Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 5: Where it All Began(Conclusion)

His answer not of expectance, yet evermore ensuring. Two meeting underneath a tree, the warmth of the sun shining down upon them. Reprehensible it may be, but never anything sinful. Beliefs ever so deep inside, neither being right nor wrong, but a matter of perspective. Those words resonating with the young woman, Cyra thinking on them. A childish but endearing answer, hearts uniting in this game of chance. One from the high heavens, another walking the land. No matter so, emotions wildly dancing in the wind. Both desiring the same, to ride in the bliss of freedom. After some time passing, Cyra returning her attention to the deity.

“Why should we limit ourselves based on one’s race? Hell...I don’t care, you’re you, and that’s all that matters,” he brightly smiles at her.

Those words dissipating her doubts, a most simplistic way of viewing everything around him. Innocence ever so deep, but a heart reaching out towards the most unlikely. That flute leading to a bond between a god and demon, those hearts embracing in these pleasureful emotions. That young woman looking away, a faint smile coming to her face. Glancing in his direction, that deity taking notice. Those two coming to know each other a bit, that friendship growing stronger. Two worlds slowly merging, feelings reaching out to the endless sky.

“I are certainly a weirdo,” she pleasantly speaks.

“Haha, that’s a first. I’ve been called every name in the book except that,” he slightly blushes, scratching the back of his head with his right hand.

“Hehe, I can see why,” she joyously states.

—Present Time—

Days so long ago, hearts meeting underneath that tree. Her smile evermore bright in those days, that deity following her wherever the next adventure is awaiting. Two old friends tackling the harshest of conflicts together, embracing their dream. That dreadful night coming along, the scent of it still being within his senses. His heart paining, those words echoing through his mind. Her eyes reaching out, yet that god remaining in place. Two walking away from the other, their bond desperately holding on. Years upon years going by, that young woman never truly smiling again, a facade upon her. Hanging his head low, frustration taking hold of the god, grief gripping at his heart. Despair lingering deep within, guilt crushing at him.

“Cyra...if only...if only I had said what I really meant that night. Could things have gone differently...?” he distantly looks away.

Words never meeting the other, hearts in pain. Those eyes seeking aid, yet his feet unable to move. One retreating to his shell, uncertainty gripping at his core. That dream coming apart, those two remaining close yet distant. Valor witnessing her pain over the many years, evermore uncertain on what to do. That young woman speaking of her daughter, her solace in her struggles. Slowly shaking his head from left to right, pushing those memories out of mind. That deity focusing on the task at hand, his heart paining him. Turning from the edge, resting his eyes down upon the ground.

“Maria...or should I say...probably not...either have every right to despise me...” sorrow expressing from his tone.

Regrets of the past, one wishing to right his wrong so long ago. Words never leaving him, that old friend needing him. Emotions burying deep within, a soul shackling down to the land. Ever so far below, Maria ascending twenty floors, the young woman standing on a floating platform. That void endlessly going on, malevolence spiraling around. Four pathways within her vision, each representing a different portal. Each point of entry portraying a color, that young woman positioning her arms in a thinking posture. A puzzle this place is, that maiden thinking back to the past. Emotions flowing through her, memories returning to her awareness.

“How exactly did I figure out this pattern the first time...?” she wonders, distantly thinking.

" black...five...I see...” Maria calmly speaks.

“What is it?” Valor looking upon her with interest.

Her words evermore careful, her heart racing within her chest. Selfishness down to her depths, placing another weight upon the shoulder of the deity. No matter so, this being her last. One seeking release, agony incomparable. Those many hours inside of the Tower of Time, morale fading by the moment. A solution being in place, a certain time finally coming at hand. Ardin folding his arms, glancing back to the young woman. Those eyes fixating on her, that maiden raising her right index finger, two connecting once more.

“The color of the gates. Each time we enter through a color, there are certain amounts of enemies to fight. This is the Tower of Time, it is endless...but time is nonetheless in order. If we follow the numbers in order of the color, we will reach our destination,” Maria explaining.

Those emotions flowing through her, feelings reaching out. Words ever so deep, pain agonizing her. Memories evermore of familiarity, yet distant as well. Those eyes of the young woman slightly widening, events surging through her. Foreign it is to her, but also ever so close. Three within the endless tower, two being close, another disapproving. Suffering upon the soul, torment incomparable, one wishing for release. These emotions clawing away at the maiden, her heart rate intensifying. Hope ever so faint, regret tearing away from deep within.

“Whose...memories are these...?“Maria holding the side of her head, looking towards the ground.

Events ever so long ago, memories residing within. Foreign it is to her, yet answers coming about. Carefully thinking on those times, wondering of her role in the Tower of Time. That child chasing after her mother in those distant days, yet this being outside of her understanding. Feelings gripping at her, painfully familiar it is. Sadness clawing away at the heart, one seeking release from their torment. Turmoil ever so long ago, words never leaving. One from ever so high, another walking the land below. Uncertainty lingering deep inside of the maiden, questions weighing on her mind.

“Was I...really there...? This...does not seem right...” doubt extending from her voice.

Events evermore of familiarity, yet different at the same time. Those eyes seeking answers, a heart experiencing sorrow. Turning her attention onward, that young woman resting her vision upon the green gate. Actions of the past guiding her way, a feeling ever so foreign. Facing in the direction toward the blue gate, that maiden assessing her memories. Slightly looking down, positioning her arms in a thinking posture. An existence of one ever so long ago, emotions of those distant days flowing through. Resting her vision on the green gate, her eyes of uncertainty.

“Green is first...” she distantly concludes.

Walking onward, doubt lingering deep inside of her. Nearing the gate, that path brightening with her presence. Maria entering through it, eventually finding herself on another floor. Growling meeting her awareness, that young woman turning her attention onward, resting her vision on a hellhound. Blood dripping from its jaws, that beast spreading its stance, loudly howling. Emotions ever so deep inside of her, that young woman requiring answers. These monsters boiling her hatred, that maiden glaring at the beast. Extending her sword afar in her right hand, the hound dashing towards her. Preparing herself, that beast nearing her. Leaping high, the hellhound descending upon the devil, those fangs revealing from it.

“Tch...! Out of my way!” she yells.

Sweeping her blade off of the ground, a swift uppercut cleaving the hellhound in half, shattering the surrounding area. Those two halves falling to the ground, blood pouring out. Hatred ever so deep inside of her, pain agonizing her heart. Those feelings flowing through her, one wishing for an end. Indescribable emotions, a soul shackling down to the land. A sharp pain striking her, that young woman holding the side of her head, falling to her knee. Closing her eyes, memories surging within her. Familiar it is, yet different at the same time. Questions gripping at her soul, answers residing inside of the Tower of Time.

A garden evermore mesmerizing, animals gathering around, wind gently blowing. That warm sun shining down, bathing the land below. Ardin facing away from Maria, that young woman delightfully engaging in a conversation with Valor. Feelings ever so pure, a bond evermore strong. Glancing back, that maiden bearing witness to Ardin’s mood. Her heart filling with contempt, those eyes of disgust. One wishing for days of the past, her soul chaining to the land. A heart yearning to be free, yet such cannot be. Valor slightly propping his head, noticing the unrest within the area. Maria facing in the direction of Ardin, holding her hands behind her back.

“Are you okay, Ardin?” Maria verifying.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just thinking,” he slightly looks away.


Emotions so long ago, hatred rising ever so far inside. Hearts connecting between two, feelings remaining in a lock. One wishing to be free, a soul binding to the ground. That heart in chains, times of pleasure never being a reality. Discontent with such a life, a voice unable to reach out. Endless feelings flowing through the young woman, her eyes evermore in pain. Agony gripping at her heart, memories making little sense. A familiar one of the past, yet her engagement with them not of rationality.

“Valor...? What does this mean...?” Maria distantly wondering.

Standing from the ground, trying to rationalize those emotions. Words ever so deep, pain gripping at her heart. That young woman slowly shaking her head from left to right, facing in the direction of the blue gate on her left. The Tower of Time, an endless torment. No matter so, answers residing inside of it. Walking onward, entering through the azure gate. Standing underneath a tree upon a cliff, her eyes slightly widening. Warm the sun is upon her, fresh the breeze is feeling. That maiden looking around, soon seeing herself standing at the edge of the cliff. Valor being behind her, that deity in distress. That other Maria holding her hand to her forehead, gazing over the vastness of the land. That sight going on and on, trees extending for miles without end. Her smile evermore bright, Valor on the other hand having more concern than sharing in her enjoyment,

“M—Maria! Be-careful! This isn’t really the best place to be overexcited...” Valor warning.

Emotions evermore blissful, feelings ever so free. Beautiful the surroundings are, a heart free to embrace the wind. A bond between two, friends close as can be. That young woman facing in the direction of the deity, slightly pouting. That action of familiarity, rebellious she is. Pleasureful these experiences are, but also unsettling at times. Valor slightly pulling away, holding the side of his head. A scenario of an impossibility to win, that young woman always having her way. Dangerous the area is, but such driving her will to oppose what is reasoning.

“Oh quit your worrying, you concern yourself too much Val,” she holds her hands behind her back.

One ever so close, always concerning himself. Innocent he is, childish really. An invaluable one, that young woman brightly smiling at him. A sigh escaping the deity, that friend constantly pushing the boundaries. Confronting the god, leaning a bit closer towards him. Teasingly smiling at him, Valor resting his vision upon her, his heart at an unrest. Pleasureful it is, embracing these wonderful emotions. Slowly stepping away from her friend, Valor desperately trying to get her to be more careful. Endless in mystery the worlds are, danger around each end. No matter so, a bond forever strong.

“Y—You seriously have a death wish woman!” he frantically speaks.

“Oh what is the worst that can happen? A giant hawk sweeps in and carries me off?” she turns, cleverly positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

Glancing back to him, those eyes of crimson resting upon him. A sigh escaping the god, one never being able in keeping a situation under control. An impossibility it will be for a demon to listen to him out of every race out there, no matter so, hearts uniting together. Blissful these experiences are, a young woman enjoying tormenting her closest friend. That deity constantly falling into her traps, even so, their bond growing even more powerfully. Hovering high in the sky, a majestic beast glaring down. Dark brown feathers, talons sharp as swords. That beast ever so large, setting its eyes on the deity. That creature circling the area, slowly revealing its talons. Witnessing its opening, diving extremely fast, expanding its massive claws. That maiden stepping back in surprise, Valor looking back in shock. The hawk grabbing the god, immediately flying away.

“Giant hawks are native here!” he stresses.

“Well! At least it was not me!” she waves him off.

“Are you serious?! Just don’t wave at me! Do something!!!” Valor frantically yelling.

Pleasureful these experiences are, hearts uniting in days of joy. No matter the morrow, even if it is ever so sorrowful, two friends forever close. Those events fading away, Maria finding herself in the endless void. Those floating platforms all around, malevolence circling the area. Holding her chest, a familiar warmth flowing through her. Strange those memories are, not being of her own. Happiness in such times, grief lingering inside of her. Ever so conflicting it is, agonizing really. A soul wishing to be free, a heart in bondage. Sorrow evermore great, those times of the past having meaning.

“They happy. Do these memories belong to that woman...?” she distantly wonders.

“Whoever that woman was...she seemed very happy. How could Valor go from such a a murderer...?” conflicting emotions clashing deep inside of Maria.

Emotions within those distant days, that person evermore happy. A deity and demon ever so joyful in such times, questions weighing on the mind of Maria. That young woman continuously making her way deeper and deeper into the Tower of Time, bringing down one foe after the next. Time going by, that maiden searching for memories of the past, wishing to learn more. Those feelings deep within her, one requiring answers on Valor’s change. This being of importance, those events of the past linking to the demise of her parents. Frustration growing inside of the maiden, going further into the Tower of Time, no memories revealing themselves. Eventually finding herself in front of a dark gate, that young woman entering through. Wind evermore gentle, a field of flowers. That scent ever so tranquil, a velvet moon beautifully shining down ever so high.

What is this...? Something does not feel right about this memory...

Emotions flowing through her, that wind hitting against her. Feelings gripping at her core, a heart wishing to flee. Maria turning, resting her eyes upon Valor. That deity standing before her, those eyes of crimson and azure meeting with each other. Petals blowing in the breeze, a night of unrest sweeping through. That moon ever so high shining down upon the two, a heart evermore in pain. These feelings confusing towards the young woman, but familiar as well. A soul shackling down to the land, a heart in bondage.

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