Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Finale 2- Deepest Desire-Heaven and Earth(Part 3)

Valor standing there, looking at the Tyrant who is appearing to be unwelcoming of his presence. Perhaps this is of no surprise. In those earlier days, her father expressing such little trust in the god. Even so, the Tyrant knowing of the bond this deity shares with his daughter. Maybe this is the reason for restraining himself.

“Answer, why do you persist?” Alastor impatiently questions.

Valor glancing back to the forbidden gate. It is as she says, when there is a time of most importance, he always retreats into a shell. His heart remaining in bondage. Not this time though, no, he will reach out, showing that he can indeed venture forward with a spine. To right that wrong ever so long ago, that night eternally clawing away at the deity.

“For years she suffers, and for years I have been incapable of doing anything...” he slightly looks down.

The Tyrant paying attention to his words. While it is not a response of expectance, it is certainly an interesting one. Countless years upon years, Valor being unable to act when the most critical of times are upon him. One who eternally follows along within the endless abyss, yet always retreating when the chance of ending such has become a possibility.

“Those many years ago, where she waited for me to do something, I did not. Now this is practically a similar scenario. Not this time...she is waiting, I will reach out, and I won’t let go...” he looks towards the Tyrant more confidently.

The Tyrant looking up into the velvet moon. Indeed he is a kind soul, and a cowardly one that is. Despite having the title of the supreme god, there are countless amounts of faults within him. However, the Tyrant is beginning to see the bond between his daughter and Valor. The reasoning for the existence of it ever so long ago, that connection desperately holding on even now. The Tyrant looking towards Valor, extending his hand afar. Valor looking on in unease, seeing the Tyrant taking hold of his blade of darkness.

“Words are weak, action is always stronger. I will not allow you to disturb her slumber. Prove to me that you will not hurt her again,” Alastor glaring at Valor.

Valor feeling the cold breeze hitting against him. Simply standing before the Tyrant is enough to make him quiver. Indeed this is a devil that can challenge the very gods. Valor slowly unsheathing his katana, keeping his eyes on the Tyrant. In order to reach Cyra, he will have to prove himself. That the development since that night ever so long ago has reach a level of acknowledgment.

The wind intensifying all around, malevolence circulating. Both of the mighty beings locking onto the other, clashing against the other in an instant. Their eyes glaring at the other with such confidence. Valor slightly pulling away, evading the fierce uppercut of the Tyrant, the surrounding area rending asunder. The deity dashing away, the demon pursuing him. Alastor striking down at Valor, the two clashing once again. Each and every strike at the other becoming much more intense as they circle each other.

The Tyrant glancing around, seeing an icy mist slowly encircling them. A tricky opponent Valor can be, one that does not rely on a direct form of battle. Even so, the deity has much to learn. The blade of the god shimmering an azure energy. Alastor slightly pulling away, narrowly evading the assault, the attack passing his shoulder. Alastor seeing an opening, the Tyrant rendering his knee into Valor’s stomach.


Valor slowly stepping back, enduring the shocking attack. The Tyrant following up, rending his foot firmly into the chest of the deity, sending Valor flying across the field. Valor flipping onto his feet, skidding back upon the ground, shaking away the impact. The god looking on in unease, seeing the Tyrant firmly holding his blade to the ground. The deity looking around, witnessing the icy mist all around evaporating. Such unnerving to Valor, to think there is someone that can nullify his ice abilities.

“I am not holding back. You will suffer an execution level ability. There are only two that has ever survived this, I wonder if you will be the third,” the Tyrant challenges.

Only two to ever survive such. A cruel one this Tyrant can be, but such is the best way he has come to root out those that are not worthy. Valor looking on in unease, seeing weapons materializing far and wide within the endless sky. The weapons appearing to endlessly stretch on. Without the use of his ice abilities, this truly might be it for him. The Tyrant directing his blade onward, the weapons locking onto the god.

Valor taking a step back. The deity crouching his stance, readying his katana. This will be the greatest feat yet. The god beginning to wonder if he can even surpass this foe. The weapons rushing at the deity. Valor feeling their endless approach, his senses heightening. Perhaps he may not be able to call upon his own abilities, but certainly there is an exploit.

His eyes scanning the many weapons, locking onto a trail of malevolence leading straight to the Tyrant. The god hastily striking each weapon, ensuring to defend himself from every direction. The Tyrant looking on, seeing the deity increasing in speed. Alastor paying attention, seeing each weapon falling to the ground.

The pressure increasing all around, the area intensely shaking. A graveyard of weapons trailing the realm between the living and the dead. Seeing his opportunity, with the glimmer within Valor’s eyes, the deity lunging forward. Valor striking at the center, setting off a chain reaction of the many weapons spreading far and wide on the ground. An icy mist rushing through the area, freezing the surrounding weapons.

The Tyrant looking on in impress, witnessing the entire area freezing over. Valor turning to face the Tyrant, Alastor immediately appearing before the god in a crouching assault stance. Such taking Valor by shock. The god pausing, feeling the surrounding energy reacting from the many weapons. The Tyrant striking at Valor with a flurry of attacks. The deity feeling the negative energy reacting all around him. Valor feeling the malevolence locking away at his body.

“Farewell...” Alastor calmly speaks.

The Tyrant lunging at Valor. The malevolence tearing away at the god by the moment. Valor feeling the energy compressing by the moment. Without a moment to spare, Valor unsheathing his katana, the deity swiftly striking at the Tyrant. The compression of the surrounding assault reversing, devastatingly striking Alastor. The energy compressing, soon violently exploding. The surrounding area tearing apart, many massive objects wildly flying in every direction.


The Tyrant skidding back upon his feet, falling to his knee. Valor gasping for air, taking a step back. His heart desperately pounding. The god letting out a sigh of relief. Alastor rising to his feet. Valor looking on, seeing the Tyrant lowering his weapon. There might not be much hope remaining, but at least if the god can oppose him, then there might be a chance of reaching his daughter.

“Very well...I can acknowledge you, but...there is one more you need approval from,” Alastor informing.

One more? The god can only wonder how much more of this he can endure. Though for certain, he knows he will keep pushing as far as he needs to go. No matter how far he must tread, he will do so. The life his old friend desires ever so deep, the chance to achieve such ever so close. For those times to become a reality once more. Enduring this much does not compare to the endless despair inside of her. That soul eternally in bondage, her voice forever screaming out.

“Who?” Valor questions.

The Tyrant turning from the deity, heading down the opposite pathway. The god looking towards the forbidden gateway. For now he will have to follow the Tyrant. The malevolence deep within the gate. Knowing who is residing on the other end. Valor turning in the direction of the Tyrant, the deity following along, wondering what else he has to do to gain the necessary approval.

Cyra...just a bit longer. After this...I will find you, and bring you back home. No more tears, no more sorrow...we will be able to smile like in those older days...

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