Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 20: Day of Ruin(Part 1)

The maiden standing in the endless void. Cyra looking on, seeing stardust floating around. The halfbreed faintly smiling, feeling at ease. Perhaps one may think her a fool. To go against the greatest of all gods with no more than her own power. However so, to sacrifice her own father to achieve such, to destroy her own family once again, that is something she cannot stomach.

Even if it is selfish of her to make such a decision, to choose the existence of one in place of trillions if not more, she shall remain as herself. Her sins may lay heavy upon her, the maiden thriving to come to a rest, those desires burning deep within her, continuing to guide her.

Cyra closing her eyes, feeling the malevolence circulating through her body. An abomination she is, selfish to the core one may argue, but that soft heart of hers continuing to be her guide. In the wake of despair, one shall rise out of the depths of darkness, standing above all.

The halfbreed hearing the voices of her companions, soon opening her eyes. Cyra turning to see Valor and Argent running up to her. Looking at them, the maiden knowing that failure is not an option. Even if her power is nowhere near this threat, she will find a way to surpass this challenge. This is simply who she is, someone who grabs hold of any small instance of hope, making such into a reality.

“Cyra!” they call out.

Valor standing before the devil, and Argent being right behind him. The god looking upon the devil, feeling the malevolence within her. Though, it is appearing calm, despite how conflicting it is. The deity wondering for the reasoning of such.

“What happened?” Valor questions, propping his head towards her.

Cyra turning from the two, taking a moment to consider her actions. Every step of the way, she has been selfish. Doing whatever is necessary to achieve her goals, even if it means endangering the lives of everyone.

“I gave up our hope for survival...” she distantly speaks.

Valor taking a moment, trying to process her words. The god looking away, uncertain on what to even think. Give up their hope for survival? Certainly there must be more to it than this. Valor looking towards his old friend in need of an explanation. Argent turning his attention towards Cyra, wondering what she means. The maiden slightly looking away, holding her hand to her chest.

“Val...there might have been a way to combat Ultima...” she turns towards him.

The god looking at her, seeing those sorrowful eyes. He can only wonder what her possible solution may have been. Cyra shaking off the emotions, walking past him, stopping with her back facing the deity. Valor looking back to her, wondering what is going on.

“I am selfish, and I accept this. Putting the lives of trillions if not more in jeopardy, all to save the soul of my father...” she distantly speaks.

His eyes slightly widening, the deity turning to face her. The countless lives of others in exchange for a single soul. He can see the malevolence secreting from her body. The darkness dissipating into the air. To embrace one’s selfish desires, even if it means oblivion. Such are difficult choices to make.

“How is that wrong...? It is only natural to choose your family...” he props his head.

Those words of his, she so very much expects them. Her old friend that will try to constantly reach her, to understand her vision. No matter how comforting it may be, those words he speaks. The halfbreed knowing that her actions are serving no one but herself. Even if she must use the lives of the Nine Worlds in order to gain her deepest wishes.

“How so? I will use anyone, and anything at my disposal...even if it means the lives of the mass...” she distantly looks on.

Valor looking away for a moment. Argent looking at Cyra, hearing those words. The child wondering if she will even use him to achieve her own ends. Argent looking down, desperately trying to believe that their time together has been an honest one. Valor shaking his head in refusal, taking a step towards the maiden.

“That is not you Cyra, you are not telling me something,” Valor placing a hand upon her shoulder.

That gentle touch in which can always console her. Normally, she will welcome such, but not this time it is appearing. This is something her old friend has to accept. No matter how painful it might be. Sometimes, one has to accept the reality before them.

“What does it matter? My past has been laid to part of it that is...” she glances back to Valor.

Seeing that dread in her eyes. Those sorrowful eyes continuously bringing back nightmares. Ever since that dreadful night, it has become a constant nightmare of him wondering how things may have gone. Seeing those eyes, such urging him to try and make things right.

“Sis...” Argent looking towards Cyra with sorrowful eyes.

“Take a close look...this is what a monster looks like. Someone that will use anyone, and anything at their disposal. Someone that devours to grow stronger. There is no going back for me...all that awaits is oblivion,” she depressingly speaks.

Valor lowering his hand to his side, the deity trembling at the possibility of her falling down this path again. The last time, it has been only herself, but not this time. This time, he will be there to extend a hand, remembering that hand in which will eternally reach out to him as well.

“Cyra...I refuse to believe you have lost that heart I have always known!” Valor raising his voice.

The maiden can only wonder why her old friend continues to try and reach her. This is the path she has chosen. This selfish path in which her desires are the most important. Those around her are merely pieces on a chessboard. No matter how much disgust she is feeling, there is no going back it appears.

“Valor...I have killed so many...I have trampled upon the lives of so many...all for my own selfish desires. Even so...even if the Nine Worlds damns me to oblivion, I will ensure they cower before me. Even if my soul itself is lost, well...what passes for a soul. I will tear down any force standing before me,” she calmly states.

The devil looking back to him, and all he can do is look into those eyes of despair. Those eyes in which does not know happiness any longer, but only misery. Even so, no matter the dread she is experiencing, she will push onward, to make her dreams a reality.


Cyra looking ahead, trying to calm her nerves. Though, the emotions flowing through her is indescribable. Despair, hatred, agony, it is seeming like an endless nightmare is taking place within reality.

“I am sick and tired of fighting—” she hangs her head low.

“—Why is it that my life is cursed? I hate it...!” she shakes a bit, the negative energy burning brighter from her.

Valor slightly hanging his head low, knowing well of her despair, that sorrow she is feeling. Despite such, he still remembers how she can smile, how she can continue on, even in the face of such strife. Cyra turning towards her old friend, raising her head. Their eyes meeting with the other. The god taking a moment to gather his thoughts, soon placing a gentle hand upon her head. The maiden looking on in uncertainty, wondering why he continues to try. Argent looking on, uncertain on what he can do to assist.

“And that is why I admire you...” Valor warmly smiling at her.

A bit of emotions coming to her eyes, the devil slightly looking away. An innocent one he is, always holding onto hope. Even more so than that, always trying to meet her, to understand her. Even now he does not change, perhaps some things can remain as they have been, or at least mostly in his specific case.

“You’ve endured more than anyone I have ever seen. Despite losing everything, despite the sorrows that you face, the wounds you endure, you always rise back up even stronger than before. Underneath that sorrow has always been a very kind heart. Don’t lose yourself, hold onto what you are, and most importantly, keep rising, even when the situation seems hopeless,” he encourages.


Cyra taking his words to heart. The malevolence exerting from her slowly calming. Argent feeling as if he can breathe again. The maiden looking to her old friend, her eyes expressing some joy. Keep rising, even if the situation is hopeless. Those words ringing through her.

“After all, the Cyra I know doesn’t let despair win. She fights, and she keeps fighting. Every time I thought I lost you, you kept returning, and even stronger than before. If you give into despair now, then wouldn’t all your hard work be for naught?”

The halfbreed faintly smiling, turning from him. Valor lowering his hand, looking on, awaiting her words. Cyra slowly inhaling and exhaling, gathering her nerves once again. Perhaps this is what she needs, her old friend to remind her that there is always hope. That even in the deepest of despair, she can always rise once again.

“Let us go, to bring an end to this nightmare...” she confidently speaks, walking onward.

“Sis!” Argent speaks in excitement, running up behind her.

“Heh, yeah, time to end this,” Valor agreeing, following behind.

Just a bit more, and I might have lost myself to despair, just like my father. You have always been there when I needed someone the most. I cannot give up now...not yet...I can rest when this is all over, until then, I must carry on...

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