Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 19: Those Who Bring Demise in the Wake of Their Despair(Bonus Scene)

Standing in that endless darkness, walking through such a lonely path. To devour, and continue to devour. Simply how far will she go? Perhaps there may be a certain flaw or more exploitable way to use her power. If one can devour another, then certainly there must be a way of reversal? After all, it is taking one’s soul into themselves. To assimilate the power of all those who are unfortunate to come across this frightening ability.

The devil walking down that endless path, even if it is but a somber morrow, she will try. Perhaps she is stepping on the domain of the gods, doing things in which far surpasses what is even acceptable. It matters little really, after all, she has already stained her very soul in corruption, how much more worse can it be to push her selfish desires?

In war, there is no good nor evil, but a matter of perspectives. This applies even to the gods. Their power may be vast, but nonetheless, they breathe, as such this means they also subject themselves to the natural laws of life. Cyra continuing to walk, looking onward. This time the path appearing even longer, but she continues pressing onward. The amount of time she takes is uncertain, but yet she persists. Eventually, the maiden bearing witness to an extending bright light.

The eyes of the halfbreed slightly widening, Cyra continuing to make her way towards it. The light continuing to shine brighter and brighter. Soon enough, Cyra finding herself at the gate within the Graveyard Realm. This time, it is appearing a bit different. The stench of death and decay lingering, and the energy all around seeming more calm. The devil holding her hand to her chest, slightly looking down.

“This is my fill one desire of mine...” her eyes expressing certainty.

The maiden lowering her hand to her side, looking down the pathway. Cyra continuing onward, heading down a walkway. Gentle wind blowing through, the crimson moon shining ever so high above, a comforting feeling coming from it. The halfbreed making her way to an intersection, soon looking down the pathway to the forbidden gateway. It is appearing a bit more open, the malevolence seeming even thicker. Cyra turning towards it, positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

“There might be one more solution...I best leave this open...” she places her hand upon her waist.

For the time being, the devil turning away from the pathway, lowering her hand to her side. Cyra continuing onward, walking down the path which will lead to her fondest memories. The maiden soon finding herself at the gateway, standing there for a moment. Cyra slightly looking down, knowing that there is still time.

Motioning her hand forward, the devil pushing open the gate. The light from within brightly shining, enveloping her in a comforting warmth. Cyra walking onward, heading deeper and deeper into the light.

—Illusion of the Grassy Plains—

Standing in front of that precious tree is Reynas. The goddess feeling great dread, knowing well that her daughter indeed makes true to her word. She did save Alastor, but at a price as well. It does pain the goddess, but she knows that Alastor has done what he can to ensure Cyra’s survival. Maria standing behind Reynas, looking at her in concern. The child wondering why her grandmother is appearing in such a sorrowful state.

“You okay?” Maria propping her head in concern.

Reynas looking back at the child. The goddess taking a moment to gather her nerves. It is not easy, to lose someone, especially in such a way. The woman turning to the girl, knowing that she must try and hold herself together.

“Everything is well...” she faintly smiles.

Reynas looking ahead, seeing Cyra approaching from a distance. The trial of pride being the decisive battle against her father. For the last one, the goddess can only wonder exactly how her daughter will achieve such. Certainly it is not something one can simply test themselves. This will be the ultimate trial, for her to figure it out. To see if her desires are strong enough to breakthrough.

Maria turning, seeing her mother approaching. The child’s expression turning bright, the girl bouncing a bit. Cyra soon standing before her mother, dread expressing from her eyes. Reynas knowing well, that despite how many years pass, Cyra is still that little girl that loves her father ever so much. Despite the hatred over the many years, finally she has peace of mind, knowing that in the end, that man she admires so long ago reveals himself once again.

“Do not feel dread child, your father did everything he could to give you this fighting opportunity. Despite his grief which has a hand in this chaos, he never did leave you without a chance of success,” Reynas warmly smiling at her.

Cyra slightly looking away, anger coming to her eyes. Reynas noticing, her smile turning to sadness. Questions plaguing the mind of the maiden. Is it even worth it? At what cost? There is always a path, not what one determines as true.

“A chance? And for what? To destroy our family again?!” she yells, looking to her mother with dreadful eyes.

Reynas slightly looking down, knowing well that she has been constantly fending for herself. Even with her old friend, and those she meets along the way, such cannot provide to fill that gaping hole inside of her.

“Is that it? Is that why my birth is so hated? Is it because of this horrid ability?” Cyra depressingly questions.

Reynas looking towards her daughter, soon walking up to her. The mother placing a gentle hand upon the cheek of her daughter. Maria can only look on, knowing well that her mother continues to struggle. She does not specifically understand the situation at hand, but she wants to find a way to assist. Cyra looking towards her mother, slowly calming from her touch.

“None can say, since you are the first. Though, in theory, it is the possibility of what can come about, that is what is feared,” Reynas gently speaks.

“What can come about huh...” Cyra stepping away from her mother, shaking her head in disbelief.

Reynas looking towards her daughter, knowing well of the grief she is experiencing. Here there has been the chance to bring their family together, and now in that instant, that hope going away. However so, the devil refusing to believe that there is no other way. Reynas looking on, seeing the malevolence tearing away at the right arm of her daughter. The intensity of it rapidly increasing. The goddess seeing her arm transforming into a massive, shadowy claw of a dragon.

“What are you thinking to do?” Reynas questions in some uncertainty.

Maria looking on, uncertain on what her mother is even trying to do. Cyra raising her claw high, expanding it. Malevolence escaping from her body, encircling the surrounding area. Those desires deep within her screaming out.

“If this power can devour the soul of another, then certainly it can do the reverse,” she confidently states.

Hearing those words, Reynas taking a step back in alarm. The goddess wondering if Cyra will really go through with such. To put the lives of the many in jeopardy, to go through with such irrational actions. All to try and quell that pain within her.

“Cyra! You are the last hope of the Nine Worlds! Your father gave his life for you to have a fighting chance!” Reynas speaks in alarm.

Hearing the words of her mother, conflicting emotions clashing deep inside of the halfbreed. The malevolence secreting from her body intensifying. Cyra shaking her head in refusal. Maintaining who she is, that is of the utmost importance.

“I have always carved my own path forward, and I will not betray who I am by doing this. Even if the chances are minuscule! I will find a way without this!” she closes her claw into a fist.

Reynas looking on, seeing Cyra moving her claw to her chest. The malevolence from Cyra’s body intensifying by the moment. The maiden expanding her claw, drawing out the pure crimson energy from her body. Cyra soon extending her claw, pushing it forward. The crimson energy shining brighter and brighter. Maria covering her eyes, and Reynas looking on. The goddess faintly smiling. Alastor taking form out of the light. The Tyrant taking a moment to gather himself, soon opening his eyes. His eyes slightly widening, seeing Reynas standing ahead of him.


Alastor turning towards his daughter, realizing what she has done. With the end of the worlds drawing near, he can only wonder why. Will she really take such a gamble? All to carve her own way forward?

“Cyra, what have you done...?” Alastor questions in surprise.

The arm of the maiden reverting to normal. Cyra holding her hand to her chest. The devil looking upon her father with gentle eyes. Her decision set in mind, perhaps a foolish one it might be, but this is her path forward.

“You may be the worst father in existence, but I will not accept your power. Ultima may be countlessly stronger than I am, but I will defeat him under my own power,” she calmly speaks.

Out of all the foolish things his daughter have done, this has to be the worst of them. The Tyrant slightly looking down, uncertain on what else to do. Cyra has always been stubborn, even in her earlier days.

“I will not destroy our family...not after having such a chance...” she softly speaks.

Alastor looking towards her, the Tyrant understanding why. Even though it is a foolish decision, in the end, that soft-heart of hers winning out. Alastor turning towards Reynas, looking at his wife with such sorrowful eyes.

“It has been a long time, Alastor,” she pleasantly speaks.

The demon slowly walking up to her. Maria looking on, uncertain on what is even happening anymore. Alastor falling to his knees by her feet. Despair deep inside of his eyes. Reynas extending her hand, the Tyrant taking hold of her hand with both of his own.

“My actions...they are not forgivable...I understand this,” he depressingly speaks.

“Perhaps not, but you did the best you could. Even through your despair,” she softly speaks.

The Tyrant looking up to her, seeing her warm smile upon him. Wondering how she can still smile at him like in those earlier days. The many actions he have done. All to get to the bottom of such events. To know who poisons his daughter in those days, to know why Reynas must give up her life in the past. Being no longer a father, but an enemy to his daughter. Even distancing himself to keep her safe.

“Throughout your years, you did your best to protect her, you even gave her your most precious weapon as a means to defend her from yourself,” Reynas explains.

Cyra slightly looking away. Indeed her father is the most questionable of people. However, he has indeed done his best over the years. Perhaps he may have been lost in the endless abyss, but certainly he has finally come out towards a better tomorrow. Reynas looking towards Cyra.

“Cyra...thank you...”

The maiden looking towards her mother, seeing a bright smile from her. Cyra returning a similar smile in kind. Reynas looking down at the Tyrant, urging him to rise. The demon slowly rising to his feet, turning towards his daughter. It has been many years since she can see her parents together like this. It is nice really.

“Even if you did release your father. You did however retain some of his power. Cyra, seeing how you have come so far...I will continue to put my faith in you,” Reynas softly speaks.

Alastor taking a moment, turning his attention towards Maria. Even if she has such horrid memories with Ardin, at least the child has a place to return to. For the years upon years of poor parenting, somehow his daughter has come out okay. Maria looking towards Alastor, soon turning her attention towards her mother.

“Cyra...” Alastor looking towards her.

The maiden looking in the direction of her father, wondering what he has in mind. At this point, she doubts there is anything he can do to assist her. As it is standing now, there might not be much hope remaining.

“I have known you long enough. You have a contingency plan for Ultima huh,” he folds his arms.

The devil turning from her father, distantly holding her hand to her chest. A contingency plan in place. Even if it is but the smallest of chances, she will hold onto it, trying to make such a possibility into a reality.

“Let us hope it does not come to this. Though, at this point, I am simply tired and just wish to rest...”

Reynas eyes slightly widening. The goddess looking towards Alastor, the demon turning his attention to his wife. The Tyrant knowing well of the contingency method, and while it does sicken him, at this point, there might be no other choice. Maria looking at them, uncertain on why everything is suddenly appearing so grim.

“I know we have asked a lot from you, but find a way to win. Every enemy has their weak point,” Alastor speaks more seriously.

Cyra glancing back to her father, nodding in agreement. The maiden looking to her mother, then to the blurry child. Maria gazing upon her mother, still maintaining hope. Cyra turning her attention ahead, her eyes expressing much confidence.

“I must be going now, until next time. Mother, father, and you child,” she walks onward.

They look on, seeing the maiden heading onward towards the finale ahead. Failure is not an option. The gentle breeze all around. The dreadful feelings clawing away from the depths of her. The enlightenment she is feeling. Her soul may eternally be in bondage, but finally those shackles are beginning to loosen. The chances of success might be minuscule at best, but certainly there is still hope.

Ultima may be frighteningly more powerful than I am, but there must be a weakness. I must surpass them. Afterwards, Odin, prepare yourself, I am coming for you. These desires of mine will be known, and you will answer for your sins.

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