Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Finale 2- Deepest Desire-Heaven and Earth(Part 2)

Floating in that endless space. The god feeling the malevolence all around. Valor can feel her nearby, that sorrow of hers grabbing at him. The deity wondering how long she endures such. Perhaps much longer than he possibly thinks. Either way, no more of this. For once he will not be spineless. To reach out, and finally arrive at the bottom of the abyss. The deity hoping that he can finally reach her this time.

Valor opening his eyes, seeing the darkness trailing around. No doubt this is the eternal nightmare she has been cast off towards. The hatred, sorrow, the mixture of emotions, it is staggering really. Valor floating straight, slowly looking around. Even in the deepest of darkness, there is a light. Even if it is but a somber morrow, he must continue on.

Cyra...I know I may not be the most mature person out there, far from it really...but...I want you to know, I will not let go. If only I can properly apologize for that night, but it is in the past. All I can do is try to right this wrong...

Valor looking ahead, seeing a light shining, one in which is appearing to call out to him. There is no time to waste. The longer she is remaining in this realm, the harder it will be to free her. Determination within the god, to find his old friend, and bring her back home. The light shining brighter and brighter, Valor continuing to move towards it, reaching out his hand. The deity seeing a familiar hand reaching out to him. His eyes slightly widening. Calming a bit, the god taking hold of the hand ahead.

Valor opening his eyes, the deity finding himself in the Graveyard Realm. The stench of death lingering high in the air. Valor looking around, seeing many pathways as well as the bountiful tombstones. More importantly however, the god feeling the presence of his old friend all around.

“Cyra...where are you...?” he distantly looks on.

Valor walking ahead, the deity heading down the murky pathway. Not knowing of where it will lead, but certainly it is a way forward. Feeling the malevolence surrounding him from every direction. It is hard to breathe really. The god watching it surrounding him, soon ceasing his movements. The malevolence quickly spiraling around him, soon rushing off high above. The action of such striking him as peculiar. Shaking away the feeling, the god looking ahead. The eyes of Valor slightly widening, seeing Cyra standing with her back facing him.

“Cyra?” he takes a step towards her.

The maiden holding her hand to her chest, sorrowfully looking back to him. The god seeing the expression within those eyes of hers. Those same eyes from that very night. A painful grip crushing at his heart.

“That night...why did you...just stand there?” she depressingly questions.

Valor standing there, her words striking deep within him. On that dreadful night, much like now he freezes. The god remembering that night ever so clear, standing there within those flowery fields. Those petals eternally engraving within his mind, that dreadful blood moon. The image of her moving further and further away, such can never leave his mind. The deity hanging his head low, uncertain on how to even answer her.

“I waited for days after that point, hoping you will come, but you never did...” she looks away.

The god looking towards her, feeling like a fool. Never knowing of such. Perhaps he may think he knows her well, but certainly there is much he still does not have knowledge of. That pain deep within, those inactions causing more harm.


“You are what? Sorry—? her voice becoming stricter, turning to him.

Valor ceasing his words. Apologizing will do no good he believes. After all, those years upon years of suffering. There is nothing he can say or do to make it right. The god looking towards her with such dreadful eyes.

“—When will you grow up a bit? Perhaps I should not have waited...” she looks away.

The eyes of the deity slightly widening. Her words speaking true, as such, all he can do is endure it. Deserving everything she speaks of. Immature he is, reckless, and many other things on top of that. While those emotions deep within holds true, the god knowing well that failure to step out of his shell can cause much harm, especially onto his old friend.

“At least...that was what I told myself...” she turns from him.

Her words catching his attention. The god wondering what she can mean, confusion expressing deep inside of his eyes. After all, she does have every right to express her anger at him. Valor slightly looking down, thinking for a bit. The god soon returning his attention towards her.

“Cyra...I know I have a lot to atone for, this time...this time I will make things right...” he depressingly speaks.

The maiden glancing back to him, a faint smile coming to her face. The deity looking on, watching his old friend heading deeper into the endless nightmare. The malevolence encircling her. Valor seeing Cyra vanishing into the darkness all around.

I see now...this is her grief. Cyra...I am a poor excuse of a friend, I know that...this time though, I will reach...I will not let go...

Valor continuing on. The god walking down that pathway, heading deeper and deeper. His mind set, his resolve burning. Valor finding himself at an intersection, once again setting his eyes upon his old friend. The devil standing at the center. The chilling breeze all around, refreshing but also quite sorrowful.

“In those earlier did not want to let go...” she distantly speaks.

The deity looking away from her, remembering how he desperately wishes their dream to continue on in those earlier days. The endless effort in those older times, where he will continue to try and keep their journey going.

“You were so persistent, and I truly did believe our dreams can become a reality...” she turns towards him.

Her sorrowful eyes meeting with his own. Disappointment, that is what he is seeing from her. Guilt striking away at the depths of the god, expressing through his own gaze upon her. Those words the halfbreed speaks causing more dread within him.

“Though, always...when the time is of most importance, you always retreat into a shell like a child...” she softly speaks.

Valor knowing this is true. Every time they take things a bit further, he always ends up running. Much like a child really. The deity knowing this is a flaw of his, one in which he works hard to try and correct. However, the damage that has been done, it is not something that can easily be forgiven.

“I know...perhaps it is because I never had a friend like you. So I didn’t know how to act, or what to do. Though this time...please, believe my words once more, you will say farewell to this horrid life. We can return to such a time again, and make things right...” he assures her.

The devil turning from him, once again he will try and reach her. Perhaps feeling foolish to believe his words, but this final time, she will do so once more. Maybe there is a chance that those pleasureful times can become a reality once more.

“Very well...”

The god looking on, seeing his old friend vanishing into the darkness. A chilling breeze hitting against him. Valor turning in the direction to the forbidden gateway. The deity seeing it is open. Malevolence intensely burning from deep within, extending ever so far. From the depths of the gate, he can feel Cyra.

“Why do you persist?”

Valor freezing for a moment, feeling a cold voice striking down at his core. The god glancing back. Standing from a distance, the infamous Demon Tyrant Alastor. The Tyrant folding his arms, glaring at Valor. The deity turning towards Alastor, his eyes are distant upon the devil.

I should have expected as much. In order to reach Cyra, I will have to prove myself. Just hold on old friend...this time I will make our dreams a reality...

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