Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Finale 2- Deepest Desire-Heaven and Earth(Conclusion)

The lives of everyone throughout the Nine Worlds returning to normal, and only those who have been part of the battle will know of Cyra’s sacrifice. A sacrifice in which to ensure a future for everyone, even if it means giving up her own desires.

Valor standing in that familiar field. Where the grassy plains appearing to endlessly go on, a single tree extending far and high. Argent standing behind Valor, the child quietly looking on. The boy knowing how much this is paining the god. To lose his old friend, it is an indescribable emotion of dread. Valor raising Lævateinn, staking the blade into the ground. The weapon crying out, mourning the loss of their master. Valor faintly smiling, even though he fails, he knows that she is at least happy where she is.

“Valor, do you think sis is happy...?” Argent looking towards him.

“Yeah...I know she is...” he distantly speaks.

Those words you spoke before your departure...I think I know what your dream is, and what I wouldn’t give to be there with you. Though...I will not make the wish...since it was by your desire that I keep watch over the Nine Worlds.



Ryan raising a mug, and everyone loudly cheering. To rejoice in a time of peace, it is nice. Even if everyone cannot be there, to honor their memory, that is all they can do. A family they are once again. Joy spreading throughout the bar.

The worlds are full of so many surprises. So much warmth, so much sorrow...but without sorrow, there could be no happiness, and you knew this. Everyone is doing fine. Even that Levi of yours.

Ryan looking to an empty seat. Sorrow expressing from his eyes. Oh how he so wish she can be there, enjoying such joyful times. On the counter is a bottle of alcohol, and Cyra’s favorite no doubt.

—Mountain Peak—

The cold breeze, and the snow in which appearing to endlessly go on. At the peak, Levi is sitting down, looking up into the vast blue sky. Through the clouds, he can see Cyra, the beast mourning for her, wishing she will return.

You may have never considered yourself a hero, and you may have had many selfish desires. the took all your pain, all your sorrow, and made a considerable sacrifice. I suppose...those words were never meant to be shared...I happy you are in that dream of yours.

—Endless Void—

Within the endless space, Cyra and Ultima unconsciously clashing. Perhaps an eternity it may be, but even through such, the maiden can at least live her desires within her dream. Even within such an endless space. Where time never appearing to move forward. A void continuing on and on. At least there can be some joy within such despair.

—Cyra’s Dream—



Granite floors, a chandelier hanging down from above. Pictures along the walls, as well as many fine decors layering around. One can say it is quite a luxurious lifestyle. The ruby carpets, and statues all around. Cyra standing at the bottom, looking up the long stairway to the top.

“Hey Val! Hurry it up!” Cyra calling out.

Cyra is wearing a white casual dress at the moment. There is appearing to be some distress coming from her. After all, the devil having some plans, and as usual, Valor seeming to be slacking a bit. However, it is not long until he comes out wearing a red shirt, and short white pants. The deity descending the stairway.

“Okay-okay! Jeez! You’re such a slave driver woman,” he sighs.

“We should have left by now, quit your complaining,” she places her hand upon her waist.

“I got the sports equipment ready!” Argent speaks in excitement, running in.

“Mommy! Look!” Maria running up to her mother with a frog in her hands, there is much excitement in her eyes.

The devil turning to her daughter, seeing the bright smile on her face. The god standing by the side of Cyra. The frog looking on in confusion, wondering what is happening around it. Argent merely looking to Maria in disbelief, wondering how she can think a frog is cute. It is appearing to be the furthest thing from it.

“I...I have no clue how you can like that haha?” Argent’s expression is pale.

Maria turning to him, clearly expressing her disapproval in his claim. They may not be of relation, but certainly they might as well be as close as siblings at this point. The boy knowing that this is an argument that he will not win.

“Its cute!” Maria pouting at Argent.

Cyra and Valor looking towards the two children, both soon laughing. How wonderful it is, to simply enjoy life at a slower pace. To live the dream in which she so desire. The maiden joyously holding onto Valor’s arm. Perhaps a dream it may be, but sometimes, it does not hurt to be a bit selfish now and then.

“Now then, I will set the ground rules. Valor, no gambling.”

Clearly the deity expecting no less, and hardly anything surprising in the least. Gambling is indeed the one thing she keeps a sharp eye on more than anything. Leaving him alone for a bit may have more consequences than it is worth. As pleasant as it is to be around him, he can also drive her up the wall now and then.

“And...?” Valor speaks in a rather unamused tone.

Cyra looking to him in disbelief, wondering if he actually expects any other rules. Knowing him, he will gamble until he drops. Which will no doubt leave her trying to clean up his problems. However so, the halfbreed knowing well that he tries. There has been much effort on Valor’s part, as such, there has been development in controlling those urges inside of him.

“That is the only rule,” she looks to him in annoyance.

“Oh come on! I didn’t do anything so bad!” he speaks in dismay.


The deity knowing well that there is no winning. After all, one must give up some things in order to make such a life work. Either way, it is not anything he can live without really. So many years, and finally such desires spreading within such a light. A nightmare everything has been, those efforts being well worth the time.

"Sigh, where did I go wrong in my life...?” he reluctantly groans.

Argent and Maria laughing. An enjoyable life it is, and a simple one at that. These desires of hers, perhaps they have reach fulfillment. Wherever tomorrow shall lead, Cyra will continue onward. No matter where she will go, the god will follow. Such is the unbreakable bond they share.

“Around the time you met me, shall we go?” Cyra pleasantly smiling towards Valor.

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Cyra and Valor—> Those Eternally In Bondage



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