Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 21: Those Who Seek Forgiveness(Conclusion)

—Sixth Floor—

They arrive on the next floor. Looking on, seeing Behemoths blocking the pathway to the peak of the Sky Tower. Valor walking ahead, slowly unsheathing his katana. Cyra and Argent looking on, seeing the deity vanishing. In an instant, the god appearing at the center, staking his blade into the ground. An icy mist rushing through the area, immediately freezing over the entire place, entombing his enemies in glaciers. To eternally rest in such a pitiful state. The deity standing straight, sheathing his katana, turning in Cyra’s direction. The maiden and Argent walking up to Valor.

“Cyra, don’t do anything reckless. Comeback, okay?” Valor smiling at her.

Her eyes meeting with those of her old friend, both sharing one more moment. Even if the chances are not in her favor, there might be something she can do to turn the odds. If anything, she does not intend to throw in the towel easily.

“I will...Argent, stay here,” Cyra glancing back to the child.

Argent looking up to Cyra, at first he wishes to go along with her. Though, he can see the seriousness in her eyes. The boy witnessing those eyes of confidence, soon stepping away from her. The final battle is arriving, where her desires will be put to the test. Her own resolve against that of the deity above.

“Okay sis...good luck...” Argent encourages.

The boy feeling concern, but knowing well that she cannot fight her best if she concerns herself with his safety. The devil turning, looking to the stairway leading higher and higher. The many trials the maiden endures on the way towards this moment. Even so, there is one thing continuously grabbing at her mind. The halfbreed taking a moment to gather her nerves.

Before...before I go...I have only one more doubt...

Cyra beginning to ascend the stairway. Each and every step causing some doubt inside of her. Remembering the blurry image of the child. The wondering who it is. Even though she has her suspicions, such is not enough to make a valid claim. Cyra soon stopping in front of a portal. The maiden distantly looking upon the light. If the blurry image of the child is indeed who she is suspecting, then she knows the child will be well. However, it is appearing that those wishes deep within her will not reach reality. To right that wrong ever so long ago.

“Maria...I apologize...I guess I was never able to make things right...” she speaks with a heavy heart.


The devil hearing an all too familiar voice. Her eyes slightly widening. The halfbreed slowly turning, seeing her innocent daughter standing before her. It is hard to believe really. The eyes of the two meeting with the other.

“Maria...!” her voice trembling a bit.

Maria standing there, the girl feeling relief that her mother can finally see and hear her. Oh how so long she has been trying with no results, the child continuously holding onto belief that her mother will eventually see and hear her the more she persists. Now those efforts are finally one of reality.

“Mommy, I know what you tried to do. I tried to talk to you for a long time, but you never could see me, or notice me really...” she slightly looks away.


Cyra can only imagine the grief the child endures. The endless actions the devil has done, the pain it must have cause Maria. Cyra kneeling to her daughter, the maiden hanging her head low. Her heart quivering, wondering if her child is feeling any animosity towards her. After all, such will be of understanding.

“You did...?”

“Uh-huh,” Maria looking at her mother with more gentle eyes

“Do you hate me...?”

Cyra looking towards her child. Questions in which she must know. Even if Maria does despise her, this much she must expect. After all, what she has done is not something that can ever be forgiven. A mother trying ever so long ago to save the life of her child, when in reality she has taken on their life. Never an intention, but a horrible miscalculation.

“No, I could never hate you mommy!” she holds her hands to her chest.

Cyra looking towards her daughter, seeing that all too familiar smile. The devil wondering how she can smile at her still. The halfbreed embracing her daughter, holding the girl tight within her arms.

“I—I am so sorry, Maria. I—I only meant to save you...”

Tears welling within the eyes of the maiden, soon streaming down. The girl understanding the grief her mother endures. Maria being there every step of the way. Witnessing how far her mother pushes, trying to right that wrong. How far she will fall into the pit of despair.

“I know mommy, I have been watching for a long time.”

Hearing those words, it does bring the maiden to ease. For certain she does know the words of her daughter has been true. That mysterious child following her, saving her from time to time. No matter how bleak a situation may appear, there is always some hope.

“I it was my own insecurity then...” Cyra faintly smiling.

“’re so strong mommy...” Maria smiling.

Her child continuing to hold such high faith in her. Even in those earlier times. The doubts within the devil’s heart slowly settling, Cyra moving to arms length. The maiden looking into her daughters eyes, pressing on with another question.

“Why did you follow us that night...?” Cyra questions, her eyes painful upon her child.

The girl slightly looking down, knowing that she is as much at fault as well. Following her mother into the Tower of Time. That knight of darkness taking her life. Having a hand in furthering the despair within her mother.

“I followed because I was really worried...I’m really sorry...I caused mommy so much trouble...” sadness expressing from the child.

“You are right, you did cause mommy so much trouble, but that is okay...” Cyra faintly smiling.

The devil gazing into the eyes of her daughter, the child only looking on. Surprise might be a better word to describe what she is experiencing. Deep down, Maria wondering for ever so long, whether her mother will be angry or not.

“Really mommy...?”

“ Maria, you must leave this world. There is no need to worry about mommy anymore, okay?” she faintly smiles.

The child looking towards her mother, wanting to remain there to support her even more. The maiden knowing that well. Seeing the eyes of the girl. Those rebellious own reminding the devil of herself.

“But...” conflicting emotions taking hold of the child.

“Your mommy wants you to rest now, okay? You have been a very good girl to keep watch for all of this time, but now your mommy has to do this all by herself,” she softly speaks.

The girl looking away for a moment, processing her mother’s words. Maria soon looking towards her mother again. The child accepting her mother’s wishes. That this is something Cyra must do on her own.

“Okay, mommy...don’t die...” she complies.

“I will not,” Cyra softly assuring Maria.

Cyra looking on, seeing the body of her child slowly turning into stardust. It does cause her pain, seeing the stardust ascending higher and higher into the air, watching Maria slowly fading away. Though, she knows that this is for the best. That her daughter is deserving of a proper rest.

“Mommy...will we see each other again?” she props her head in hope.

“One day...I promise, one day we will see each other again. Then we will go see everywhere together,” she smiles at her.

Those words setting the child to ease, a smile coming to her face. One day they will be together again. Those pleasureful times can once again become a reality. It might not be now, or even in a thousand years, but certainly eventually such times can become a reality once more.

“And daddy?” Maria verifying.

Cyra looking away for a moment. Even if her father is such a horrid person, a child might never be able to accept such. There is little time to think on a possible response. The girl looking towards her mother, wondering what the delay can be. The halfbreed slowly shaking her head in refusal, looking at her daughter with such warm eyes.

“Your daddy had to leave...” she softly speaks.


Maria wondering what her mother means. There is not much time to think of it however. The child is slowly losing her energy, and does not have the time to question this. Even though she will much appreciate an answer, the girl cannot resist the temptation to rest.

“Sleep well, Maria...” Cyra encouraging, tears coming to her eyes.

Maria closing her eyes, saying a few parting words before departing from the world of the living. The eyes of the maiden slightly widening, watching the stardust ascending higher and higher into the air. Slowly fading out of sight.

“I love you, mommy...”

A teardrop falling from the maidens eye, hitting the ground below. Indeed parting can be painful, but she knows that her daughter is finally at rest now. The time where they can be a family again, such a moment may not come for a very long time.

“I love you too, Maria...”

Maria...for a while, I had a feeling it was you who has been watching over me for so long. I suppose I am very lucky to have had you as a daughter. Despite that vile man...if anything...I wish you would have gotten to know Valor. I am certain you two would have had a lot of fun together. With doubts no more...I can finally face the final threat ahead. Sleep well, Maria. You have earned it...

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