Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Finale: Those Who Desire(Part 1)

Cyra standing from the ground with no more doubts lingering within her. The maiden turning to the light shining ever so purely. Though, that pure light is no more than a lie. Knowing all too well of who is waiting on the other side. The devil stepping onto the altar, and the light encircling her. Cyra looking, the energy teleporting her towards the final destination.

—Sky Tower’s Summit—

A wide open field with no obstructions. High in the background revealing many floating platforms such as planets and moons. Indeed one can call this the domain of a god befitting such a title. Cyra standing at the center, looking up at Ultima. A dragon he is. Horns of a devil. Scales pure white. Eyes that are heavenly, one standing more like a humanoid.

“Ultima, or should I call you the treacherous swine?” she runs her hand through her hair.

Ultima looking down at her from ever so high. Oh how small she appears now. An ant to his mighty power. However, it is no surprise that she will resist, that is simply who she is. Even if her power is far from anything that might be a threat, the maiden will continue to look down on him. The sight of her boiling his blood.

“’s good to see you hm hm. Ah, how long I have waited to get my revenge against you.”

Revenge, naturally the maiden expects this. Perhaps in those earlier days, it might have been better to put an end to his life, but in those times, there has been no point in taking the life of someone who has no will to continue on. A mistake that has been, one in which she will be certain to rectify.

“Revenge you say? Hah, you hold onto trivialities of the past. Such things will only hasten your demise,” she calmly speaks.

“Still annoyingly arrogant as ever I see,” he coldly responds.

Cyra feeling the immense pressure of the god crushing down at her. Even so, she continues to resist. Seeing the malevolence and divinity extending from the body of Ultima, such unnerving her. However, it does not mean he is invincible. Somewhere in this abyss, there must be a weakness to exploit.

“Reed, this is your last warning. Put aside your hatred, and walk away. Whatever happens after this point cannot be taken back,” she warns.

How funny she says such things. Ultima merely chuckling at those words. This hardly coming as any surprise in all actuality. A foolish one the being before them are. Going ever so far, all due to a petty grudge. The devil taking a step forward, glaring at the one standing ever so high.

“Taken back? Hah! I won’t have any regrets after taking your life heh heh.”

The intensity of the pressure all around her. The halfbreed calmly looking on. In all honesty it matters little that he is targeting her life. At least with his hatred in direction to her, it means the others can be safe. A dispute between two mighty beings.

“Is that so? Well then, I hate to disappoint you, but I have no intention of dying this day, or any other day as a matter of fact,” her daring eyes are upon him.

Seeing those eyes of hers, such filling the deity with rage. The maiden standing upon her side, directing her revolver at the massive beast. No matter the feats this swine achieves, she will continue to oppose. Perhaps this is her fault. The maiden pushing ahead with her selfish desires, her actions within the past. Everything leading up to the day of ruin.

“You who have defiled so many lives do not invite a simple death,” she calmly states.

Ultima feeling disgust with her words, wondering how she of all beings has any right to say such. Over the countless years, even more so in recent times. The level in which she will push to achieve her own ends.

“And you are suddenly innocent of all your crimes against the Nine Worlds? Hah! How hypocritical,” he mocks.

Indeed her sins are weighing heavy upon her. Sins in which can never be forgiven, but in comparison to his own, it does not even come close. All throughout this endless cycle, the maiden has always been one to act within reason. Even if her actions might be irrational, she will always use such irrationality to form a new reasoning. Unlike the foe before her, where his reasoning is merely his petty grudge against her.

“Perhaps so, but at least I try to make amends. You simply continue on, taking what you want, and disposing of the remainder. Filth, that is what you are,” she coldly speaks.

“You’ll regret those words when you’re begging for your life!” he yells, striking down at her with his mighty claw.

The maiden looking on, seeing the massive claw of the beast descending upon her. Cyra dematerializing in that moment, circling around the massive hand of the deity. The hand of Ultima crashing down at the land below, creating an intense tremor. The halfbreed materializing in front of the face of the god, firing a barrage of negative energy from her revolvers. Many assaults colliding into a barrier, the energy exerting from the shield, assimilating the attack.

“My revolvers are useless...” she uneasily thinks.

Cyra looking above in unease, seeing a massive energy ball of malevolence rapidly generating. The attack sparking with great intensity. The devil looking on, witnessing the god directing the assault at her. The pressure of the energy crushing down upon her.

“Your power is inferior to my own! How does it feel to be weak?!” Reed proudly declares.

The maiden landing upon the ground below, seeing the beast unleashing the massive negative energy upon her. The devil holding her left hand back, generating a small crimson energy burning in malevolence.

“No matter what you do, it is useless against me!”

Perhaps it may indeed be useless, but there is a weakness, even in the strongest of enemies. Cyra feeling the approach of the massive energy, the maiden unleashing a crimson wave. The red attack grabbing the assault of the massive ball of energy. Ultima noticing the two powers ferociously clashing against the other. Frustration growing within him by the second. The god raising his claw, Cyra noticing the beast lunging at the two mighty forces. Ultima striking the attacks, causing them to self-destruct. The intense force surrounding Cyra, the halfbreed looking on in unease.

“Disappear!” he commands.

The assaults colliding into the maiden, violently exploding. Ultima slowly floating back, carefully observing ahead of him. The eyes of the deity slightly widening, seeing the devil emerging out of the smoke in her werewolf form. The god immediately taking alarm, seeing Cyra ascending high above. The maiden taking aim at him like an arrow. Cyra descending upon Ultima, their claws clashing against the other. The deity pushing back against her, forcing the halfbreed down to the ground. Massive rocky objects flying into the air.

Ultima pulling back his mighty claw. The maiden continuing her assault much to his surprise. Her speed increasing by the moment. Each strike of her claw becoming much more heavy and precise. His frustration growing by the moment, to think that all he can do is block. It is infuriating.

Cyra dashing behind the beast, her claw scraping against the ground. The maiden glaring at Ultima with those bloodlust eyes, lunging at him. Ultima raising his claw high, immediately slamming down at her, pushing her down into the ground. The surrounding area intensely tearing apart.

“When will you accept that your power is nothing compared to my own?” Ultima arrogantly questions.

The deity raising his claw, the being looking on, seeing Cyra massively growing. The being slowly floating back in shock, witnessing the armor of the death angel forming upon her body, massive black feathery wings extending from her. The god seeing the scythe extending far.

Ultima looking on, seeing a shadowy double. The doppelgänger creating a duplicate of the transformation. The deity wondering what is driving her to continue on. It is making little sense really. To think she can continue to oppose him.

“Reed, no matter how many times you knock me down, I will return stronger than before,” she calmly speaks.

His eyes slightly widening, this is something he cannot accept. The fists of the deity shaking in deep frustration. Unable to accept this, the being letting out a mighty roar. Malevolence and divinity intensifying from him. Cyra raising her scythe, and the doppelgänger doing the same.

A massive stone tablet formulating high in the air, Cyra taking notice. The maiden looking on, seeing ancient seals filling with negative energy. There is not a moment to spare. Immediately turning her attention to Ultima, the maiden striking at him. Following through on that, the doppelgänger mimicking the same action.

Ultima unleashing the negative energy from the ancient tablet as the weapons approach. Dark spikes of malevolence descending, rapidly striking at the maiden and the doppelgänger. The assault being too much to withstand, Cyra shedding her physical form. The doppelgänger disappearing into the darkness. The devil materializing on the ground level, taking on the form of Gluttony. Skin being black, coating in steel, nine black feathery wings extending afar, those blood red eyes looking upon her enemy.

“No matter what tricks you pull against me, it will all end the same!” Ultima ascending high into the air.

Cyra looking on, seeing the deity generating a massive negative energy within his mighty jaws. If there is any chance of stopping this assault, she will have to try and devour it. The maiden raising her claw high. Ultima feeling the influence she has over him, the god persisting. Ultima building up the assault, the energy intensifying by the moment. The god unleashing a massive ball of darkness upon the maiden. Cyra plunging her claw into the attack. The malevolence tearing away at the assault by the moment.

Ultima looking on, seeing the darkness slowly flowing into her body. The maiden trying to persist, but the attack appearing to be too much for even her to devour. The malevolence slowly leaving her body. Cyra dashing away in the final moment, returning to her normal form. The assault colliding into the land, violently exploding. The devil blocking out the intensity of the attack, wondering what else she can do to stop this enemy. Not even her best formations are enough.

“It’s over,” Ultima calmly speaks.

Cyra looking around, seeing crystals of darkness extending around her. They appear to go on and on. The maiden taking a step back, uncertain on how to even defend herself from this. No matter which direction she can take this battle, it is appearing the power of Ultima is far too much for her to handle.


The halfbreed hearing a loud roar, turning her attention to the sky. Ultima looking on, seeing the mighty beast descending. Levi diving below, circling the surroundings on the ground, destroying the many crystals. The beast absorbing negative energy into his body, then unleashing it, creating a massive tornado of malevolence.


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