Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Restoration: Twilight of the Gods

Am I truly cursed to fight for all eternity? My desires may be selfish, but just this once I will play the hero.

Five hundred years after the events of ‘Restoration: Cursed Memories,’ and right before the events of ‘Restoration.’ Desires ever so deep inside, that pleasureful dream coming to an end. A being from the past returning to the world of the living once again. Hatred ever so deep inside, desires burning evermore bright. Clashing against those sealed memories. Treading through the deepest of sorrow once again. The Bringer of Demise descending upon the Nine Worlds, bringing death in the wake of her despair. Even so, perhaps this time, things can go differently.

“Am I truly fated to fight for all eternity...?”

“A hero am I? Heh...far from it actually...”

“My one desire to leave here forever...”

“If you think this hell, this is simply the beginning!”

Emotions clashing, events coming together, hatred at its peak. Two beings evermore similar, desires one and the same. This time, her enemies will learn what will happen when a demon is pushed too far.

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