Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Finale 2- Deepest Desire-Heaven and Earth(Part 4)

Valor following along, wondering where the Tyrant is leading him. It is hard to say where exactly, but certainly there must be a reason. A final approval is of necessity. He can only wonder who. The Tyrant leading him towards a gate, the god looking on, wondering where it leads.

Alastor standing to the side, gesturing his hand towards the gate. Valor looking at him for a moment, wondering exactly where it leads. Though, perhaps it will be better for him to discover where it leads himself. Valor walking up to the gate, pushing it open. The blinding light shining through. It is warm, familiar even. The deity walking onward, embracing the light wrapping around him.

—Illusion of the Grassy Plains—

Valor standing there, the god recognizing this place no doubt. After all, this is the first place of his encounter with Cyra ever so long ago. The deity seeing the familiar tree extending ever so high. A single tree among endless miles of grass. The god looking back, seeing the Tyrant standing behind him. Valor turning towards Alastor, expecting some answers.

“Why here?” Valor questions.

The Tyrant merely looking at him. Perhaps the deity is a fool, or maybe there is something he does not wish to remember. This place existing ever so long ago. That familiar breeze, the pleasant scent all around. This day being the start of a series of events. Both pleasureful and sorrowful alike.

“Why else? This is the place you first met her. It holds her most treasured memories,” Alastor informing him.

Valor slightly looking away, naturally gathering this much. However, the deity wondering why the Tyrant will bring him to such a place. Valor turning, the god distantly looking upon the tree. At the base of it, he can see Reynas standing in front of the tree. Those memories ever so long ago, those times eternally cursing their lives. Memories that are painful upon them both.

“I...I wanted to bring her back here...when everything was fine...” he depressingly speaks.

To return to such a time, indeed it will make Cyra happy. To put aside all of this, to simply turn the page on this endless story of theirs. However, the god knowing there is still one more trial to pass. Valor walking onward, and the Tyrant following behind him. Maria standing next to Reynas, the child looking to her grandmother, wondering why she is appearing upset. Reynas turning to see Valor and Alastor approaching. The girl turning as well, seeing the two coming closer. Valor soon standing in front of Reynas. The deity looking to her side, seeing Maria. Valor’s eyes slightly widening upon such a presence.


The child looking towards him in confusion, wondering how he even knows her name. The god thinking back to the Tower of Time ever so long ago. Remembering the fleeing child, the knight taking her life. Even more so than that, the sacrifice Cyra tries to make that fateful event.

“You know me?” Maria propping her head in confusion.

Valor slightly looking away, of course the child never have come to know him personally. The deity remembering those many tales from her mother. Those pictures of the child. Perhaps in the most horrible of despair, there has been at least one to hold her together.

“Yeah...your mother told me a lot about you...” Valor distantly speaks.

The child looking on, wondering who this god is. Certainly if her mother personally knows him, then he cannot be a bad person. Reynas glancing to the child. The goddess trying to contain herself. Alastor turning away, allowing Reynas to deal with the situation at hand. The eyes of the deity and Reynas meeting with each other.

“Valor,” Reynas seriously speaks.

The god seeing the serious expression upon her face, that stern look. Indeed Cyra does resemble her mother. Feeling that familiar chill running down his spine. The deity knowing that much of these conflicts may have been of avoidance if only he has been able to act in those earlier days.

“I should slap you for what you have put my daughter through,” she threatens.

Valor knowing well that she has every right to be angry with him. After so many years, he still makes the same mistakes over and over again. There is only so long one can have another chance. Valor knowing that he is well beyond pushing the boundaries.

“Though—” her voice softening.

The deity looking in her direction in confusion, wondering for the shift in her tone. His eyes expressing sorrow from deep within. The logic for her anger in justification due to the reasoning behind such. Maybe a bit irrational one can say, but sometimes, one has to embrace irrationality, in order to birth a new form of reason.

“—You always try to go the extra mile, which is why I will not purge you. You always try for her,” Reynas softly speaks.

Maria is uncertain on what is even going on anymore. One moment Reynas is angry, the next she is happy. The Tyrant looking away, allowing Reynas to test him. In all honesty, out of the two, Alastor is the easier one. Reynas can have many frightening tests. Many in which one will have to be insane to confront her.

“Seeing how you have come this far. You intend to right those wrongs,” Reynas holding her hands behind her back.

Valor nodding in agreement. Diving to the depths of oblivion. Entering into the world between the living and the dead. Going even further to try and reach his old friend. The goddess seeing the dread within his eyes, but also his burning determination as well.

“I have made a lot of mistakes in the past. Though...never once can I stand to see Cyra suffer. I was spineless, I should have acted those many years ago. Since then, she continues to suffer. She can always reach out to me, this time I will reach out to her...” he depressingly explains.

Reynas thinking on the deity’s words for a moment. Indeed they are sincere. If there is any chance of bringing her back, then certainly he can do so. Even more so than this, the goddess will much prefer her daughter to finally start living her life. However, the chances of success might not be favorable.

“Valor, there is no guarantee. As it stands now, Cyra wishes to rest. This is the trial of Sloth. The final one,” Reynas softly explains.

Valor’s eyes slightly widening, to think she has come so far in the trials. There really is no time. This is his final chance, if he cannot convince her, then certainly all hope is lost. The breeze all around feeling stifling now. The god experiencing a crushing pain deep inside. Even so, he must push forward, to reach out, and grab hold of her. To bring her back to her family waiting in the world of the living.

“You can walk away now, and let her rest, or you can keep pushing. If you do manage to get her out of here, then what will you do?” Reynas questions.

“Walk again...—” Valor distantly looking away.

“I will never walk away again. If I do manage to get her out of here, I’ll finally say those words, and we can move on,” he gently speaks.

A faint smile coming to Reynas’ face. To never walk away again. To finally set those dreadful events within the past. Perhaps in the past he may have been uncertain on a path forward, but this time, his vision is set in mind. Those times ever so long ago, they can indeed become a reality.

“So, you have known as well huh,” Reynas gently speaks.

Valor looking towards her, nodding in agreement. After all, he has known the devil for a long time. This much in the least he has been certain of for many years. His hand never moving, this chance coming once more. Perhaps life is not simple, but it certainly can be manageable.

“Very well, then I give you my approval, you can find her within the forbidden gate,” Reynas informing him.

Valor turning from Reynas, the deity taking a step forward. The goddess stopping him. Valor looking back to her, wondering of what else she has to share. Whatever it may be, he will need to arm himself with as much knowledge as possible.

“Be warned though, time is growing short. You do not have much time until she and Ultima are both sealed away,” Reynas warning.

Maria’s eyes widening in shock, hearing those words. The child looking towards Valor, hoping that he can get her mother out of there. If what they are speaking of is the truth, then certainly the god can reach her mother.

“Heh...then I guess three is a crowd if I can’t get her out of there,” Valor faintly smiling, walking onward.

“Heh,” Alastor faintly smiling.

“Best of fortune, Valor,” Reynas softly speaks.

The deity walking onward. With time growing short, this is his only chance. He has to convince her, otherwise, he will lose her forever. Reynas and Alastor looking on, hope might be slim, but there is still a chance nonetheless. Maria looking to her grandparents, the two faintly smiling at her.

Cyra...please listen to me. You will not have to grieve any longer. When we are out of this place, let us put all of this behind us, and simply live our lives as we intend. These words have remained unspoken for much too long...

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