Mated to the Alpha

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Aquila is a blunt and sometimes considered rude boy. Orphaned at the age of 2 and taken in by the Davis family when he turned 5. Bullied by others because of his slitted and unusual blue eyes until they moved to a small remote town in California. Nickolas just wants his mate. For her to accept him so that he could shower her in his love. And for his father to stop pestering him to put more effort in to finding her.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Aquila

A hand lightly pushed me over the edge of the lakes bridge. A shocked gasp escaped my lips before I could catch myself water has filled my lungs. Muffled snickers and fading footsteps broke through the surface and echoed around me. Just great. This was supposed to be a school trip to the local lake bridge,but no! They just had to push me for fun. Why? Because my eyes are freakish. Well I can't say that I ain't freakish....per say. I can breathe freely under water like it's nothing, something I figured out when I had been bathing and hadn't noticed myself slipping under the water because I was playing around with my little sister. Not really mine though since we're adoptive siblings. And I also found out that I could communicate with animals and fish. Surprising right? No wonder my eyes are freaky. A silver fish scattered away from it's school swimming slowly in circles above me.

"Why are you just laying there? " It asks me far to curious for a fish if you ask me, especially for its size.

" Cause I'm pretending to be dead,why are you swimming in circles and asking a human questions like that?" I ask sarcastically and poked it's underbelly. The little silver fishy twisted away from my fingers after a gentle poke.

" Because you're still in the water when all the other- WAIT! YOU CAN UNDERSTAND ME?!" Bubbles erupt from the little silver fishes mouth like an under water volcano ready to blow as it shouts. I cringe and stuck my fingers in my ears. Jeesh, this guy sure as hell has one hell of a loud scale mouth on him.

" Yes,yes,I hear ya so loud and clearly that I am practically sure that you just burst my ear drums our. What do you eat apart from fish food that makes your vocal cords sound like a fucking electric guitar. " I rant without really paying attention to what I was saying.

" A what? What are vocal cords and ear drums?" The fish asks. I blanched unsure of how to respond. Uuuh, how do you explain electricity to a water based animal and tell him that there's more to life than just swimming around all day?

" Forget what I said, actually don't fish usually scatter when humans try to touch them,why aren't you gone yet?" I ask genuinely curious as to why the silver creature was so intent on striking a conversation with a human underwater. Right....I should probably get out before my little sister notices my absence from the group when they get back to school and has a miniature heart attack.

"Because you're eyes are pretty." Wow. A fish told me that I had pretty eyes. Just wow. I stared blankly at this fish....shaking my head I pushed up from the waters bank and broke through the surface. Wait! Shit my clothes are wet,just great. I swam towards the shore lines and headed to the picnic area and they were packing up to head back, which means I won't get any food. Typical life of Aquila Davis, always unlucky and a pushover. Running a hand through my wet bleach blonde hair, I walked over to the teacher who had his arms crossed and glaring at the group I was supposed to be with. Thank god that we're moving to a remote town in California this week. He stared at my disheveled appearance in surprise before regaining his composure.

"Aquila,where have you been?" He asks clearly concerned my eyes trail towards the group of bickering idiots before returning to settle on the tense teacher.

"Swimming with the fish." I reply dryly. He blinked and went to give heated glares to the the group of mischievous boys. I shrugged when no other response was given. Of course not, those boys don't listen to anyone no matter what you pull so there's nothing you could do even if you tried. We returned to school just as the last period ended and the students came gushing out. I walked towards my beaten old blue BTC-T Alfa Romeo 147. Tapping my finger on my thigh I watch as everyone piled out in loud jarring chatter. I bit my lip anxiously,wandering my eyes over each face each head looking for the sparkling freckled redhead. Just when my body pushed off of my car ready to tear down the building for the little devil, red strands of hear danced in the suddenly sharp wind as mine was knocked right out of me. My arms tightened around the cackling devil,eyes narrowing in to a forced scowl trying hard not to brake out in laughter as well.

" Lily." I drawl my voice strained from the weight of both her and her back pack, "you do realise that if I had not been able to hold our balance we would most likely be on the ground,right?" I breathe breathlessly and bluntly. She stuck her tongue our cutely before throwing her bag in the backseat and shaking herself out some droplets of water shaken from her as she did so. My eyebrows twitched,crap. She gave me her signature glare,hands on her hips,feet tapping in anger. Overdramatic-ness in my opinion.

" Why. Are. You. Soaked?" Lily asks her soft brown eyes held strongly in question.

" I....was pushed in to the lake." I say before climbing in to the driver's side. No way am I having this conversation in the school parking lot with a crazy red head on the verge of exploding.

"Who did it?" Lily demands. Ah,maybe a tad to late,then?

I chewed my bottom lip and started the car,motioning for her to get in. Of course, the stubborn girl she is,she refused.

"No way, Aquila. Who did it?" Yeah. Not telling.

" Get in or walk home, Liliana. Either way would provide an answer once we're home. So choose. Patiently sit in the car and come home then talk or walk as if your being chased by a cheetah to get your answer." I shrug smirking slightly, " like I said either way." I add and she huffed and puffed before sliding in next to me. I pulled out and slid in to the long row of cars driving through the gates.

".....How was your day,Quil? Apart from the obvious." Lily speaks up glancing side ways at my still slightly dripping hair,water tends to stick like glue whenever I'm near so In gonna be wet for a while.

" Peachy. No class. Peaceful silence. And oh right, fishes." I add the last one on a whim grinning from ear to ear when Lily perked up,she loved animals no matter the species.

" You saw fishes,what kind? AH! What colour? What did it say? " I flinched when she shouted as we finally passed through the gates. I bit my lip.

" Silver,little banshee. The kind? I have no idea. And it asked me why I haven't left the water yet. Oh and asked me what an electrical guitar and ear drums are. " I say slightly grimacing at the thought of having to explain something like that to a fish. I don't think I have that kind of patience to teach something and to a fish no less. But loud giggles caused me to think otherwise.


" That must've been one amusing sight,you explaining to the poor thing what an electrical guitar and ear drums are." She snickered even louder clutching her sides as her eyes watered due to the laughter. Sighing I turned on to the driveway of our home and parked the car.

"I didn't tell it shit. At least not about the electrical guitar and ear drums. There is absolutely no way I will ever explain to a fish something like that or any other animal for that matter." I grumbled grabbing my bag that I had with for in case there was rainy wheater, I guess there was a little. She snorted.

" You left the poor thing hanging, how mean." Lily says with a pout and disapproving stink eye. I groan.

"I left because I knew you would choke me if I came back looking like a fish myself, not that I do not look like one already. And instead of being choked I get scolded for not lecturing the silver creature." The house was old and rickety every step created reverberating creaks that loudly announced our entrance as I practically slammed the door open. Boxes littered the hallways and living room, we were planning on leaving tomorrow while the movers take our stuff and bring it over slowly. The only things left are the living room furniture,boxes and our meager food supply. Our adoptive father peeked behind bushy brows covered in sweat, as he stumbled with a box of who knows what towards us.

" Aquila,Liliana, nice timing help us load the rest of our stuff in to the moving van then get ready, there was a change of plans we'll be leaving today. " He says brushing past us with a nod of greeting and a huge megga watt smile. It was Lily's turn to groan as she ran a hand through her hair in frustration.

"This is just great. Ugh!" Throwing her hands up she stormed down the hall and past our adoptive mother who also carried a box. Raising her eyebrows she eyed Lily until she disappeared from sight before sighing. She turned towards me honey locks obscuring cinnamon brown eyes.

" She's really taking this move hard, isn't she, Aquila?" She asks me. I nod.

"Yep,I mean she had finally started to make friends without my getting in the way. And they seemed to have gotten along much better than the others have before,can you really blame her for her behaviour, mother?" I had grown used to calling her that even though I don't quite feel that way.

She nodded with pursed lips before walking away. I changed my clothes to warmer ones before actually starting to help out which takes about three hours of grunting and weight lifting before we're all in one car and following closely behind the moving van, because someone had apparently decided to take up the job in exchange for restlessness.

I hope at least there in that little town no one will notice me to much.

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