Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Much before the events of 'Restoration.' Days of sorrow, memories forever staining the soul. Hatred, conviction, resolve. Emotions clashing ever so violently. No matter the sorrow, no matter the despair, a demon forever holding onto who they are. Despair crying out, a soul eternally in bondage. Unforgivable actions, and a war towards the end of days. Those strange memories deep inside, conflicting emotions striking at the core. What is the truth behind those discrepancies in the demon’s memories? "I only meant to save her...I did not mean to..." "Remember who you really are, old friend..." “Even if I must stain my soul in malevolence, to be able to have those pleasureful times again...” "If we had spoken what we really meant that night...could things have gone differently...?" Infinite in secret this tale is holding. Even if it is but a somber morrow, it is never truly hopeless. The Bringer of Demise eternally branding their image into the Nine Worlds. Two old friends, one forever following, the other eternally walking in the deepest of abyss. Head on forth into the darkest days of Restoration! Wattpad/Inkitt/Scribblehub/Royal Road

Fantasy / Romance
Edge Valmond
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Chapter 1: Those Who Lurk in the Shadows(Part 1)

Deep in the night, in the furthest reaches of the NetherWorld, devils roaming free. Passing the many lands, over the seas, far within a city wandering many demons. Fear ever so deep inside, rumors spreading for countless miles. A hunter of legend, none knowing of the identity of the mysterious one. Far within an alley, eyes alluring like the blood moon, that gaze piercing through the depths of the darkness. That light slowly closing in upon them, a devil standing inside of the alley. Hair reflecting the sun, tying back. Those crimson eyes evermore calm, resting on the streets ahead.

Those many demons roaming around, unaware of a certain one ever so close. Horizontally on the lower half of her back resting a peculiar blade. Long and broad, that steel upon it shimmering ever so beautifully. A hilt revealing black, shaping like a bone. Upon the wrist of the demon resting a black gauntlet, an opening for a blade at the top. A long black coat extending from her shoulder region, passing her thigh, just above her knees. That demon wearing short black jeans, a black cloth tying around her chest. Scratching the back of her head with her right hand, a sigh escaping her, soon placing her hand upon her waist.

“Perhaps I will simply be a bit more persuasive with my services to the client. A girl certainly cannot make a living getting minimum wage,” she shrugs.

A life of a hunter, a job no less. One lurking in the shadows, completing some of the more dangerous tasks. Ever so deep inside, a soul searching for another. A heart bleeding with hatred, memories never leaving her mind. Despite it all, the will to continue on existing. That devil resting her vision at the end of the alley, lowering her hand to her side. The demon walking onward, keeping her eyes on the ending goal. One never leaving her mind, armor shining evermore brilliantly within her memories. That young woman standing with her back against the wall, looking out to her targets. Those many unaware of her presence, devils carrying on at their own leisure, chatting away with each other. Some of their voices evermore uneasy, knowing well of the legend.

“Yeah, word has it that there is a bounty hunter out there. No one has ever seen them,” a swordsman folding his arms, slightly looking down.

One remaining in the shadows, countless fearing the bounty hunter. A demon amongst demons, one possessing frightening potential. That game of chance, those many basking in the freedom around them. A place of chaos all around, the strong surviving, and the weak perishing. A reality many is knowing well, hearts reaching for their desires. That hellhound standing before the man, thinking for a moment. Legends existing, yet no one even seeing the bounty hunter even once. Emotions dancing in the wind, unrest traveling far and wide.

“It is weird ya know, think at least one person would see em,” the hellhound slightly looking away.

Nine worlds existing, that of the NetherWorld being the most brutal of them all. A lawless world, where those evermore strong are the deciding factor. No matter so, inhabitants trying ever so desperately to put this sort of life at an end. Desires powerful flowing, countless resisting, following their desires. That swordsman scratching the back of his head with his right hand, awkwardly laughing, soon slightly calming. His heart at an unrest, the hellhound knowing why. At any moment, that one from the shadows may come about.

“No kidding, makes me a bit edgy...” uneasiness extending from the swordsman.

“Quit your whining, we wouldn’t be alive now if we can be easily killed,” the hellhound assuring him.

“Haha, so true,” he agrees.

Fear around every corner, hearts at an unrest. One extending their hand, rising to the many challenges. Desires ever so far within, hatred boiling at the core. That will to continue on, seeking out a certain one. Those words of the hellhound bringing the swordsman some ease, two companions making their way through the ranks. Ascending higher, their lives having more value. None ever knowing when their life will come to an end, feelings driving their way forward. Even if it is evermore sorrowful, the will to resist constantly taking hold. That young woman walking out of the shadows, confronting the swordsman.

“A bounty hunter you say?” her soft voice upon them.

“Huh?” the swordsman and hellhound turning their attention to the maiden.

Their vision resting on the young woman, seeing her standing before them. That maiden observing them for the moment, taking note of her surroundings. Demons around each end, a wide enough field. Visualizing the many pathways, a point of retreat coming into mind. Giving her full attention to the two, a bit hysterical they are appearing, no less with good reasoning. Those demons making their way through the ranks, a larger target for the one residing in the shadows. That young woman listening to their words, slightly moving her foot.

“Yeah, they’ve been hunting us down for a profit. Damn demon...though, I guess demons will be demons right?” the hellhound speaks.

“Right, and speaking of which—”

Reaching behind her, grabbing the hilt of her revolver. That hellhound and swordsman looking at her in confusion, the young woman immediately revealing her black firearm. Holding it to the skull of the hellhound, that fiend immediately freezing, their claws trembling against the ground. Those eyes of the maiden evermore cold, piercing down the core of the mutt. Heart rates intensifying, that swordsman standing there in fear. Rumors evermore of the truth, that infamous bounty hunter standing before them. Her cold crimson eyes, her posture evermore proud.

“—I have come to collect my next payday,” she faintly smiles.

Those surrounding demons taking notice, some stepping away in alarm. That young woman glancing in the direction of the many, no doubt there will be some extras to hunt down. Returning her vision to the hellhound, pulling the trigger. Pure negative energy piercing through the skull of the fiend, that terrifying sound gripping many far and wide, drawing in even more attention. Blood spilling along the ground, and some even landing on the face of the maiden. That hellhound lifelessly falling below, their eyes remaining open in horror.

“What a mess this is...” a sigh escaping her.

That young woman lowering her weapon, her vision upon the many surrounding demons. Those fiends bearing witness to this scene, countless holding still in fear. That young woman facing in the direction of the swordsman, her eyes evermore calm. That swordsman taking a step back, uncertainty expressing from the face of the man, his body quivering by her presence. One of legend, a demon amongst demons. None knowing her true potential, a being constantly ascending. Hatred ever so deep inside of her, a heart wishing to find one inside of her past.

“Y—You damn bitch!” the swordsman yelling, revealing his blade.

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