Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 5: Where it All Began(Part 1)

An unlikely alliance between two, one leading his own astray. Questions weighing on the mind, a certain one holding answers. Events slowly coming in full circle, memories branding upon the soul. Hatred boiling ever so deep, a heart seeking the truth. Standing in front of the Tower of Time, flowers extending all around, blissful yet dreadful the experience is. That young woman looking up, witnessing it stretching past the clouds. Malevolence spiraling around the structure, an influence pulling against her. Uneasiness eating away at her, a slightly stern expression revealing upon the devil.

Emotions at an unrest, feelings reaching forward once more. Countless years of searching, her heart pounding inside of her chest. No matter the morrow, even if it is a somber one, truth residing within it. Slowly shaking her head from left to right, that young woman willing to face the harshness to come. That tower within her nightmares, those images never leaving her mind. Even so, traversing this tower again, everything ending in the same location. Approaching the massive door, ancient symbols burning on it. Familiar it is, memories of those distant days flowing through her.

Times evermore dreadful, wind blowing through. That tower standing ever so tall, malevolence spiraling around it. Flowers surrounding the structure, unrest lingering around. Deep within, through the endless distance. Within the upper limits of the tower, Maria is standing there, her eyes of devastation upon the sight. Those eyes trembling, a child’s heart paining by the moment. Blood painting the grounds, Valor holding her mother in his arms. That deity hanging his head low, pain expressing from him. The young one resting her vision on the weapon next to the god, blood coating it.

“Mother used to speak fondly of you...even more so than father, so why would you betray her...?” Maria distantly looking onward.

Those distant days ever so far inside of the past, a mother holding her child evermore close. Those words joyful upon her old friend, a girl loving stories of adventure. No matter so, something never being right, that sorrow within her tone. A heart never reaching fulfillment, pain branding upon the soul. Words never reaching another, a life of torment. These feelings becoming a bit more clear, one trying ever so hard, continuously falling. High above, Valor standing on the summit of the Tower of Time. His eyes distantly gazing over the edge, those clouds of darkness floating along. Wind dreadfully hitting against him, agony lingering within his eyes. Those days so long ago, a meeting between two, that bond forming.

“Do you truly not know who you are...?” Valor distantly looking away.

—The Past Revisited—

—1500 Years Ago—

Breeze refreshingly blowing through that wonderful afternoon, wind gently hitting against the grassy plains. Two worlds evermore apart, a heart at ease. Out ever so far, Valor laying out in the field. A day evermore simple, that deity slowly inhaling and exhaling. Distant his experiences has been, no matter so, that god taking life at a slower pace. An endless existence, filling his curiosity as far as he can reach. Someone traveling from one world to the next, eventually finding himself in the NetherWorld. A lawless land it is, but beautiful sceneries. One standing above all else, embracing those tranquil feelings all around. Closing his eyes, relishing in the gentle breeze. Devils keeping to their own end, one capable of experiencing these simpler moments. Slowly drifting into a slumber, his ears hearing the sound of a flute. That resposeful sound catching his attention, those eyes of his opening.

“Hm? Wonder who could be out here...” he utters a bit in surprise.

Rythmic the sounds are, feelings flowing through. Sitting up, Valor looking around, trailing the mesmerizing tune. Turning his attention towards his right, that deity hearing the melody even clearer. Standing from the ground, squinting his eyes, a tree from afar standing high. Towards the ground, that god resting his vision on a person. Walking in the direction, following the soothing sound. Drawing closer and closer, that deity laying his eyes on a young woman sitting underneath the tree. Hair extending long, shining a beautiful gold, her eyes in reflection of the velvet moon.

A devil fashioning a long black coat, shirt, and short dark pants. Cyra evermore a peculiar devil, peaceful in comparison to the rest of those demons. Pleasureful it is, exploring many lands, experiencing the vastness of the world. One enjoying her flute, that melody erasing her concerns ever so deep inside of her. That young woman feeling someone approaching, turning her attention onward. Valor standing from a distance, vision of crimson and azure meeting with each other. Slightly propping her head, evermore peculiar it is, seeing someone else out so far.

“This is a bit off from a usual relaxation spot,” he places his hand upon his waist.

Those words meeting her ears, her vision gentle upon him. His tone evermore friendly, her heart at a rest. Two worlds ever so far apart meeting underneath the light of the sun, that tree standing evermore tall. Wind gently hitting against them, the freshness of the scent all around. Two beings confronting in an unlikely place, one from the high heavens, another ever so far below. Feelings flowing through, calmness within the area. Experiences evermore blissful, worlds infinite in possibilities. An encounter between two, the smallest of connections forming.

“Hm hm, I can say the same to you,” she faintly smiles.

“Haha, yeah, I ain’t what you call normal,” he shrugs.

A smile evermore of sincerity, that wind gently flowing through. Hearts uniting in the most unlikely of scenarios, no matter so, two worlds slowly moving closer. Approaching the young woman, Cyra calmly sitting there. A peculiar one she is, demons evermore likely in fleeing from a deity. Those crimson eyes of hers ever so without concern, that god standing in front of her. Scratching his cheek with his right index finger, some confusion coming over him. Slightly propping her head, curiously resting her vision upon him. Feelings flowing within the wind, a devil and deity meeting underneath a tree.

“You are a peculiar demon, are you not afraid of me?” confusion expressing from him.

“Why should I be? For you to be here, it must mean you are relaxing as well,” she brightly smiles at him.


Emotions evermore free, that smile of sincerity. A heart warming, embracing the freedom all around. Two worlds slowly merging, a bond steadily forming. Reprehensible it may be, but this being a most pleasureful experience for them both. Walking up to her side, the young woman witnessing him taking a seat beside her. That supreme deity gazing up to the tree extending ever so far, soon turning his attention to the endless plains ahead of him. A pleasant day it is, relishing in these blissful feelings. Unfavorable a relationship between a devil and god, but a most welcoming one.

“You must have seen many places, I would certainly love to hear tales of your travels,” her voice expressing some interest.

“Sure, so long as you promise not to try and kill me haha,” he laughs.

“Hehe, you have my word,” Cyra brightly smiling at him.

Hearts meeting underneath the bliss of the wind, a tree marking the ground of their meeting. Blissful their experiences are, unlikely if anything. Emotions wildly dancing, calmness between two. Falling back on the ground, Valor gazing up into the vast blue sky. Endless in mystery the worlds are, even in the most unfavorable of situations, there can be the faintest of light. That deity telling her of his many tales, someone traveling from one world to the next. Foolish it may be, but his heart feeling at ease. Two chatting away with the other, that smile of hers evermore bright. Adventure around every end, the Nine Worlds concealing so many wonders.

“Yeah, the void is actually pretty nice. Through the void, you can get to any place, it’s just a bit tricky to maneuver about,” he explains.

“That sounds like fun,” she positions her arms in a thinking posture, a smile expressing upon her.

Infinite possibilities existing, those many worlds holding their own value. That young woman wishing for that excitement, exploring far beyond her own realm. A heart desiring to be free, a soul soaring those endless skies. No matter so, restrictions being in place. That deity glancing in her direction, a smile revealing from him. A day most of unexpectance, an afternoon of pleasure. Sitting up from the ground, slightly looking away. Even if his actions are most reprehensible, those feelings guiding his way. One from the high heavens, the other ever so far below, a friendship between the two.

“I get bored exploring on my own. If ya want, I can take you along as well,” he glances towards her.

“But...will you not get in trouble?” she holds her hand to her chest, slightly propping her head in his direction.

Questions weighing on her mind, consequences being at hand. That demon wishing for the blissfulness of the vast worlds. No matter so, her heart concerning herself over the repercussions of such. Evermore kind she is, that god coming into realization of this. A deity amongst deities, one reaching his hand out, grabbing hold of his desires. A most unlikely friendship, yet a bond slowly becoming stronger. Those many years, one traveling without end, his curiosity coming to a close. One wishing for something more, a way in renewing that spark, this day providing an even more valuable experience.

“Oh what will they do? Yell at me? Hah! The gods know better to hold their tongue when I am present,” he assures her.

“Are you...above them...?” her voice expressing some surprise.

“Indeed, it gets kinda boring though...just traveling by yourself for years without end...” he looks away.

That young woman understanding his words, those years of exploration on her own. A NetherWorld being of limitation itself, her heart wishing for something more. No matter so, always trying to find something new. Two meeting underneath that tree ever so high, a friendship forming between them. Both embracing the bliss of adventure, soaring through the endless distances. Even if it is ever so sorrowful, there is always a light. Emotions dancing in the wind, feelings reaching out. Many worlds existing, those desiring to see it all.

“I can imagine, what I would not give to experience what it is like to travel with someone. Even a group sounds like fun, you get to see so many new places together. Tell tales, laugh, and even through bad times...things can become better,” she looks up into the vast blue sky.

Simplistic those views may be, but ever so blissful. Even through the harshest of times, it is never hopeless. Conflict may arrive, but that is okay. Companions facing it together, extending a hand towards one another. That deity looking towards her, witnessing that smile. Bright it is, those times of the past slowly returning to him. One traveling the many worlds, each and every discovery evermore exciting. Those feelings being all too familiar, slightly looking away, cracking a smile himself. A future of endless possibilities, one from heaven and earth meeting with the other.

“You seem to love traveling huh,” he closes his eyes, soon opening them.

“Yes...I really only feel alive when I can grasp the wheel of my own fate, shifting it in the direction I so desire,” she pleasantly explains.

One taking hold of their own fate, shifting it in the direction they so desire. Those feelings deep inside of her, a resolve burning ever so feverishly. Valor witnessing this, that young woman having a peculiar influence. His heart pounding inside of his chest, light and darkness emanating from ever so far within her. Strange this is, yet comforting as well. One ever so far below, another from the high heavens, both meeting underneath a tree. The warm sun shining down, that breeze gently hitting against them.

“Then let’s just go have fun,” he smiles.

Turning her attention towards him, her eyes expressing some delight. A frontal one he is, one simply wishing to embrace the freedom all around with another. Adventure endlessly existing, two extending their hand in this game of chance that is life. Peculiar this deity is, but also pleasureful. Questions weighing on the mind of the young woman, her heart desiring to know. One from ever so high, the other walking the land. Even so, both capable of standing on even grounds. No matter of their differences, hearts uniting underneath that tree.

“Very well, Valor was it?” she softly speaks.

“Yeah...?” he slightly props his head in confusion.

Her voice evermore soft, those eyes of crimson meeting with his azure own. Feelings flowing through, one wishing for answers. An unlikely friendship between the two, but a most welcoming one. A deity ever so friendly, bringing so much joy in his presence. A childish innocence, one going quite the distance. Hearts beating within their chest, some unrest inside of the air. Infinite in mystery the worlds are, deities being far from anything one of her race will be willing to engage with. An odd one he is, but blissful to be around.

“Why do you choose to befriend a demon?” she curiously questions.

“Is it wrong?” he responds, looking into the sky.


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