Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 20: Day of Ruin(Part 2)

—Heavenly Realm—


The deepest of darkness endlessly stretching on. One in which housing a terrible secret. Screaming extending far and wide, oh so horrifying cries they are. Anger, jealousy, hatred, a mixture of emotions pressing onward. All in direction of one. The swine floating in that endless space.


It is hard to say exactly where Reed is residing. The swine floating in that endless void, continuing to scream. Malevolence thickening from him by the moment, an electrical energy intensifying. Feeling as if his entire being is coming apart. The burning deep inside, those emotions blending together.

“Just a bit longer Reed. Then you can take your revenge upon the Nine Worlds, and especially that demon you hold so much resentment towards,” Odin holding his hands behind his back.

Hearing those words, the revenge he so seeks for the shame that has been done onto him. Remembering the many demons that has fallen to Cyra, those horrid memories of feeling powerless. The swine grinding his teeth, trying to bear the pain. Feeling his body tearing away from the inside out.

The malevolence lightening, and in its place a pure white light beginning to emit from his body. The energy shining brighter and brighter, rays shooting out in every direction. Odin looking on, seeing that the ritual has finally come to an end.


The divine light stretching far and wide, enveloping the endless void. The energy slowly calming, Odin carefully looking onward, seeing a massive dragon standing with pure white scales. Horns of the devil, and eyes in reflection of the heavens. The beast floating more like a humanoid, though it is a deity no less. It is hard to say how tall it is, perhaps fifty feet if not more.

“Good, the transmutation is a success. Fine work gathering the necessary materials to make this possible,” Odin commends.

Reed taking a moment, looking at his claws. Feeling the endless energy flowing through him, it is indescribable. The power he holds, being more than enough to rule the Nine Worlds. Even more so than that, to finally return the favor to the one who shames him ever so long ago.

“With this power. I will be more than strong enough to rule all of the Nine Worlds heh heh.”

Odin’s expression becoming stern upon hearing those words. This much is of expectance, after all, in the line of war, there must be measures taken to ensure one’s allies do not defect. However so, there is seeming to be little he can do.

“Are you forgetting who gave you this power?” he harshly questions.

Reed looking down at the god, finding it funny that Odin still believes that he can command such a power. Feeling the flow of divinity and malevolence through his body, the deity feeling confident enough in being able to reshape the worlds as he sees fit.

“Old fool, you do not command me.”

Reed raising his right claw high, a pure white energy beginning to take form. Odin growing tense, seeing the energy intensifying. Without a moment to spare, The Godfather hastily invoking a teleportation spell. The energy rushing towards him.

Standing outside of the Tower of Eternity, within a field of flowers extending far and wide are Cyra, Valor, and Argent. They look on, seeing the sky growing darker by the moment. Feeling an immense pressure shaking the NetherWorld itself.

“They are here...dammit...!” frustration is within Valor.

Cyra looking on, the power she is feeling is even more frightening than she first may have think. The maiden beginning to wonder if there might be any hope in combatting this threat. Argent turning his attention towards Cyra, seeing how she is struggling to maintain her composure. The boy turning his attention to Valor for some hope.

“Valor, you can stop it, right?” Argent questions, uneasiness befalling him.

Valor glancing to the child, oh how he so wish he can stop this threat. Though, not even his power surpasses Ultima, it will be a miracle if they can even put up a fight against this frightening foe.

“Sorry kid...but this is way beyond my power...” tension coming over Valor.

They look on, seeing a massive sky tower forming high in the sky. Seeing it stretching across the sky in a circular formation. Floating high above the surface of the NetherWorld itself. The tower emitting a white glow. Even from where the three are standing, they can feel the immense power of their enemy.

“For now we return to Ezel,” Cyra speaks, positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

The maiden looking towards the Sky Tower. Even laying eyes upon it is unnerving her. There appears to be no time to even have a proper strategy to combat this enemy, and as it is standing now, her power is nowhere near enough to keep up with this threat. For now, she will return to Ezel, trying to formulate any sort of action against this foe.

Fighting the god that rules over all...can I really defeat Ultima...? Perhaps I am merely fooling myself, but even so, even if it is without an exploitable weakness...there is always a way. I just have to find it...


Ryan standing outside of the bar, looking up into the sky. His eyes trembling, seeing the Sky Tower. Feeling that immense pressure crushing down on him. The ghoul noticing movements from a distance, soon turning to his right to see Cyra, Valor, and Argent approaching. Perfect timing perhaps, maybe there might be something that can be done to stop this enemy.

“And here I thought you woulda prevented this...what now...?” Ryan questions, uneasiness expressing from him.

Cyra, Valor, and Argent standing before Ryan. Cyra taking a moment to think, it does not take her long to come up with a possible solution. The devil pointing towards the Sky Tower. Everyone looking at the tower, wondering what she has in mind.

“That tower is clearly connecting all of the Nine Worlds, which means Ultima Weapon will be standing above it. My best guess is that Reed plans to destroy everything in one attack. That would be the best place to commence genocide quickly,” Cyra positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

To commence genocide on all of the Nine Worlds, all to simply kill one. This is madness really, can Cyra really be of such a threat where extreme actions are of necessity? Perhaps so, perhaps not. To go ever so high, to gain so much power, all in direction to one halfbreed.

“How long will it take for him to do that?” Ryan questions, a cold chill running down his spine.

“Five hours,” Valor reluctantly answers, slightly looking away.

The group hearing a mighty roar of the beast high above. Looking on, wondering if there might even be a way to combat him. A god standing even above Valor, it is nerve wrecking really. The maiden thinking more deeply. If there is any chance, a joint effort will be their best hope of success.

“This might be impossible to do alone...Valor, gather the gods at once!” Cyra commands.

At this point, there might not be any other choice. It might sicken Cyra to work with the snake who is causing so much strife in her life, but at this point, one has to put aside their differences to survive for another day. The halfbreed can deal with Odin another day.

“I guess that will be our best chance, alright, I’m on it,” he agrees.

—Heavenly Realm—


The deities gathering within the throne room. Without a proper contingency plan, their time is of limitation. They look upon the other for any sort of means to stop this madness. Freya amongst them all expressing disgust, knowing well that such a thing never should have happen.

“This backfired big time...” Ares speaks, uneasiness coming over him.

“Reed plans to destroy all of the Nine Worlds, not take it over...” Freya speaks with slight fear in her tone.

Chronos looking to each of his allies, he may be the god of time, but not even his power is grand enough to slow this enemy. The deity letting out a sigh of frustration. The end of days is upon them, a solution might not even be possible at this point.

“What now? What do we do?” Chronos questions.

“We put our faith in Cyra.”

The deities hearing that familiar voice, turning their attention to see Valor standing at the entrance. Freya looking towards him, seeing that Valor is finally home, perhaps now they can have some proper guidance. If there is any hope, then certainly Valor might be able to provide some.

“That halfbreed? This beast was created to exterminate her and all demons, she doesn’t have enough power to defeat him!” Odin swinging out his right arm.

“I am afraid Odin is right. She may be extremely powerful, but her power does not come anywhere near Ultima’s,” Artemis reluctantly agreeing.

Valor merely looking towards the gods in pity. Freya turning her attention in the direction of Valor, wondering how he can place his hope, and the hope of everyone in the Nine Worlds in that abomination. Even if she can stand up against Ultima, it is very unlikely she will emerge as the victor.

“You clearly do not know her as well as I do. Even with the smallest of chances, she will grasp at it. We need to make that small chance a reality, and the only way to do that is by joining in arms with her. We have no time for debates! It’s do or die time now!” Valor raising his voice, swinging out his right hand.

The deities looking towards the other. They take a moment to come to a conclusion. At this point, it is hopeless, so it will not hurt to follow Valor’s words, and try to believe in Cyra. After all, seeing how far she pushes, there might just be a chance.

“Alright, let’s go meet with her,” Chronos looking towards Valor.


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