Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 20: Day of Ruin(Conclusion)


The gods standing before the maiden outside of the bar. Simply looking at Odin is enough to urge her to kill him right then and there. However, the devil holding her hand. After all, against this foe, they will need to unite. Even if they have the most minuscule of a chance, that is enough to form a rebellion.

“So this is the infamous halfbreed, or should I say a devil?” Odin calmly speaks, folding his arms.

Cyra glaring into the eyes of Odin, the god noticing her animosity towards him. He can only wonder why. However so, at the current time, they have naught the time to be fighting amongst themselves. Their efforts are best in direction to the foe ever so far away.

“It is time to put aside our differences. Otherwise, in less than five hours we will all fall,” Cyra calmly speaks.

Ares taking a step forward. If there is any hope, then he needs to know of a plan of action against this monster. If they are to place their hopes and dreams in her hands, then certainly they cannot be going in blind.

“So how do you even intend to battle Ultima?” Ares questions.

“That I do not know. I have never faced anyone with this amount of power, so I will have to figure this out as I go.”

Hearing those words, Chronos taking a step back. Not even someone like herself can feel confident in combatting Ultima. The deity beginning to wonder if they are fighting a hopeless battle. Their end fast approaching, and not even she can provide complete confidence.

“So our lives all hang on a game of chance. You’d think Valor would be good at this one,” Chronos shrugging.

“Not the time...” Valor is rather unamused.

From high above in the sky, an all too familiar being descending from the clouds. The beast loudly roaring, gathering the attention of everyone. Such causing alarm within many of them.

“What the hell?!” Ryan looking to the sky.

Cyra looking on, seeing an all too familiar face. The leviathan descending in front of the maiden. Their eyes meeting with the other. The halfbreed recognizing this magnificent creature. How long it has been.

The monster whimpering louder as she moves her claw towards it. All it can do is look up into those monstrous crimson eyes. The claw of the maiden stopping in front of its head. The malice radiating from the monster beginning to react to her claw, the negative energy beginning to flow out of the leviathan.

The malevolence flowing into the claw, as if it is devouring the corruption. The darkness from the beast slowly fading, and its glimmering silver scales soon returning to the light. The leviathan looking on, seeing the maiden pulling away her claw. The beast looking upon the death angel. The fear within it slowly subsiding, feeling the pressure holding it down is fading away. A pure white energy beginning to burn from the maidens body, the darkness that is consuming her slowly fading away, burning away into the air.

Her skin tone returning to normal, her eyes as well, and her fangs no more. Cyra standing before the beast normally. The leviathan looking upon her, seeing Cyra faintly smiling at it. The maiden kneeling to the leviathan, placing a gentle hand upon its head. The fear within it is now completely gone, the monster calming down. The leviathan letting out a more pleasant sound, seeming grateful to her.

“Be-careful now, others may not be as generous,” she softly speaks.

The beast seeing the maiden stand. The leviathan raising from the ground. Looking on, seeing the devil walking away.

“You seem to be doing well now,” she softly speaks.

The leviathan making happy sounds, joyously nudging her. The maiden faintly smiling, placing her hand upon the side of its head. The excitable animal slowly calming down.

“You know this thing, Sis?” Argent propping his head in surprise.

Cyra glancing to the child who is looking upon the leviathan with much interest. The animal looking to each of them. Clearly they are all here to join together for one final assault against the being ever so high.

“Indeed, I devoured the malice that was possessing it. It was never a violent beast, but a gentle hearted one,” Cyra speaks, faintly smiling.

“Yo!” Valor waving at the leviathan.

The leviathan looking at Valor straight in his face. The god pausing, uncertain on what to even do, his expression growing pale. The leviathan letting out an angry growl. Perhaps not the best choice of words the god have chosen.

“Huh...leave it to you to get an attack dog...” Valor uneasily speaks.

“Behave now Levi,” Cyra softly speaks.

The animal looking to her, then to Valor. The animal expressing some uncertainty, soon conceding to her request. While he wishes for the deity to be away, he does not want to upset her. The leviathan pulling away, sitting down upon the ground.

“You are a disgrace...” Valor looking towards the leviathan unamused.

The leviathan looking towards the deity, growling at him once again. It is appearing these two have become enemies. Cyra clapping her hands once, causing a very loud sound. Valor and the leviathan flinching, reluctantly settling down.

“Well this is certainly interesting,” Ares folding his arms.

“I must agree,” Freya blankly looking on.

It is appearing the deities have an idea of how Valor is spending his time away from the heavenly realm. If they cannot get him in line, then certainly there is someone that will. Overall, they can agree that this is Valor’s problem.

“Now then! Listen up!” Cyra commands.

Everyone looking towards her, awaiting her words. With time growing short, it is appearing that a morale boost is of necessity before heading out. The end quickly approaching, one final push to make. Dreams and desires resting on the line.

“Like it or not! We have to work together now! If we fall, everyone falls. Now I am not meant for the hero role or anything like that. Far from it. All I have are selfish desires. Desires that will never be realized so long as this beast who aims to dictate my life still draws breath. We each have our own reason for going up there, but nonetheless our goals unite! It is all or nothing now!” she strongly states.

Everyone looking towards her, feeling inspiration from her words. Well, all except for Valor that is. The supreme god looking to the Sky Tower, soon turning his attention towards the devil, his fear of heights finally taking hold of him again.

“Um...yeah...I never agreed to this...I’m cool with dying...”

“Why?” she questions in disbelief.

“Haha? Why?! Look how high up it is!” he points.

Cyra holding her hand upon the side of her head, trying to calm herself. There is a time and place for everything, but this time, when they are so close to running towards the end, it is hardly appropriate. Her old friend having such a quirk, this is something she must expect.

“One, you can fly you dumbass, two, you were going to take the kid extreme skydiving, and three, how do you jump back and forth between being afraid of heights or not?” she questions with annoyance in her tone.

Given how their time is running short, the party speechlessly looking towards Cyra and Valor. They can only wonder how they can find any moment for such exchange of words. Valor holding his hands up defensively, proceeding to defend his senseless fear.

“It comes and goes...when I’m motivated enough, the feeling goes away haha? But that thing...yeah...nnnooo...” he slowly shakes his head in refusal.

Cyra walking up to Valor, the god looking on in unease. The maiden immediately grabbing him, wrapping her arm around his neck, aiming her revolver to his head. Valor’s expression turning pale in that moment. The supreme god silently praying to himself.

“Now, who are you more afraid of? That weapon? Or me?” she pleasantly questions.

“Haha?” he whimpers.

“Good,” she proudly smiles.

Valor looking up to the Sky Tower. It is appearing there is no way out of this one. Either face his fear, or face her, neither are pleasant options. For certain she will make the remainder of his life a new type of living hell.

“Ooohh...where did I go wrong in my life...?” he hangs himself in defeat.

“Around the time you met me,” she joyously speaks.

Argent looking towards the two, with little to even say on the situation. This much the child has come to accept of these two old friends. The many meanings behind their ever so bountiful words and actions.

“This...this is very normal...” Argent propping his head.

Everyone looking on, uncertain on what to even think. Though in the least, they do know that Valor is on board. Even if it is out of a greater fear. At this point, they will require everyone’s cooperation. For one final stand against the one ever so high above.

“Well then...I guess since we are all in agreement, we should head up there now,” Odin scratching the back of his head with his right hand.

“Right,” Ares covering his face with his hand.

The final battle is approaching. Cyra looking towards the Sky Tower. Perhaps with the assistance of the gods, there just might be a chance of success. Even in the face of such great peril, there can be some laughs.

There is only one way I can think to defeat this deity. It would seem this will be my last battle. Is this sadness within me? Heh...of course it is. Perhaps I still hold onto my emotions after all...if things are going to end this way...then I suppose it is better to end it having emotions. That is what separates me from being a beast...

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