Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Finale: Those Who Desire(Part 2)

Ultima looking on, feeling much annoyance now. Descending from above, an all too familiar deity, the field beginning to freeze over. Massive glaciers emerging from the ground, striking at Ultima. The coldness of the ice burning away at him.


Ultima floating back, slowly regaining his composure. Yet another one, perhaps not towards his calculations. Figuring the devil to always be one who battles alone. That has been her weakness as far as he can tell.

“Another one?!” Ultima hatefully speaks.

“Sorry I’m late,” Valor smiling at her.


The maiden looking on, feeling an intense heatwave shrouding the field. An inferno bursting from the depths below, raging high above. Appearing out of the flames is the god of fire. The deity folding his arms, the fire all around slowly dispersing. Particles dissipating into the air.

“Tch...! Surtr...? No...Ares!” Ultima angrily speaks.

Ares merely chuckling. To give Ultima something to be angry about, it does feel nice in a sense. The end of days it may be, but that does not mean the most unlikely cannot work together. Even more however, it does annoy the god of fire a bit, to be put in comparison to Surtr.

“At least you stopped comparing me to that guy,” Ares shrugging.

Cyra continuing to look on, seeing the deities continuously coming in. Freya and Artemis standing on opposite sides, focusing their attention on Ultima. A powerful spell binding the mighty beast in place.

“You insects are getting on my nerves...!” Ultima hatefully uttering.

Freya and Artemis paying the god no mind, turning their attention towards Cyra. Perhaps insects they are in the face of such a being ever so high. Alone they may not be much of a threat, but together they can certainly stand against impossible odds.

“Sorry, we got a bit held up,” Artemis folding her arms.

“But we’re here now, right?” Freya smiling.


Cyra faintly smiling, even if she is an abomination, it is appearing in such times, she can rely on another. After all, in such dire times, everyone can come together to support each other. From the heavens, Odin looking down at the mighty beast. The Godfather descending with Gungnir in hand, striking down at Ultima. The legendary spear hitting against the barrier. Ultima trying to resist the assault, but it is appearing his efforts are for naught. The barrier beginning to crack, soon shattering. Odin pressing his feet upon the head of the beast, leaping away, landing by the rest. The Godfather looking on, seeing Ultima slowly gathering himself.

“I guess team work does have its uses after all,” Odin faintly smiling.

“Tch...! You lot are a very unusual bunch. Gods teaming up with a demon? This has to be a sick joke...” Ultima coldly speaks.

Even in the darkest of times, there is a light. This is something the maiden continues to hold onto. This belief that can pave the way towards the future. No matter the morrow ahead, even if one is swimming in endless despair, there is always hope.

“It is not a joke! No matter how much power you have Ultima! Together we have more than enough to bring you down!” Argent retorts.

“Right! Now come on! Focus your assaults!” Valor commands.

Chronos walking out onto the field in total disbelief that they have forgotten about him. Perhaps they are all in the moment. Getting ever so into the final battle ahead. Everyone coming together for one final push against a being standing ever so high.

“Come on now, you can’t forget about me now,” he smiles.

“You guys...”

Cyra closing her eyes. It is nice, to have such support. Perhaps she is not alone after all, there are so many out there that is willing to lay their life on the line, to assist her in this seemingly impossible fight. The devil opening her eyes, standing upon her side. Cyra reaching back, taking hold of Lævateinn. The maiden directing it at Ultima, the weapon extending to its full length. The scythe stretching far, black scales coating the back of it. The bleeding red color glimmering in the light.

Malevolence beginning to emit from her body, the energy soon glowing a pure white color. Her offhand burning away at the moment, the darkness tearing it apart. Everyone looking on, witnessing a massive, shadowy claw of a dragon emerging. Such an action taking them by some alarm, but certainly this also means that Cyra still has a trick or two up her sleeve.

“Perhaps I have been trying to do things alone for much too long...heh, how foolish of me—”

Her daring eyes are upon Ultima, those eyes brimming with such confidence. For years upon years, the maiden treading down a path of eternal despair. Her soul eternally in bondage. Those events molding her vision, believing she must persist alone. However, apparently such is not true. There are many that will extend a helping hand towards her.

“—Onward! Hold nothing back!” Cyra commands.

Ultima resisting the binding set upon him. The deity letting out a mighty roar. Freya and Artemis struggling to keep the seal in place. The intensity of the malevolence crushing down upon them, combining with the energy of the divine. It is appearing that their efforts are for naught, the magic binding the monster shattering. Particles floating in the air.

“Aaaahh!!” Freya and Artemis screaming out.

The intensity of the assault, the crushing combination of divinity and malevolence. Freya and Artemis flying across the field from the impact. Ultima locking onto the maiden, the deity rushing towards her. The party scattering, avoiding the impact of his movements.

The beast appearing in front of the devil, striking down at her. Cyra leaping back, the maiden continuing to evade Ultima’s assaults. The deity launching a horizontal strike. Cyra taking notice of the attack, flipping over the attack. Ultima looking up, the halfbreed glaring down at him, revealing her claw.

“These are our desires Reed!” she strikes down at the head of the beast.

The impact devastating upon the god. The crushing malevolence striking down at him. A loud screech escaping the beast, the deity crashing down into the ground. The supreme god seeing his opportunity, Valor extending his hand forward.

“Now!” Valor commands.

Chronos extending his arms, many pentagrams rushing out, slowing down time all around them. Ares and Artemis taking advantage of this moment, assaulting Ultima with a combination of fire and water. The fearsome currents, and the mighty flames consecutively striking against the beast. Ultima resisting the assaults, the deity slowly rising to his knees. Cyra moving in, rendering the palm of her claw into the beast, causing a fierce burst of energy to unleash, the massive wave of malevolence hitting Ultima down to the ground again.

Odin following up, The Godfather ascending high into the air. Odin locking onto Ultima, unleashing divine lightning upon the beast. The lightning crashing down upon the massive deity, tearing away at the surrounding area. Perhaps alone, there may not have been a chance, but together they certainly might be able to come out in success. Ultima enduring the assaults of the gods and the devils. Levi seeing his opportunity, the leviathan striking down from the heavens in a massive twister of negative energy.

Levi seeing the field coating in a white blanket, the leviathan pulling away as the surrounding water freezes the surrounding area, including Ultima. The beast standing there as a massive sculpture of ice. At last everyone can catch a breath. Certainly it has been a long shot, but through their efforts, they have overcome a massive challenge together.

"Sigh, that was a bit more difficult than needed,” Valor wiping the sweat from his face.

“Indeed,” Chronos agreeing.

Cyra closely looking on, something does not appear right. If the battle is over, then why can she still feel this much hatred from Ultima? The devil still feeling the power of the massive deity, the influence this beast is holding. Such is sickening, and even more frightening than before.

“Hold on...stay on guard!” Cyra warning.

The party turning their attention fully towards the god, looking on, seeing the ice beginning to crack. Valor taking a step forward, wondering how anyone can possibly survive this. It is nerve wrecking really. Massive chunks of ice crashing down all around the field. Everyone looking on in unease.

“H—he is still alive!” Argent taking a step back.

The beast breaking free, unleashing a massive wave of energy. Cyra immediately looking towards Argent, hurrying as fast as she can. Time seeming to slow, the assault drawing near. Seeing how her comrades are unable to even act. Argent covering himself, and Cyra barely managing to rush in front of him, desperately blocking out the intensity of the assault. Trying to resist the crushing influence, but it is far too much, the maiden screaming out.


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