Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 21: Those Who Seek Forgiveness(Part 1)

Before this final battle...I would like to know...Maria...what I it truly something that you can forgive me of...?

High in the sky, the tower stretching on. It is hard to say how far, or even how wide it is. The party standing on a platform, looking down to the world below. There is no going back now, with the time until the end nearing ever so quickly, they can only move forward. There is only one chance remaining, one final stand against the one residing ever so high.

“Argent, are you sure about this?” Cyra questions, glancing towards him.

The child turning towards the maiden, looking up to her. Even though it is quite dangerous, the boy cannot simply stand by and watch everything crumble around him. Argent holding his fist to his chest, the child expressing such certainty within his eyes.

“I am positive, I cannot sit and hide while you and everyone else are risking their lives to stop this thing. Was it not you who told me that we take control of our own futures? That it is decided by us, and no one else?” he questions in confidence.

There is no such thing as fate. That word is simply an illusion. One must take hold of the future with their own two hands, guiding their lives in the direction they so desire. There may be conflict on the way, but this is to be of expectance. In order to move ahead, one must have the will to oppose reason.

“Heh, yeah, I suppose I was the one who told you that,” she faintly smiles.

The devil turning, looking down the looming pathway. Cyra seeing angels suffering from their mutations, and demons as well experiencing the same. The angels possessing six wings, layering with armor. The demons ranging from quite a bit. Orc’s, griffins, humanoids, and so on. Cyra closing her eyes, envisioning a path ahead. This tower may be frighteningly long, but certainly there is a clear way forward. The halfbreed deeply thinking, trailing the many layers towards the top.

Cyra soon opening her eyes, looking on with those eyes shining with such confidence. Even if the chances are almost nonexistent, one must push on, taking hold of their own future. No matter how hopeless it may appear.

“Everyone, one person will stay behind on each floor to prevent enemies from advancing further. Once I reach Ultima, he will be unable to maintain the monsters, so he will keep his attention on the battle. Meet up with me then,” Cyra explaining.

Valor propping his arms behind his head. The god thinking for a moment, looking up to the seemingly endless pathways. The deity soon turning his attention towards the maiden. As it is standing now, there are little options to work with. The supreme god knowing his old friend is making the best decisions she can. Time is growing short, and the weight of it all is crushing down upon her.

“That’s a solid plan, maybe...well, it’s the best one we have right now,” Valor sighing.

Freya looking in the direction of Valor, seeing how he is viewing the maiden. The goddess can only wonder how he can put so much faith in her. Freya looking away for a moment, perhaps a bit envious really. However, the goddess soon casting aside those emotions, turning her attention ahead to the many enemies.

“In that case, I will remain on this floor,” Freya calmly speaks.

“Good—” Cyra directing her right hand forward.

“—Clear a path!” she commands.

Without any further encouragement, Freya flying ahead. The monsters taking notice, swarming the goddess all around. Freya holding her hands together, creating a small energy of stardust. The stardust rapidly spiraling, the goddess glaring at her enemies. Freya raising her hands, the energy massively expanding. The monsters closing in upon the goddess. With the glimmer in her eyes, the force of the energy creating a powerful suction, pulling the demons and angels into it.

“Go now! I cannot keep this up for too long!” Freya urges.

“Let us go,” Cyra calmly speaks, walking onward.

The party following behind, witnessing the enemies falling victim to the powerful suction of Freya’s assault. Where they will end up? Hard to tell really, and in all honesty, it matters little at this moment. They make their way around a circular platform, looking down to the land below. Everyone seeming fine with the height, well, all except for Valor who is so desperately trying to calm his nerves.

“You lot are so dead when this is over...” Valor’s expression is pale.

Odin merely looking to Valor in disbelief. Hard to really think that the god is a step below Ultima. Claiming the title of supreme due to his many talents. For one holding such a high standing, it is hard to believe they can have a simple weakness.

“You call yourself a god when you are scared of heights, how laughable,” Odin slightly mocking.

“Oh shut it you old man,” Valor looking towards Odin.

Artemis trying to ignore the two. Even back home they can never see eye to eye. Perhaps this is the reason why. If Valor simply takes his job more seriously, then certainly this event may not have even happen. Though, he chooses to align himself with the abomination over his own. An old friend eternally following the halfbreed.

“Still, I would never think we would ever work together. Call this an ironic twist,” Artemis faintly smiling.

“I must agree there,” Cyra looking up to the endless sky.

Argent looking at them. The child can gather as much that they do not like each other, which is making it even more fascinating that they can come to an understanding like this. It goes to show, even in the darkest of times, there is always a light. Even if it is but a somber morrow, nothing is ever truly hopeless.

“So you were all enemies...and now you’re all working, that’s actually an amazing feat,” Argent smiling.

Ares thinking on the boy’s comment for a bit. Certainly if such an event never have come into reality, then they will still be enemies in this very moment. Life can be funny at times one may believe. Though, that is the randomness of life one can say. One that may hold endless possibilities.

“Is it really? Then again...I guess it is...” Ares agreeing.

“Either way, our work is cut out for us,” Chronos propping his arms behind his head.

From below, Levi following along. The devils swarming the beast, but their efforts are in vain. The leviathan fighting off the enemies, breaking through one threat after the next. Letting out his mighty roar far and wide.

“That leviathan is sure coming in handy,” Ares looking down to Levi.

Argent looking on, seeing the leviathan bashing his massive tail across many enemies, scattering them far and wide. The fearsome beast crashing through devils and angels, tearing away the area all around.

“He’s pretty cool, I wonder if he’ll let me pet him,” Argent smiling.

Valor folding his arms, looking away. The deity slowly shaking his head in disbelief, figuring that the animal is more of a loose cannon. Thinking back to how he simply greets the animal, and what does he get? A threat.

“I...highly doubt that, seems like he hates people...” Valor glancing to Levi.

“No Val, he just hates you,” Cyra smiling back at him.

The god looking towards the maiden, seeing that all too familiar smile. Such causing a slight blush to come to his face. Never a dull moment it is appearing. Valor cannot disagree there if anything, the beast really does hate him.

“Ha-ha...very funny...but it’s true,” he sighs in defeat


Artemis looking towards them. It is nice really, Cyra may be an abomination, but certainly their truce does teach her much. Perhaps even for a moment, there can be a light. That even in the deepest of darkness, all one has to do is reach out.

“It must be nice, to be able to let your worries go away at any instance, even among such pressing times...” Artemis faintly smiling.

The party making their way to a glowing platform. They soon stand in front of it, looking up to the seemingly endless pathway above. Time is growing short, and Ultima is becoming more restless by the moment. They can feel the intensity of his power increasing by the moment.

“I guess this thing is to lead higher up...he must be expecting us,” Valor folding his arms.

Cyra glancing back to her companions. A bunch of misfits they are, but given the situation ahead, it is better to have this party, than going at it alone. Even if they all combat this foe together, the chances of success are minuscule at best.

“I do not find that hard to believe. Now let us continue,” Cyra calmly utters.

They walk upon the center of the platform, a bright light encircling them. Argent looking around in amazement. It is hard to believe that all of this has been in creation in an instance. The devil continuing to look higher, her eyes brimming with such confidence. Soon enough they teleport, arriving on the next floor. The second floor appearing to be no different, well other than being on an even higher elevation. The closer they make their way to the top, the more nerve wrecking it is becoming.

“I guess this is where I get off. Just hurry to the top so that we can get in on the action,” Ares smiling.

“Will do,” Cyra assuring him.

Ares looking at his hand, soon clenching it into a fist. Pure fire burning from his hand. The enemies looking on, seeing the fire intensifying. The enemies soon viciously reacting, rushing towards the god of fire. Ares plunging his hand down to the field, unleashing the mighty energy. The fire raging far and wide, engulfing the entire floor in the perilous flames. The monsters trying to draw closer, their efforts being in vain. Their bodies incinerating as fast as they come, screams filling the endless sky.

“Hurry along now, I cannot keep this up forever as well,” Ares faintly smiling.

“Be-careful, Ares,” Argent warning.

Ares looking towards the boy. Perhaps in the small time they have come to know each other, he has grown on the deity. Madness this must be indeed. Only when the worlds is at the end of days can he feel some kind of attachment.

“Don’t worry sport, I will be fine. Though, make sure that woman gets to the top. Otherwise, all of this will be for naught,” Ares giving him a thumbs up.

“I will! Sis will beat em!” Argent confidently speaks.

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