The Street Rat And The Alpha

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Chapter 7

Maddy sat on the bed, her legs swinging back and forth off the edge as she stared out at the sunrise. The red glow barely seeping out from between the angry dark gray clouds.

If she had thought that being trapped in a room was bad it hardly compared to being trapped in a bed. One of the guard dogs, a werewolf lay in wolf form making sure she would not leave the bed without assistance and if she did try she would be put back in bed.

It was boring especially when the she-wolf was boring. She got a female guard because her possessive mate decided no male company was allowed. His possessiveness extended to the point where he felt threatened even by a female. It was only after Maddy made an escape attempt to get to the bathroom that he implemented the guard.

It frustrated the woman greatly. All she had wanted to do was go to the bathroom and do her business. But no! Her needs got her a layer of security. It's not like she was actually going to leave the bed for anything else, the blood loss still made her dizzy. It was the idea of him taking away her freedom that frustrated her.

"Thank you for watching your Queen, Lily," Xavier said as he entered the room.

"Did you miss me?"

"No. I just want to get up without my warden or you carrying me."

"The warden? The bed rest is for you to rest. It's supposed to help you not punish you."

"Well for the girl who spent every day of her life running for her life it feels like a cage," she sighed falling onto her back looking up at him as he hovered over her.

"Its for your safety little one. You are not safe without an official introduction and you got brutally attacked last night if you have not forgotten."

"No I have not but I am absolutely fine. You think a little bloodloss is anything to me?" She asked crossing her arms on her chest.

"It is to me."

"If you want me to even slightly cooperate with you then stop treating me like a fragile piece of glass or better yet a doll. Is my skin made of plastic or glass? Will I break after a small little trip. No. I don't need you or anyone. I survived well enough on my own. Do you think I have never been badly injured before. I have and I did not need a lycan fussing over me."

"You may have been alone before but you are not now. I need you and you now have the luxury of resting and being fussed over."

"Luxury? It's a burden. If I am to stay here I want space."

"We share a bedroom there is not much space I can give you."

"What I mean is I don't want to have you hovering over me with your bodyguards and-URG!!! Just give a girl some space and freedom would you?"

"Sorry but it's not entirely safe for you to have that. I don't just mean your injuries. You are prey here."

"And you tell me I am safe. Wow."

"You are safe when you stay in here. In your bed."

"Sorry to interrupt this lovers quarrel-" the she-wolf interrupted shifting into her humanoid form.

"Not lovers," Maddy corrected pointedly receiving a glare from Lily.

"Lily she doesn't accept the concept of mates, don't forget that."

"I'd put you two as lovers," Maddy scoffed receiving a growl from Lily.

"How dare you say such a thing. He is not my mate!"

"Well can you take him as your mate then?" Maddy asked.

"You dare to say such a thing about fate!"

"Watch your tone she-wolf," Xavier growled.

"She dares to deny fate and you just let her!"

"Lily calm down. Remember she is a human."

"A human without any respect for her mate."

"You know I could always go if you have a problem with me," Maddy said with all the fake sweetness in the world.

"Get a new bodyguard for her Xavier," Lily growled storming towards the door.

"Aww princess has such a short temper," Maddy laughed.

"Lily you can't go. You're the only one I trust to guard her," Xavier said running his hands through his hair.

"The only one you trust not to to rip off her head."

"That's half of it," he admitted.

"Oh come on," Maddy exclaimed.

"The only thing stopping me ripping off your head is that he is my Alpha, King and cousin and I have taken an oath to serve and protect him and that extends to you," Lily said crossing her arms.

"An oath? So you said some pretty words and bam you won't do otherwise. How cute... and downright stupid. Where I come from those who think little pinky promises guarantee faithfulness are the first to die. Do you know why? Because its every man, woman and whatever else to themselves, and if you have to betray someone to survive then you do it," Maddy said.

"Loyalty is what makes a pack."

"And all it takes is one betrayal for it to crumble I am sure."

"Yet we have stood for centuries," Lily fired back.

"Then why do you feel the need to prove yourself to a little human girl?" Maddy asked.

"Why do you have to be so rebellious?"

"Stop arguing," Xavier growled.

"Now learn to get along. Maddy, Lily will be your guard. You had no problem with her earlier."

"I don't have a problem with her. I'm not the one growling," Maddy said.

"What do you expect when you provoke a lycan?"

"Not my problem."

"Maddy, Lily will be protecting you from any assassination attempts. You should be more-"

"And why would anyone be actively trying to kill the helpless little human?"

"You'd be surprised. You're a weak link. Why do you think you must be protected?"

"Because I don't really want to be here and I am injured so apparently you are my warden."

"I am a guard. Your bodyguard to be precise."

"I don't need one."

"Maddy the heads of four vampire covens all attacked you, drank from you and tried to kill you just because you are my mate. Please prove to me that you don't need a bodyguard," Xavier sighed.

"If you would just release me back into the wild, you know the streets, then you would not need to worry about such things. I assure you I am a big girl I can take care of myself and I have done such my entire life."

"You know its funny that you think you can actually leave your mate by choice. You don't know what will happen when you get too far away. Your heart will begin to hurt and pull you back to him."

Maddy remembered the painful tugging on her heart that made her turn around and begin walking back before she was attacked. It was true that she would struggle to leave, she was however not about to stop fighting until he at the very least gave her some freedom.

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