Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Finale: Those Who Desire(Conclusion)

The light clearing, Cyra falling to her knees. The eyes of the maiden widening in devastation, her hands trembling. Desperately gasping for air. This much is of expectance from the beginning. Challenging such a power, she can only wonder if there is any way to best such a monster. Argent lowering his arms, the child looking on in much horror.

“Hahahaha! Did you actually think you had a chance of defeating me?! How does it feel, Cyra? To feel so helpless?!” Ultima yelling.

Cyra looking to the gods, seeing them in deep pain on the ground. While the rest, who are incapable of resisting even further, there she sees her old friend, the god who is still doing the best he can. His body hanging low, desperately gasping for air.


The devil looking back to Argent, the boy looking upon her in much concern. He should have known that she will protect him, even if it means throwing away whatever hope that is remaining. Even if it shall mean the day of ruin will succeed, the half can never throw away that soft heart of hers.

“’re hurt badly because of me...I—I’m sorry...” he looks down with sadness deep in his eyes.

“No...—” a faint smile coming to her face, slowly rising to her feet.

The maiden looking towards Ultima, gasping for air. Cyra looking on, seeing Lævateinn staked within the ground a few feet away, then to her revolvers which are suffering intense damage. It does not even appear as if she can call on her abilities. It really does seem like this is the end.

“It is not over yet, Reed...” she weakly speaks.

“Ugh!” Valor falling to his knee in deep pain.

There is still one more thing she can do. While it does pain her, perhaps it is time. To rest, to finally put everything behind her. At least she can say there has been much pleasure with her old friend. After so many years, it has been nice. On top of this, the peculiar setup of her allies. In the end, it has not been so bad of an experience.

“You already have one foot in the grave! It’s over!” he arrogantly states.

“That is what you think...heh...but I still have not used my wish from the Temple of Nirva...the Tower of Time...and the Tower of Eternity...I finally understand now...” she weakly smiles.

Valor overhearing her words, the god turning his attention towards Cyra. Knowing well of what she is planning. Valor struggling to his feet, trying to reach out to her. However, it is appearing his body is failing him. The god wondering why his body is failing him now of all times. Not after so many years, not after finally having one more chance.

“Cyra...! You can’t be thinking to...!” Valor weakly speaks.

The devil looking to her old friend. While it does immensely pain her, sometimes, one has to let go of their desires. Perhaps it might not be in the current time, but certainly later down the line it might reach fulfillment. Those selfish desires deep within, she may not be the one to fulfill them, but certainly someone else might be able to do so.

“Valor...I would so very much like to share a drink with you and everyone else...but even finally say what was meant that night. Though...—”

Cyra looking back to Argent, seeing the sadness within the eyes of the child. The maiden turning her attention towards Levi who is in deep pain upon the ground. The animal appearing to know what she is planning, the beast desperately trying to rise, but his body will not react. The halfbreed soon turning her attention to the gods who are struggling to even rise to their knees. Witnessing this, the devil looking back to her old friend with such warm eyes.

“—Perhaps just this once I will not be that sounds very sickening to me, but, it is also very nice...”

The maiden taking a step forward towards Ultima, extending her right hand. Malevolence tearing away at her arm, Valor looking on in horror, seeing Ultima approaching her. The arm of the maiden transforming in an instant, revealing that massive, shadowy claw of a dragon. Cyra calmly looking at the massive deity ahead of her.

“Sis? What are you going to do?” Argent questions in a hesitant voice.

“Cyra! Stop! We can still find a way to win this!” Valor urgently states.

The maiden looking away for a moment. As much as she will like to believe his words, there is no other option. Cyra glancing to her old friend, seeing those same sorrowful eyes. Those eyes in which brings back such horrid memories of the night of their parting.

“Exactly how? We have already exhausted our stamina...”

Valor closing his eyes, desperately trying to think of a solution. The loud movements of Ultima nearing by the moment. Hope seeming no more, the time for action appearing not to be enough. Valor standing, the god taking a step towards her. Her old friend trying to hold onto his breath.

“Dammit! Then I’ll do it! You’ve suffered enough!” he yells.

That is simply something she can never allow. After all, while her life has such sorrow, his own is bright. Even if she is gone, he can continue on, shining that hope for all to see. Perhaps in the end, this is a cycle that has been in the wheel of fate from the very beginning. Even so, it does not mean she cannot take hold of her future, even if for a moment.

“ are the only one keeping those gods in line. If you seal yourself away, then this tragedy will repeat once again...”

The devil looking to her old friend, his eyes widening, seeing tears in her eyes. That horrible night replaying from deep within. Argent running up to Cyra in desperation, grabbing onto her. The boy fearing to lose Cyra, the one who provides him with such an opportunity to have a new family. Those pleasureful times, sharing those many laughs.

“Seal away?! Sis! You can’t!” Argent pleading.

The maiden knowing how much this will sting. After all, the boy finally having a family again. To lose someone so close, it is never easy, but this is something he will have to come to accept. That sometimes, life can be cruel. However, one must continue on, even if one must leave.


Cyra turning to the child, the boy looking up to her. The maiden placing a gentle hand upon his head. Ultima struggling along. His movements heavy upon the surrounding area. It is appearing the damage the gods have done is much more severe than he may think. However, everything will soon be over for certain. The child looking up to the maiden with tears in his eyes. Cyra warmly smiling at the boy. While it does pain her, one life in the place of so many is not so much now that she thinks about it. Perhaps many times reason can be harsh, but in this case, it is not so bad.

“Live a long and happy life...” Cyra softly speaks.

The eyes of the child widening, Cyra rendering her knee into his stomach. The boy expressing complete shock, feeling the wind leaving his body. The vision of Argent blurring, the boy falling to his knees. The child collapsing on the ground, his vision of Cyra slowly fading away. The darkness soon consuming him. Cyra turning to face the massive beast. One final collision to make, an all or nothing gamble.

“Seal me away? Hah! Don’t go dreaming now!” he arrogantly speaks.

“Dream...yes...I believe I have the perfect dream in mind...” she faintly smiles.

Cyra extending her claw, the maiden dashing towards Ultima. Valor looking on in horror, seeing the beast striking down with his claw. The halfbreed evading the first assault, sliding around him. The impact causing the surrounding area to tear apart. The senses of the maiden heightening, her eyes locking onto the beast. Cyra ascending towards Ultima.

“Ccccyyyrrraaaa!!!!” Valor screaming out, seeing their claws clashing.

A void surrounding Cyra and Ultima, binding them in place. Ultima finding himself unable to resist, horror expressing from his eyes. The maiden continuing onward, her resolve holding strong. To not relent, Cyra pushing towards one final hope.

“Wh—What is this?!” Ultima frantically speaks.

“ is time we rest eternally...where you will never harm anyone ever again. I have no more regrets. I can do this with ease now...”

A pure white light shining, binding them within a void. Valor slowly moving forward. The god trying to push forward, if there is anything he can do, he will try. His entire being screaming out, that old friend reaching for Cyra. The gods and the leviathan looking on, unable to do anything. Despite the feelings of animosity the deities have towards her, even this is a fate she does not deserve. Still, there is no other choice, and their power is so weak at the moment. Levi crying out, trying to convince her to stop.

Cyra looking back to Valor, faintly smiling. That old friend continuing to try, even when it is hopeless. That is the old friend she fell in love with. That happy-go-lucky child at heart. Indeed he cannot do everything, but he does try.

“Hey, Val...this is going to be the last time we see each other. Those times we spent together...what I wouldn’t give to see how it would have turned out in the end...”


The god ceasing his movements, his eyes trembling. Knowing all too well what she wishes for. Valor shaking away such emotions, the deity continuing to push onward. Seeing her fading away further and further into the blackness deep inside of her. That dreadful night playing within his mind.

“L—Let me go you damn woman!” Ultima yelling.

Cyra looking towards Ultima, her eyes are calm upon him. The maiden feeling no more regret, perhaps sorrow, yes, but definitely no more regret.

“We will forever clash in an endless slumber, Reed. This is your punishment.”

The light shining brighter and brighter. The god rushing faster towards her. Regaining his energy on the way. His heart desperately pounding within his chest. The pain within his body going numb. His vision fixating on reaching his old friend. Looking on, his eyes widening in horror. His hand reaching towards her.

“Cccyyrrraaa!!!” Valor screaming out.

The gods looking on, seeing Valor reaching for her. Cyra looking back to her old friend, the maiden speaking a few final words. Valor’s eyes widening, grief coming over him. Watching his old friend breaking away into stardust before his very eyes.

The light ceasing, and the devil vanishing before his eyes with Ultima. Valor’s hand trembling. Again he fails her, the deity looking on in devastation. Closing his eyes. Pain expressing from him, the god screaming at the top of his lungs. Valor hanging his head low, shaking his head in refusal. There must certainly be a way. There is only one place she can possibly seal this monster, as such, he is intending to go straight to the heart of it.

Cyra...not this time...this time I will not let go. You will see...those times you so desire...I desire them as well. They will become a reality once more...I don’t care what the risks have suffered enough...wait for me, old friend...

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