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"Blood may be thicker than water But Love is thicker than it all" All Alexis wanted was revenge, all she hoped was to burn them down, burn down the people who made her life a tragic mess, well, more tragic than it already was. But when burning hatre collides with a burning passion, love conquers, or does it?

Fantasy / Romance
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This is not your destruction
This is your Birth

Many years ago...

“Deal with the consequences Alexis, I won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour from you anymore,” a bitter voice said from the other end of the call before they hang up, leaving a pain stricken Alexis to ponder over her mother’s hurtful words. Words that she should’ve been used to, words that should’ve lost their meaning after such long use. But, for the life of her, Alexis couldn’t.

“Alexis...what did she say?” Her best friend and the future Alpha, Joshua Lowell, asked softly as he entered the room. Concern evident on his face. He gazed at the silently crying Alexis, who looked like a vulnerable deer under his heated gaze.

“Well,” she started, gulping the lump that had formed in her throat, “she told me she didn’t have time and that I should just forget about her being here for a few years, and that she didn’t want me to call her all the time, because it was irritating her.”

It’d be an understatement to say Alexis and her mother had never gotten along, and Alexis had known they never would, because she couldn’t truly have a connection with someone who was always away. Someone she saw once in a blue moon, only for a few days before they left again, to come back months later, or never.

“What about the ceremony?” Josh asked her as he looked at her ruffled hair and slightly chapped lips bitten from worry, an unconscious habit of hers that told him she was overthinking.

“The ceremony is to happen on the planned date, there is no changing that. Of course she won’t be there, she doesn’t think it’s important enough to come back for,” she said. A look of fury crossed Josh’s face as he mulled over what Alex had just said.

“You mean to tell me that, that vile woman isn’t going to be present for her own daughter’s ceremony? The ceremony? She knows which ceremony this is right?”

Her mother knew perfectly well which ceremony Alexis had talked about. The sacred ritual passed down from both sides of her family would result in her having her wolf side, or the powers that came from her mother’s side.

Alexis was born from two very different bloodlines, one was Roman while the other was Greek. It was a common fact that these bloodlines shouldn’t be mixed, for fear of the unknown, but somehow her parents were mates and they had her.

Unlike a witch, Alexis would not have an abundance of magic. If she was chosen, she would only be able to perform basic and simple magic unless trained properly, but there was no definite proof as none of Alexis’ ancestors had gotten these fantastical powers. All of them were ordinary humans with purple eyes, proof of their lineage, including her mother.

But would she get them? All her life she’d been bullied and picked on for her diluted bloodline, for having no powerful ancestors except for her father’s.

Freak, the name rang in her head as tears threatened to spill from her eyes. There was no difference between her and them, yet they still acted like brats with her. Spoiled brats.

It didn’t help that her mother was never here, that she was always away. This gave way for rumours, rumours her mother had fled because she couldn’t stand the sight of the monster she’d created. Her mother couldn’t own up to her part in creating something nature didn’t want. But they were what they were, rumours.

Because her mother loved her, right?

“Alex, don’t let her ruin it for you. Besides, aren’t you excited to get your powers or wolf? Although a bit painful, it’s completely worth it, and for you I’m sure it’s going to be more than that,” Josh said, breaking her out of her sullen thoughts as though he’d guessed her state of mind.

“There is a chance I might not get my powers, Josh” she told him, trying to crush his excitement before he got disappointed tomorrow and stopped talking to her. It wasn’t like that hadn’t happened before. People always seemed to leave her when she didn’t work hard enough to make them stay.

“If you don’t get powers then you get purple eyes Alex, I think this is a win-win situation for you,” he joked, trying to lighten the atmosphere, but considering this was Josh, it didn’t go so well.

Alexis sighed as Josh went ahead and laid flat on her queen sized bed, his forearms supported his head as he looked at her. Their bodies suddenly in such close proximity made her hyper-aware of his presence. Now she was biting her lip for an entirely different reason. His scent was comforting and she felt an odd satisfaction that their scents would be mingled on her bed sheets. She wasn’t the only one who sensed this change in mood. Josh’s heated gaze roved over her body, as goosebumps erected on her bare skin. He leaned in closer, her heart beating faster, and brushed his nose against hers. This was usually just a friendly gesture but now she could feel something more, and she didn’t know how to explain that.

“Children!” A loud voice boomed. Josh and Alexis scrambled to get away from each other, their faces red with embarrassment as Josh gazed longingly at Alexis, an action that went unnoticed by the chocolate haired girl.

“Good evening Alpha.” Both of them greeted the incoming blue eyed male, his frown softening when Alexis and Josh ran to hug him. The sneaky children were trying to avoid punishment considering Josh’s father was in a bad mood.

“Evening!? It’s the middle of the night! Go to your rooms and sleep,” he scolded, sighing as he looked at the tired faces of the two children. He wasn’t too hard on them since he knew what had gone down before he walked in the room, the talk with Alexis’ mother that is. Almost everyone who’d met Alexis’ mother knew what kind of woman she was. He felt sorry for the poor girl in front of him, sorry that she had such a childhood growing up, that too in his pack.

“You two have to get up early for the ceremony tomorrow and here you are chatting like it’s playtime,” Alexis’s father said as he too entered the room. He looked at his daughter, her brown eyes shining with unshed tears, brown hair in knots that would be a sure challenge to untangle tomorrow, lips set in a thin line as to stop from wobbling. With a sigh, he looked to his friend, eyes pleading to give him some time alone with his daughter. It wasn’t much of a request considering he’d do anything for his Beta.

“What did she say?” Her father asked after Josh and his dad had gone. He took a stray hairbrush and sat behind his daughter, she winced as he tried to untangle the knots in her hair. “Wait, don’t tell me, I don’t want to hear about her, I’ve had a long enough day as it is.”

Cracking a smile at her dad’s exasperated voice, Alexis sighed in pleasure as her dad massaged her head, the brush long forgotten on the bed as his long fingers worked on her temple. “I love you, Alexis, always remember that my dear.”


Getting an early start for the day, Josh and Alexis began preparations before sunrise, going over every last detail and action that would take place. The ceremony was happening at an altar situated deep within the forest. Their Pack members were setting up the final details. At the start of the forest was a false tunnel of golden leaves and branches ending at the place near the altar, the ground glittered with silver. The altar itself looked like pure gold, sunlight flashing their eyes as it bounced off the surface.

Alexis, on the other hand, was revising the lines she would say to please the goddess, although each line had already been burnt into her memory as a little girl, her overthinking nature wasn’t making it any easier on her.

What if I forget my lines?

What if I blabber and say something embarrassing?

What if I fall and trip on my dress?

What if it rips and everyone laughs?

“Hey, Alex, all the decorations are supposed to be in purple and gold, right? Or do you want it to be blue?” Josh asked her, holding up a purple and blue balloon. His satisfied expression when gazing at the blue balloon quickly turned to disgust when turning towards the purple.

“Dark purple, this ceremony is supposed to be super traditional and stuff so my mom said purple and gold,” she told him, not mentioning that it was her favourite colour.

“But this midnight blue is so awesome,” he told her, exaggerating the word awesome. She gave him a look that made him put his hands up in surrender. He walked away to tell the pack members to put up the purple balloons with a frown on his face.

After a few hours of relentless work, Alexis stood when seeing Josh’s mom walk towards her. “Hello Luna.”

“Alexis, my dear, it’s time. You better go get changed into something nice before the ceremony starts,” the Luna said to her kindly. She was like a second mother to her, always there for Alexis.

“I forgot all about the dress,” Alexis said, cursing herself. The Luna gave Alexis a scolding look at her foul language but didn’t comment on it, giving her a free pass considering the occasion

“Don’t worry dear, I knew you would forget and have already picked out a dress for you,” the slightly gray-haired woman announced. At that, Alexis ran and hugged her tight, the woman giggled and hugged her back, spinning her around.

“Thank you so much. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

The woman smiled. “Now go,” she said laughing, shooing Alexis away.


“How am I supposed to wear this all night?” Alexis said to Josh. She held the purple off-the-shoulder dress in front of her. It had a beautiful lace neckline, the lace ending at her elbows. Her knees were visible in the mid-length gown, and as it was an outdoor ceremony, it wouldn’t get dirty if the ground was wet.

Josh, who was sitting on her bed, didn’t say anything and continued his search through her makeup pouch, tossing things all over the bed trying to find who knows what.

After finishing up with her light makeup, if a bit of lip gloss and eyeliner was even considered makeup, she began to put on her dress but the zipper got stuck before she could pull it up.

“Do you think you can zip me up from behind?” she asked. He looked up and grinned, nodding his head yes as his eyes devoured her.

Nudity wasn’t considered as a big deal in her werewolf pack as they all had to shift around each other all the time.

“You know,” Josh started, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, “Your mate will be one hell of a guy since he’ll have someone as beautiful as you.” When he was done, she hugged him and he hugged her back, not letting go.

Josh, really was the only person who understood her, that’s why he was her best friend and partner in crime (her crimes that he would take the blame for, that is).

“Well, now that we’re ready, let’s head downstairs, everyone’s waiting for us.”


“Do you, Alexis Pierce, take your patron, Hecate, and your other patron, Selene, as your sole goddesses and hope in times of need. And do you promise to uphold our patron Selene’s rules regarding wolf kind? And your patron Hecate’s regarding the witches?” the chancellor asked her, doubt shining in his eyes, grey like the cloudy sky. Hundreds of people were watching her, but she was only looking at one person, her dad.

How many times had her dad consoled her when she’d felt deflated? She couldn’t count, couldn’t put into words how much she’d appreciated all the great advice he’d given.

“Yes,” she answered, confidence radiating from her like the shining sun. She had to do this, if not for herself, then for her father, he deserved the best, “I do.”

“You may proceed with the ceremony,” the Chancellor said, nodding his head, a surprised look on his face, as though he’d thought she’d say no and run away.

Taking a deep breath, Alexis started her prayer, each word drawing energy from her surroundings, giving her the power to continue her chant.

"Hecate All-powerful goddess of the moon
Tonight, I honour thee with the witches rune
Hecate goddesses of the dark night
I humbly ask for help in my rite
To serve you well with honour and grace
I ask please Hecate bless my space
Flow our magic and make it grow,
higher and higher the energy will flow
O great Hecate hear my call
Triple goddess, Queen of all
with reverence and humility
I come tonight to honour thee
bless me”

As the words left her mouth, the grey clouds thundered, rain poured from the sky, making it look like a crying mess. Noticing the turn of events, Josh and Harold tried to come towards her, thinking of shaking her from her destructive trance, but they failed as the winds grew too powerful for them to conquer.

“I have been impressed young one, maybe, you really are the answer to all of our problems" a soft but regal voice said in Alexis’ head, the voice had such a soothing effect on her body that it started to collapse from exhaustion.

I see you have two bloods running through your veins, maybe just maybe you could be his salvation. You would be perfect for him.” Another voice said, this one sounding a little sweeter than the last.

But never mind him, you have a hard life ahead of you, you need your strength young one, REST!”, they said in unison. As she started seeing black spots in her vision, she felt her head fall onto the soft cool grass beneath her.

She heard another voice. No, three voices, as wise and ancient as time itself, whispering the same thing, again and again, sounding like gibberish to her unconscious brain. Alexis didn’t know that her father also heard the same crackling voice in his head, his gaze shifted to his daughter as he tried to find its source, but to no avail.

Both father and daughter continued to hear the same old words. The same old gibberish. The same old prophecy. The same old curse.


Thunder crackled. The three voices stopped, a clear serene voice speaking with a phrase that finally made sense.

When she finds the one,
The angels will come.
His birth will take a toll,
Their deaths will unfold.

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