Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 21: Those Who Seek Forgiveness(Part 2)

Ares looking on, hoping that the faith the kid has in the maiden meets the expectation. As it is standing now, the chances of success are minuscule at best. A halfbreed going against the greatest defiler there is, there is not much hope to begin with in the first place. However so, it does not hurt to believe.

“I sure hope so,” he sighs.

Chronos glancing to Ares, soon walking onward. The objective is clear, to get Cyra to the top. If she falters, then all hope is lost. If there is any use for this freakish power of hers, then certainly this is it. Time is growing shorter with each passing moment, the pressure intensifying all around.

“We should hurry now,” Chronos speaks in some uncertainty.

“Indeed,” Cyra agreeing, walking onward.

They walk along the path, watching the enemies burning away. The screaming of many fiends filling the area. The devil looking on, her eyes seeming not to care of the demise of her enemies. With little time to work with, survival is of most importance. Still, perhaps deep down she does feel some sorrow for them.

“You really are cold you know. Using us like disposable commodities,” Chronos looking away in slight disgust.

Cyra glancing back to Chronos, he can think whatever he likes of her, but it matters little really. The maiden knowing this much is true of her, and given the current situation, all that matters is taking hold of that hope, and making it into a reality. Even if it shall mean using all those around her to achieve such an end.

“It is your fault in the first place. I will use anyone, and anything at my disposal at this point. I will hold onto who and what I am until the very end. If I cannot even do that...then we have no chance of defeating this beast,” she calmly states.

“Perhaps so,” Chronos agreeing, glancing to her.

Valor letting out a sigh, soon propping his arms behind his head, looking up to the seemingly endless sky above. It is a miracle that they can make it this far together. The god knowing well that he cannot expect his old friend to be completely friendly towards the other deities.

“Oh come on, stop with all of this gloom and doom. When this is over, let’s all go for a drink,” Valor smiling.

Chronos shrugging as he sighs, for once he can agree with Valor. All he wishes for is this event to be over with. To push all of this out of the way, turning the page towards a better tomorrow. A mistake this has been, one in which no one is deserving of this cruelty by the god residing ever so high above.

“I guess I am down with that as they say,” Chronos agreeing.

“I guess so, this has been a very stressful experience,” Artemis pleasantly agreeing.

“Indeed,” Odin agreeing.

“I can go for a drink as well,” Cyra glancing back to them.

Odin looking towards Cyra, seeing that same resolve. The maiden is indeed the child of Reynas, there is no mistaking it. It is unnerving really. To think Reynas can give birth to someone who is potentially even more powerful than her. Argent looking to Cyra, noticing she does not seem enthusiastic about returning to have a drink with everyone else. The boy can only wonder why, such causing the child to feel concern.

—Third Floor—

Chronos expanding his arms, many pentagrams rapidly spiraling around him, expanding far and wide. Time beginning to slow, the enemies movements immensely reducing. The deity of time moving through the many loops, eliminating one threat after the other, the party continuing onward.

“We are nearing the top...not too much longer now...” Cyra positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

Argent looking towards Cyra, his concerns becoming much more clear now. Hearing the sound in her voice, he can only wonder why. Usually she is much more confident than this. The boy feeling as if Cyra is moving further and further away.

“ don’t seem well...” Argent speaks in concern.

The halfbreed glancing to the child, witnessing his concerns. Perhaps she has been too careless, to have her worries expressing like this. Whatever is to come at the end of this madness, only she shall bear with the consequences of it. Her desires deep within, that soul eternally in bondage. The chance to break free, but at what cost? The maiden continuously pushing forward, even in the blackest of abyss.

“I am well, it is natural to have some doubts before such a battle. Though, I must do away with these doubts in order to have a chance at victory, so I am taking time to gather my nerves,” she explains.

“I see...”

Hearing those words, the child calming a bit. Still, he cannot put his finger on it. Perhaps it is the stress of the situation. After all, the end of days is at hand. There is only one more chance to push through. Odin looking in the direction of Cyra, there is no doubt in his mind, she does appear to have a plan in mind to combat Ultima. A frightening one she is, to even come up with a solution against such a god. There is appearing to be no limit to what she can do.

“What could you be planning? You certainly do seem to know of a way to defeat Ultima...” Odin wondering.

Valor looking towards her, understanding how she is feeling. To have such a great weight upon her shoulders. However, he will believe that she will achieve success. This undying faith he is continuing to have. Even in the deepest of abyss, she will fight against those endless tides. No matter how many times she falls, the maiden will continue to rise again. Cyra will continue returning even stronger than before.

“It is good to gather your nerves before a major battle, at least this way, one can go in with a clear mind,” Valor folding his arms.

“Indeed, we should all do the same. To dispose of any doubts we have,” Artemis supporting.

Cyra looking ahead, from the depths of her mind, she can only wonder if she will really be of success. Even more so than that, of the solution that can take down this beast. The chances of success might as well be a fools goal at this point. However, it is better to have a fools errand, than to simply give up and perish.

Valor...Argent...I am afraid...but for an entirely different reason. I just hope...that such an action to defeat this beast is not necessary...

—Fourth Floor—

They soon arrive on a floor seeming separate from the usual world. An endless void with a stairway of stardust leading higher and higher. Cyra looking on, wondering how vast Ultima’s power is. For him to create this, it is nerve wrecking. It is appearing that his power has no end to it. Artemis raising her hands. Water swarming far and wide, soon rushing in every direction, engulfing the floor in water. The fierce currents washing away the monsters. The many fiends trying to fight against the harsh tides. The assault unfortunately proving too strong for them to withstand.

“All of the gods are so powerful...even together you’re saying it may not be enough to defeat Ultima?” Argent questions.

The boy looking towards Odin, wondering how even if together, they cannot bring down a single deity. It is hard to believe. After all, one can use such great fire, the other can create black holes, one can drown their enemies, and another can even stop time. Such magnificent abilities, yet they are all inferior to this one god, even if they act as one.

“Indeed, Ultima is the final weapon of the gods meant to purge everything. To eradicate all life. This in turn will cause new life to be birthed, and a new future at that,” Odin explaining.

Hearing those words, such enraging Valor. The supreme god trying to hold in his anger. After all, this is no time to be fighting amongst themselves. This can wait until afterwards. For now there is one objective in mind. With the end hastily approaching, they must seize every opportunity they have to bring success.

“You should have never even tried to unleash such a monstrosity...” Valor looking away, sternly grinning.

For once Odin can agree with the god. Such an action he does indeed regret, though it is far too late for such. All they can do is push onward, trying to defeat this powerful enemy. The time for squabbles are over. Now a final push is of requirement between all of them, in order to have a chance to see the next day.

“I know that now...I was a fool with my decision. Even demons has their worth upon the Nine Worlds,” Odin looking away.

“Even demons huh...” Cyra distantly thinking.

—Fifth Floor—

The remaining party standing at an intersection. They look on, seeing monsters everywhere. The land and air alike. It is of no surprise really, as they draw closer to the top, the monsters will be in much greater numbers. Odin raising Gungnir, the legendary spear. Massive electrical energy surging through the weapon, soon unleashing far and wide. The lightning striking down from above, reducing the enemies to ashes by the force of it. One after the next, no matter how many tries to resist, they all meet the same end.

“One more floor, let us make haste,” Cyra directing her right hand forward.

“Demon, you keep fighting until the very end. Otherwise, this spells the end for everyone,” Odin looking towards her with a slightly stern expression.

The maiden glancing back to Odin for a moment, a faint smile coming to her face. Perhaps the old fool is not so bad. The worlds can be ever so twisting, but certainly this does not excuse his actions. Cyra may be a halfbreed, but even towards the end, she will fight as a devil. To take hold of her own future, her own desires.

“Heh, very well then. I plan to do so anyway,” she walks onward.

“You have come a long way, Cyra. Through much sorrow, you continue to rise. Perhaps this time...this time things can finally go as intended...” Valor faintly smiling, following behind.

Levi ascending higher into the tower, letting out his menacing roar. It is appearing the leviathan is ready for the finale. The most unlikely of allies all gathering together, working as one towards the deity residing high above. Even if it is but a somber morrow, at least there are certain grounds everyone can meet on.

“Levi is raring to go! So let’s go as well!” Argent speaks in excitement.

“Right...” Cyra agreeing, faintly smiling. sacrifice so much to give me this one opportunity...I will grasp your wishes, and try to make those dreams into a reality...after all...I see now. I carry your hopes and dreams. Maria...I am carrying your desires as well...I certainly hope you can forgive such a poor excuse of a mother...

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