Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 5: Where it All Began(Bonus Scene(Part 1))

Days ever so long ago, two worlds merging together. One from the high heavens, another ever so far below. Simpler it has been, those hearts endlessly going onward together. Adventure around every corner, pleasure filling the two. Those friends making their way to the realm of Midgard, a world eternally in conflict. No matter of the passing time, similar events continuously repeating. Even so, whether it is a hopeless case or not, inhabitants slowly pushing onward. Those many falling into a loop, steadily moving further each time. A world praising the gods, miserable their lives may be, hoping for the acknowledgement of Valkyries upon their demise on the battlefield. Turmoil around each end, yet moments of happiness. That wind gently blowing through, the warmth of the sun bathing down on a pleasant morning.

That light shining a bit earlier than usual, far below, towards the far east inside of the woods, a lake vibrantly revealing. Grassy fields ever so wonderful, animals roaming about, those surrounding bushes hiding many secrets. Valor standing by the lake, his vision upon the vast blue sky. His hand extending from his forehead, a peaceful day it is. That deity witnessing the birds flying through the endless sky, a realm evermore nice, despite the madness it is often experiencing. Even in the darkest of times, there can be some hope. That god turning towards his close friend, resting his vision upon Cyra. Cladding in gold, the feathery helm upon her head, that crimson-noble like cape on the lower half of her back. That young woman being asleep by a tree, her demon sword staking into the ground next to her, some animals laying around her. Deers, iguanas, rabbits, and so on. Walking in her direction, those animals noticing the deity approaching them.

Standing before them, Valor positioning his arms in a thinking posture. Actions ever so peculiar, animals remaining in place. Turning his attention towards Cyra, witnessing his close friend being short of breath. His eyes slightly widening, realization taking over him. Those animals staying ever so near, caring for her. Moving closer to his friend, kneeling to her. Those animals resting their eyes upon the two, concern inside of their eyes. That deity placing a gentle hand upon her forehead, heat extending from her body. A fever no less, those eyes of the young woman slowly opening. Eyes of crimson and azure meeting with each other, that devil not speaking a word, witnessing him lowering his hand.

“We should find a proper place for you to rest,” he gently speaks.

Those words ever so caring, an irreplaceable companion. Turning her attention towards those animals, so many keeping an eye on her. Wonderful they are, concerning themselves over her health. Hearts uniting underneath the warmth of the sun, the breeze pleasantly blowing through. Even if one is not alike, there can be those willing to reach out. A faint smile coming to the face of the devil, extending her hand, gently placing it upon the head of a deer. Joy filling her heart, experiencing such blissful emotions. Endearing these actions are, that maiden appreciating each moment.

“I suppose so...” she softly agrees.

Emotions flowing through, feelings reaching out. A heart ever so gentle, embracing in the bliss all around. Standing from the ground, that deity turning from her. Scratching the back of his head, well in awareness that he is needing of more experience in these situations. One having no relation with illnesses, that knowledge eating away at his mind. His close friend suffering, yet that one not noticing. Evermore fortunate he is to the animals coming to her aid, one still learning even now. Positioning his arms in a thinking posture, witnessing the kindness of those many. Even if the young woman is not one of their own, those creatures assisting another. Glancing back to her, some guilt coming over Valor.

“Can you move?” he questions in some concern.

Two meeting underneath a tree, a bond forming between them. Hearts uniting within the endless wind, those friends traveling ever so far together. That dream going on, pleasureful it has been. No matter the morrow, even if it is a somber one, a friendship growing stronger. That young woman looking up to the deity, her eyes gentle upon him. Valor witnessing her rising to her feet, those animals standing from the ground, remaining at her side. That wind evermore gentle, the warmth of the sun soothing against the skin. Those creatures ever so caring, pleasureful these experiences are.

“Yes, I can manage such,” she assures him.

Two growing closer over the many years, emotions dancing in the bliss of the wind. Hearts uniting, sharing these pleasureful experiences. A duo they have become, tackling through the harshest of conflicts together. Whether it be something small or large, that bond holding strong. Infinite in mystery the worlds are, bringing the most unlikely together. That meeting underneath a certain tree, a day both are holding at their depths. That deity facing the devil, folding his arms. Slightly looking away, his eyes of uncertainty. Cyra propping her head in confusion, a peculiar one he is. No matter so, that delightful companion.

“Are you well?” she holds her hand to her chest.


Thinking for a bit, rationalizing his behavior. A faint smile coming to her face, those words evermore caring. Even if it is ever so insignificant, that close friend always owning up to it. One from the high heavens, another walking the land. No matter the morrow, even if it is ever so painful, those two moving onward together. Those many hours of adventure, a bond growing stronger. A dream continuing on, even though there is a harsh reality within it all. Even if it is for a bit, those two embracing these smaller moments. Hearts dancing underneath the warmth of the sun, that wind endlessly flowing onward. Feelings roaming free, a soul soaring ever so far.

“There is no need to apologize, weirdo,” Cyra pleasantly assuring him.

Her words evermore endearing, that smile ever so bright upon her. One embracing these simpler moments, her heart soaring free. That deity resting his vision upon her, feeling a bit foolish. The wind gently hitting against the two, guiding their way towards yet another location. Approaching the god, Valor turning in her direction. Those animals following behind the young woman, wonderful creatures they are. So many looking up at her, turning away, that maiden holding her hands behind her back. That feeling of the breeze ever so pleasureful, those emotions flowing free. Cyra looking back to Valor, that deity faintly smiling, scratching the back of his head a bit in embarrassment.

“Come on, I am certain there is a village towards the east of here. I can rest there, and we can take it easy for a bit,” she softly urges.

That deity nodding in agreement, one willing to follow his close friend wherever the destination is leading. That young woman approaching her demon sword, soon standing before it. Those crimson eyes resting upon it, extending her hand, gripping the handle of the blade. Removing it from the ground, placing it away. That maiden turning in the direction towards the east, Cyra walking onward, embracing the gentle wind all around her. Valor gazing upon the animals, those creatures facing him. Eyes evermore of concern, wishing to see this through at least a bit longer. No matter of their differences, so many willing to aid another. Hearts uniting in this game of chance that is life, a moment of kindness. Shrugging at the animals, that deity gesturing for them to follow along, trailing behind the maiden. Delight expressing from the animals, those creatures following along as well.

Perhaps if I had known how much time I had...maybe then I would have cherished such experiences even more. Maybe I would have been able to say those words...those days I have longed for. Clearly she knew when our adventures will end...but I wanted to continue dreaming...

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