Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 4: Destined Reunion(Bonus Scene)

Images eternally branding upon the soul, a heart seeking out answers so long ago. Those ever so high raining down judgment upon the devils, massacre around each end. One from those distant days revealing himself, everything coming in full circle once more. The Tower of Time, a place endlessly going on. Fleeing in those times, growing stronger over the years. Countless hours going by, searching for that deity. Questions weighing on her mind, answers finally coming at hand. Clenching her hand into a fist, her vision painfully extending. Hanging her head low, a life of joy falling into turmoil.

One seeking the life of a god, even so, wishing to know of the reasoning. Agony gripping at her heart, hatred rising from her depths. Tragedy striking at such a young age, following after her mother in those days. A sight deeply striking her, fear driving her away in those times of the past. Resting her vision on the Tower of Time, that building extending high into the sky, passing far above the clouds. Turning her attention below, her eyes upon many angels. Those beings looking above, their vision locking onto the young woman. Her heart at an unrest, so many ascending towards her. Stepping away, those angels spreading out within the air.

“For now I have to retreat...” Maria grinning in unease.

That breeze hitting against her, those enemies locking onto her. Emotions reaching onward, those questions finally coming towards a solution. Her heart rate hastening, that maiden dashing away. Those many angels rushing at her, their weapons extending. Maria turning, adjusting her footing. That young woman coming closer towards the edge, her resolve holding strong. Leaping off of the edge, those many angels descending upon her. Diving below, her vision on the ground ever so far, angels surrounding her on each end. Feeling the wind all around her, reaching her hand out in this game of chance that is life.

Certainly it cannot end here...not now...not after I have finally found him...

Those angels resting their vision upon her, emotionless their eyes are. Weapons of war, actions most deplorable by the gods ever so high. No matter so, that devil rising to the challenge at hand. Even if it is but a somber morrow, that one grabbing onto the smallest of possibilities. Genocide upon the race of the devils, an order making little sense. Revealing the blade of her gauntlet, positioning it closer to her face. Glancing in the direction of her enemies, that maiden turning her attention to the approaching ground. Time being ever so little, everything riding on her next play. Her heart desperately pounding, emotions dancing in the wind.

So...the wheel of fate is turning once more, then so be goes...

Enemies all around, her heart meeting the challenge at hand. Many inhabiting the world of the demons, a lawless realm. Even so, hearts uniting, cherishing their own. Selfish they may be, but now and then it is okay. That maiden glancing to an angel rushing at her, their blade closing in upon her. Turning towards the enemy, blocking the assault of the being. That impact crashing against her, Maria flying faster towards the ground. Glancing to the land below, returning her attention to the angels approaching her. Countless descending, that will to oppose burning deep inside of the young woman. Analyzing the surrounding area, connecting a pathway towards her safety. Drawing her revolvers, diving faster towards the ground. Those angels approaching, Maria extending her guns in opposite directions, unleashing bullets of negative energy.

Her assaults striking the surrounding buildings, those angels turning their attention all around. Those beings witnessing those collapsing structures, massive parts falling towards them. Shifting their attention, destroying those falling objects. That chance coming at hand, massive parts of the buildings surrounding Maria. The young woman skidding on the window of one, pressing her foot down. Leaping forward, passing through the window of another. Touching down on a desk, jumping once more, her back facing in the direction of many objects. Passing through another window, diving even further below. Landing upon the ground, her hand touching down, massive parts of those structures crashing down around her.

Racing onward, an object descending upon her. Those crimson eyes glancing above, her attention turning ahead. Skidding underneath the obstacle, leaping high above. Her feet pressing back into another one, that maiden jumping forward, landing from a distance. Turning in the direction of the many parts of the buildings, debris filling the roads. A sigh of relief escaping her, that young woman resting her vision above. Those angels scattering around, many objects descending upon them. Turning her attention onward, that maiden dashing away from the scene. Sometime passing, those angels scanning the area. One directing many others, those beings spreading out. Far ahead, an ally suffering critical damages, that devil kneeling to the ground, her vision above, witnessing many angels flying past her.

“There is only so long that I can be fortunate, I must make haste...perhaps I can figure something out later on...” she looks ahead.

Pure white feathers falling from ever so high, her heart at an unrest. Turning her attention above, Victor descending towards her. That angel landing by her side, those eyes meeting with each other. Gesturing his head onward, those two making their way towards the end of the alley. That man blocking her path with his right arm, glancing out in some unease, angels scouring the vast area. Folding his arms, thinking on a method going forward. Glancing back to Maria, no doubt that young woman having something of urgency. That maiden sparing his life, kindness that is far from his experience ever so high.

“I assume you have somewhere to be, given that you are still here. I will divert their attention, use that opportunity to head on your way,” he calmly speaks.

“Thank you, be-careful out there...” Maria holding her hand to her chest.

A heart evermore soft, feelings new but enlightening. Those of the high heavens far overstepping their boundaries, an angel assisting a demon. Even if there is not much he can do, that man will at least try. Reprehensible his actions may be, but his emotions guiding him onward. Faint it may be, but such being enough to continue on. That angel making his way out of the alley, ascending into the air. Pure white feathers falling to the land, that maiden extending her hand. Catching a feather within her palm, that mesmerizing glow. Her eyes gentle upon it, an unlikely ally amongst enemies. Turning her attention onward, witnessing Victor redirecting many angels. Countless flying away from the area, that angel looking back to the alley. Those eyes of crimson and the sun meeting with the other, that man nodding in approval. Her chance being at hand, those feelings reaching forward. Questions weighing on her mind, answers ever so close. Rushing out of the alley, racing towards the Tower of Time.

A strange angel you are Victor, thank I can finally put a close to my past...

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