Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Finale 2- Deepest Desire-Heaven and Earth(Part 1)

Valor can only remember those few parting words. Looking on where the final clash happened. There is certainly a way to change her fate. There are many things she teaches him in the past, and one of the most important lesson is that. Fate is a fools word. Walking towards Argent, seeing the child unconscious upon the ground. Distantly looking on, knowing why Cyra will do such a thing.

Standing in front of Argent, kneeling to the boy. It is appearing it might be a while before he awakens. Looking in the direction of the gods, Levi approaching him. The deities seeing the dread in Valor’s eyes. Standing from the ground, the god turning from them. The deities and Levi are soon standing before him.

“Valor...” Freya distantly speaks, looking away.

Valor slowly inhaling and exhaling. The gods knowing well not to push on any further. Valor scratching the back of his head, looking away. There is but one solution he can think of, and it is definitely the most reckless thing he can do.

“Well, this is going to be the most idiotic thing I have ever done,” he distantly speaks.

The deities and Levi looking at him in confusion, wondering what he has in mind. Certainly he is not one to give up, but at this point, saving Cyra is hopeless. Choosing to seal herself away with Ultima. That has been the only option remaining to save them all.

“What are you thinking to do?” Artemis questions in some interest.

Looking up into the vast blue sky. Pain extending from the eyes of the god. Knowing that if anyone deserves to witness this sight, then it is his old friend. They have come much too far. After so many years of being apart. To have it end like this, it must be some kind of cruel joke.

“I am going to where she is. There might be a way for me to bring her back,” Valor looking towards them.

The gods immediately taking a step forward in shock, wondering if he will really risk the awakening of Ultima. All to save a single soul. Even for him, this is beyond the line of recklessness. After just narrowly surviving the end of days.

“Valor, this is madness, even for you!” Odin chastises.

The supreme god looking away, faintly smiling. Indeed it is madness, perhaps unrealistic really. Though, sometimes one has to oppose reason in order to achieve their desires. He may have been unable to act in the past, but not this time.

“Yeah...I know, but I won’t let go, not this time...”

Chronos and Ares looking to each other. They know how much his old friend means to him, but endangering everyone once again, it is not a logical thing to do, far from it really. If this results in failure, then there is a strong possibility that Ultima can go free.

“Valor, will you really risk putting her sacrifice in vein?” Freya looking at him with a stern expression.

Looking towards Freya, the goddess seeing the sorrow deep in his eyes, knowing well that his decision is certain. Looking away from him, knowing well there is nothing she can do to change his mind. The goddess wondering why he will continue to push so far.

“I will not release Ultima. The time is still young, there is a chance I can bring her back, and have Ultima rotting there alone,” Valor explaining.

The gods looking to each other, while normally they will oppose such a plan. In the least they have to try. The time is still young, so there might be a chance of pulling Cyra out of the depths of darkness. A foolish move it is, but sometimes one has to be irrational. Valor stepping away from the gods and Levi. They look on, seeing an ancient white pentagram appearing beneath his feet. A foolish gamble this is, but he must try. To reach out for her. Long ago, he may have been cowardly, but not anymore. Not this time.

“Hey, if I get trapped in there as well, just one less issue to deal with,” he smiles.

Freya taking a step forward, Valor looking towards her. Seeing the certainty in his eyes, her hand hesitating to move. Slightly looking away, the goddess lowering her hand. Even if it is painful to see him go, she realizes where his heart aligns.

“Valor, do come back,” Odin calmly speaks.

Valor faintly smiling, the light shining brighter and brighter. Levi barking at him. They may not see eye to eye. Though, the animal desperately wishing for him to bring her back. The god assuring the leviathan that he will do all that he can. With no further words, the light shining brighter. The deity slowly fading away. Feeling the wind hitting hard against him.

Cyra...just hold on old friend. Not this time...those many nights ago, I should have reached out, but I was a coward. Not this time...those tears of yours, I never wanted to see them again...

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