anymore. You are safe now. Please don't close your eyes. Just keep them on me. Please can you do that baby?" He asked on the verge of pleading as he looked down on the bloodied, bite-covered body of the young woman.

She responded with a small little nod of affirmation.

It was horrible. Her strength had been ripped away. He loved the human's fiery strength, to see her so pitiful and weak in his arms, weaker than a baby, was horrific. His kind valued strength.

He made sure to not stop speaking to her as he took her back to the castle. He had to make sure she did not fall asleep. As much as he wanted her to just pass out so he would no longer have to gaze upon the pain twisted face of his mate.

"Look baby, we are home," he said.

She only made a weak moan in reply and he went inside, going straight to his bedroom where the doctor awaited them thanks to Kyle.

He gently lowered her onto the bed, placing her on some towels which were used to prevent her blood staining the bed sheets.

He kissed her head.

"I need you to give her something for the bloodloss and maybe a painkiller?"

"Of course your highness. She's strong and will be a brilliant queen," the doctor said putting a drip in her hand to do a blood transfer before disinfecting, cleaning and bandaging her wounds.

"Oh and here is a painkiller. Vampire bites are pretty nasty."

The King thanked the doctor before he left, closing the door behind him.

Xavier slipped in to the large bed beside his mate and smiled as he saw her half open eyes. She was still awake.

He gently slipped his hand in her free hand.

"Y-you saved me?" She said as if it was a question.

"How could I not?"

"Aren't one of them. Yet you didn't leave me for dead."

"You have very little faith in me. I don't blame you though. I certainly would not help any human, any human other than you."

"Why am I so special? I am just a street rat. A rather dolled up and mummified street rat," she said.

"Fate put us together."

"Fate? I don't believe in fate. It's hard to when you live every day wondering why you had to be so unlucky as to just be born human. Then you learn there is no such thing as fate. All that matters is that you survive till the next morning and snatch up some food before you starve to death. I don't belong here. I don't belong in pretty dresses, though this one does not look so pretty anymore I guess. Also sorry I lost your coat. They took it off-"

"Doesn't matter. What matters is that you are alive and that you belong here. You belong with me. We made a deal."

"Yeah we did but it won't be long before you get rid of me. I know the only one you can depend on in life is yourself. My mother died during my birth and her friend taught me a few things, some of which I have never needed."

"What would those be?"

"You know reading, writing. Boring things but she wanted me to learn them. Not like I have ever needed them to read off specials. Even if I had cash I could not buy a thing without being dragged off to a death match or a slaver. Doesn't matter she abandoned me anyway. Can't have dead weight when you're running for your life."

"I'm so sor-"

"Keep it to yourself. It taught me not to trust any random old Joe I come across because any human would sell another out in a heartbeat if it meant they get to stay free another day. It's the life of a street rat."

"You won't be going back there. Don't worry about it."

"You want me to substitute the freedom of running through alleys and the adrenaline of stealing a meal for the life of what a pampered little pet who rolls over for you on command. What's next, you going to put a pretty pink collar around my neck. Sorry sir I don't do pets, collars or pink."

"Maybe that's what makes you interesting."

"Really? Isn't that what you want? A good little human. You said you wanted me trained, my behaviour 'corrected'. Didn't you?"

"I didn't know you as well."

"You've only known me a day."

"Well I know you better now than I did then."

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