Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 4: Destined Reunion(Conclusion)

—Present Time—

Emotions evermore inside of the past, never reaching another. Agony striking at the soul, no matter so, that will in holding onto the smallest of possibilities. Distant times of those days, a nightmare inside of reality. A heart in bondage, feelings remaining within. Deep below inside of the NetherWorld, high in the air, angels descending, storming the land. Many devils fleeing, those beings pursuing. Maria standing on top of a tall building, sickening this vision is upon her. Those winged assailants slaughtering demon after demon, screaming echoing through. Men, women, children, it is matter naught. That young woman keeping her mind steady, that chance coming at hand after so long.

“Where are you...?” Maria’s eyes of disgust.

Screaming ripping through, many pleading for their lives. No matter so, blood painting the ground. A heart evermore in pain witnessing this, yet a resolve holding strong. Years upon years of searching for a certain one, that time being ever so close. Emotions boiling at her core, a mind keeping steady. Glancing back, feeling an approaching presence. That young woman calmly turning, resting her vision on an angel. Eyes evermore lifeless, a spear directing at her. A weapon and no more, this clawing away at the soul of the maiden. A life without a will of its own, gods no more than scums ever so high.

“They have even taken the will of their own...” Maria distantly states.

No words leaving the enemy, those emotionless eyes upon her. That young woman slightly looking away, loathing every moment of this. Many years of the past, countless enemies coming before her. No matter so, all of them having their own reasoning. Her heart understanding them, those having their own path forward. Resting her vision on her enemy, that man unable to even think for himself. That angel adjusting his stance, his spear directly aiming at her head. That young woman reaching her hand back, gripping the handle of her blade, her vision slightly more serious. Around each and every end, those deities revealing even more of their cruelty. A heart wishing for knowledge of the reasoning, witnessing a monstrosity before her very eyes. That angel massively expanding his wings, feathers falling to the ground, the devil taking a step back. Her enemy rushing at her, those eyes locking onto her. Adjusting her angling, Maria blocking his assault. That spear slightly passing her head, her heart rate slowly increasing.

“What is the point in mindlessly serving another...?” her expression stern upon her opponent.

Her words meeting deaf ears, an emotionless being. A weapon and no more, an atrocity. Screaming echoing through, genocide upon the world of the demons. No matter so, a heart reaching for its desire. That angel moving back, lunging forward once more. Slightly pulling away, Maria evading the stab of his spear. That weapon narrowly passing her rib, her vision of some unease. Adjusting her footing, dashing away, drawing a revolver with her offhand. Aiming onward, firing bullets of negative energy. That enemy moving around the assaults, rushing at her. Those attacks colliding into buildings from afar, explosions ripping through the area. Slightly grinning in uncertainty, that maiden analyzing the movements of her enemy.

“There must be an opening somewhere...” some doubt expressing from her eyes.

That wind evermore unsettling, a heart standing against the nigh impossible. Genocide upon the NetherWorld, even so, that will to oppose taking hold. Questions weighing on the mind, desperately reaching onward. Holding her footing, that angel closing in. Her enemy vanishing, those eyes of the young woman a bit more in unease. Her senses heightening, those waves of energy all around her. Feeling her approaching enemy, her heart beat hastening. Extending her blade, that enemy nearing her. Sweeping her sword off of the ground, intercepting the attack. Two powerful forces clashing against each other, the surrounding area slowly breaking apart. Parts of the building falling below, those eyes of the young woman never relenting. That angel resting his vision on his weapon, that spear cracking. Malevolence brightly burning from the sword of the maiden, negative energy intensifying. That Darkness crashing against the spear, ripping away at the weapon.

Every moment, one loathing the field of battle. An enemy without emotions, one unable to think for himself. A soul wishing for answers of the past, selfish she is, using the lives of others in order to satisfy her own end. No matter so, that one sympathizing with others. A demon amongst demons, but a heart evermore soft. That maiden resting her vision on her sword, hearing it crying out. That weapon acknowledging her pain, darkness dancing in the wind. Turning her attention ahead, witnessing the spear of the angel shattering into pieces. That young woman extending her blade, hanging her head low. Even amongst the lowest of the low, there is some sort of reasoning. Even so, in this case, it is an enemy without a purpose of his own. Staking her blade into the ground, that angel looking at her in confusion. Those eyes of crimson meeting his own of the sun, her vision light upon him.

“I will not end your life. Instead, I want you to find a reason for yourself,” she calmly speaks.

That angel slightly hanging his head low, this being far outside of his understanding. Maria thinking for a moment, perhaps foolish this is, yet her heart is preventing her from going forward. Walking up to the angel, that man resting his vision upon her. That young woman extending her hand to him, his eyes upon her gesture. From afar, someone looking onward. Unsurprising this situation is, one reaching out even towards an enemy. That angel shaking her hand, uncertain of the reasoning behind this. Stepping away, holding the side of his head, pain upon him. Maria stepping forward in concern, her hands upon his shoulders.

“What is wrong...?” she questions.

“Uggh...never-mind me, you have to leave here quickly...” he painfully responds.

That shifting in his behavior striking the young woman evermore strange, one emotionless not too long ago. His warning upon her, those eyes meeting with the other. That wind evermore gentle, hearts settling. Even if it is a moment of kindness, such creating a new bond. Whether it is from ever so high or below, those being similar from within. That mysterious person from afar bearing witness to this, a faint smile expressing upon them. Even now, that maiden reaching out to one under strict programming. That angel slowly stepping away from her, his eyes resting upon the young woman. That silver hair flowing in the wind, his armor shimmering underneath the light of the sun.

“I will do what I can...”

“Your name?” Maria questions, holding her hands behind her back.


That angel expanding his wings, ascending high into the sky. Maria resting her vision upon the descending feathers, her eyes distant upon them. Even if it is an unlikely friendship, it does not mean such is an impossibility. A gentle hand reaching out, forming a bond between two. Even if it is evermore cruel, perhaps for a moment there can be some bliss. That maiden returning to her demon sword, standing before it. That weapon being silent, a peculiar one it is. Extending her hand, gripping the handle of her blade, removing it from the ground. Feelings evermore familiar, yet unclear to her memories.

“I see you are doing well,” a familiar one speaks.

An all too familiar voice meeting her ears, a cold chill running down her spine. Mixtures of emotions flowing through her, hatred gripping at her core. That voice from ever so long ago, Maria facing in the direction of Valor. Those eyes of azure meeting her crimson own, stern her expression is upon him. Her suspicion evermore correct, that deity revealing himself within such a crisis. Gods raging war against the NetherWorld, no matter so, her own personal agenda being at hand. Even if her actions are selfish, those questions weighing on her mind. Even if the threat at hand is above her standing, that will to resist constantly taking hold. Standing upon her side, that young woman directing her blade at him.

“For years I have sought you out...!” she angrily speaks.

Hatred ever so deep inside of her, those memories never leaving her mind. Ground painting in blood, her mother in the arms of that deity. That father of hers in a pool of his own blood, a nightmare branding upon her soul. One fleeing in those distant days, seeking him out much later on. Those eyes of sorrow being upon her, that god slightly looking away. Doubt lingering inside of him, uncertain on a way of going forward. Mistakes so long ago, that one wishing to right the wrongs of those days. Even if the chances are minuscule at best, that deity holding onto the smallest of hope.

“Maria...are you really bent on taking my life?” his voice expressing sorrow.

“It is only natural, you murdered my parents...” she slightly turns her head in disgust, glaring at him.

Those days of the past, holding one ever so dear inside of his arms. Those eyes meeting with the other after so much time, hearts free to embrace the other. Even so, a fleeting moment it has been. Everything going wrong, those companions of his meeting a horrible end. Regret even further back, his heart agonizing him. Resting his vision upon the young woman ahead, this day coming after so long. Slowly inhaling and exhaling, that god gathering his nerves. One seeking answers from so long ago, a deity possessing what she is desiring. That hatred building for so many years, emotions rising to the surface.

“We should talk about what happened so long ago...” he turns from her, hanging his head low.

His words evermore distant, his behavior ever so peculiar. Those days of the past, her feelings reaching even now. Questions weighing on her mind, answers residing with another. A trap it may be, yet this chance being far too valuable. Genocide against the race of the demons, no matter so, her heart wishing to know his reasoning. Hatred growing over the many years, a nightmare upon her mind. That parting from her mother in those days, her life falling apart. Even so, that young woman picking up her remains in those times, pushing onward towards the future. Many years going by, that time finally being at hand.

“Very well,” Maria lowering her weapon, turning from him.

Those memories constantly being with her, her mother in the arms of that deity. Blood painting those grounds, words of farewell. There is much she is wishing to understand, that maiden searching for answers. Countless hours going by, those events making little sense. Anger rising from her core, that deity being responsible. Even so, learning of his reasoning, at least this much may bring her some solace. To put a close on her past, that young woman wishing to move onward in her life. Those gods raining down their judgment upon the demons, a certain devil wishing to end the life of one.

“Meet me at the top of the Tower of Time...that was where it all began...” Valor distantly states, that deity heading off.


Everything coming in full circle, that event from those distant days. Glancing back, Maria folding her arms. The Tower of Time, a nightmare branding upon her soul. Turning her attention ahead, witnessing the destruction far below. Those bodies scattering across the land, stench of blood being high in the air. Slightly looking away, a stern expression revealing upon her face. Those deities no doubt concealing something sinister, her experience with Victor. Events of the past slowly coming into reality, emotions tormenting her. Answers being so close, unsettling feelings gripping at her heart.

The Tower of Time...a nightmare constantly haunting me. There is much I am not aware of, even if I must return, I have to know...

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