Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 4: Destined Reunion(Part 1)

—The Past Revisited—

—1000 Years Ago—

Emotions residing deep inside, a soul reaching for the endless sky once more. A mother saying farewell to her child, agony paining her heart. Years upon years of torment, words never reaching the other. Hatred boiling at her core, her desire being in sight. Deep inside of the Tower of Time, that void continuing on without end. Waves of energy flowing through, a floating platform far below, Valor standing there. That deity remaining in place, his eyes trembling at the sight. Blood painting the ground, Ardin laying in a pool of his own blood. On another end, Cyra is experiencing the same. Valor’s heart desperately pounding within his chest, everything feeling surreal.

“Cyra! Ardin!” Valor calling out, running up to them.

That young woman weakly resting her vision in the direction of Ardin, that demon being no more. Her vision slightly more at ease, her body in agonizing pain. Valor resting his vision on Ardin, that god kneeling to him. Placing his fingers upon the neck of the devil, that man not responding. That deity turning his eyes in the direction of Cyra, witnessing her in such a state. Movements from a distance, that god looking onward, witnessing a knight in armor of darkness. Malevolence brightly burning from its body, that fiend facing away from the scene, gazing upon a white energy.

“Va—Valor...” Cyra weakly calling out.

Hearing the voice of his old friend, his heart pounding deep inside of his chest. Standing from the ground, hastily racing over to her. That young woman struggling, Cyra slowly blinking. Kneeling to the devil, those eyes resting upon the other. A heart finally free from its torment, a plan in place for quite sometime. Hatred driving her for years, grasping the faintest of hope at last. Even if it shall mean an end ever so fast, at least for a moment the sky has been free. Cyra looking back, witnessing the Dark Knight passing through a portal, vanishing into a light.

“I—it’s okay...he’s gone now...” Valor assuring her.

That voice of uncertainty, an old friend desperately thinking on his action. Blood painting those grounds, the stench high in the air. Cyra resting her vision on the deity, those eyes meeting with the other. Raising her hand, that god taking hold of it. Gentle his touch is upon her, a heart no longer trembling, but embracing this moment. Resting his vision upon her hand, sorrow deep inside of his eyes. Hanging his head low, feeling powerless once more. Many years it has been, and even now he cannot do anything. A heart quivering, desperately trying to find a solution.

“Just hold’ll be just fine...” his voice trembling.

Two meeting so long ago, a bond holding strong. Even if it is evermore sorrowful, that will never relenting. Adventures of the past, a relationship ever so close. Hearts dancing in the wind, a soul flying in those days. A time of turmoil coming, that night the deity will never forget. Mistakes of the past, one incapable of righting those wrongs. A separation on that night, her smile going away. Resting his vision upon her, witnessing her gentle gaze. That smile evermore weak, but sincere once more. That deity finally seeing her happiness once again, yet it is confusing to him.

“Hey...Val? You have made...these years bearable...” she softly speaks.

Those words hitting deep, witnessing her smile. That deity hanging his head low, holding her hand a bit tighter. Those years of being there, through her harshest of times. A night so long ago, that parting between two. Questions weighing on the mind, that deity feeling the pain within her. Trembling a bit, recalling those many times of the past. His old friend truly smiling again, yet this being an agonizing situation. A heart wishing to be free, the soul shackling down to the land. Those words of the young woman striking at him, that deity desperately thinking on a solution.

Am I really this powerless...?

One carrying the title of supreme, yet unable in stopping the pain of his closest friend. A situation evermore grim, that blood pooling around. Tears inside of his eyes, that deity desperately thinking on any possibility. His world slowly crashing down once more, sorrow drowning him. Those many years ago, an unforgettable event. Memories lingering inside of the past, hearts never reaching the other. That desire in returning to such a time, but even more so, to right the wrong so long ago. That old friend constantly waiting, a deity retreating to his shell.

“Bearable...? Sorry...I know I disappointed you...” Valor dreadfully responds.

Those events of the past, that young woman awaiting his movement. A dream slowly coming to an end, yet both wishing for it to continue on. Emotions ever so deep inside, a bond transcending through time. Those eyes of the two meeting with the other, that deity witnessing her warm smile upon him. Grief overtaking him, that god hanging his head low. So much time going by, that deity still holding on. One retreating into his shell like a child, that young woman accepting his timidness. A heart finally being free, experiencing the bliss of those days once again.



Her voice evermore soft upon him, that young woman holding on. Those days of the past ever so pleasureful, blissful it has been with the other. Two drifting apart, yet their bond holding strong. Emotions remaining within a lock, yet words expressing itself. The deity looking down at her, that devil moving her hand from his grip. Gently resting it upon his cheek, his eyes slowly closing, embracing this moment. Placing his hand over her own, soon opening his eyes. That familiar smile being upon him, two hearts connecting once again.

“You are such a weirdo...” she pleasantly states.

Those words evermore familiar, an old friend trying to lift his spirit. Sorrow expressing from his eyes, that god forcing a smile. One living so many years in agony, a daughter being her solace. No matter so, despair clawing away at her each and everyday. An old friend so long ago, that one being the one she can trust most. A bond between two evermore caring, blissful emotions filling them both. Slightly looking away, Valor’s expression lightening a bit. Questionable he is, but always trying his best for her.

“Before I married many years ago. If there is anything I do regret... it was not being honest with myself to you...” she slightly looks away.

Emotions ever so deep inside, that young woman awaiting the movement of another. An action most regrettable, that old friend retreating into his shell. A timid one he has always been, despite his childish nature. Hearts never reaching fulfillment, years upon years of sorrow. No matter so, a moment coming once more. Those eyes of the deity slightly widening, Valor hanging his head low. That god shaking a bit, holding in his sorrow. Words never reaching the other, remaining inside of the shadows. Two walking away from the other, despair setting in.

“Life can end at any moment. If there is one thing I would do differently...I would have changed that night, but if there is one thing I do not having Maria as my daughter. Only you I can trust with her safety...” tears filling her eyes.

A night so long ago, that blood moon ever so high in those days. A flowery field haunting their nightmares, words never reaching the other. Her voice fading by the moment, Valor feeling her hand growing cold, his stomach churning. Fear building inside of him, his heart desperately pounding within his chest. That deity resting his vision upon her, those eyes of crimson and azure gazing at each other. That young woman brightly smiling at him, his eyes widening even more. Her resistance fading away faster with each moment, her smile growing weaker.

“ another life...things can be different, where we can say what we really meant...that night...” Cyra speaks in her final breath.

Those words meeting his ears, his heart paining him. A chill running down his spine, that vision of the deity witnessing a tear falling from her eye. That head of the young woman turning, Valor resting his vision on her in devastation. That tear drop hitting the ground, the deity quickly holding her in his arms. Desperation taking hold of him, that old friend shaking her. A bond for so many years, those times of joy slipping away. A smile evermore joyful upon her face, two hearts sharing one final moment.

“Cyra...! Cyra!!” Valor urgently shaking her, tears filling his vision.

“Cccyyyrrraaa!!!” the deity screaming out, tears spilling from his eyes.

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